Linderman Unleashed: Satanic Rituals in Detroit, Pro Vax Idiots Have No Answers, Vaccine Insanity & Dead Doctors Can’t Cure Patients

Linderman Unleashed 07/31/15 TLBR EP13

By TLB Contributor and Talk Show Host: Curt Linderman Sr.

This week on Linderman Unleashed: The NWO is very real and is based in ritualistic worship of Lucifer. It makes no difference if you have faith…they do! This week a statue of Baphomet was unveiled in a warehouse in Detroit Michigan where the group displaying it claims the world’s largest satanic ritual happened. Our society has become completely inverted and sick. This is precisely how the NWO is destroying our western way of life.

The vaccine insanity continues to roll full steam ahead. A formerly “pro-vax” journalist becomes alarmed at the ingredients of the vaccines after finally being convinced to look into them and rights a wonderful article clearly showing that the pro vax community has no answers. Also, if 70+ children came down with a disease that they had been previously vaccinated for, would you question the efficacy of the vaccine? Surely you would, unless you’re a government official! We’ll be discussing this case today.

Finally, a message that all must heed and research for themselves: what is the reason for the recent murders, suicides and disappearances of holistic doctors in America (primarily the South east)? GcMAF! If you haven’t done your research…if you don’t know what this is…now is your chance!

GcMAF could cost the NWO hundreds of billions of dollars in medical charges and pharmaceutical sales as well as costing them their end game plans. The last thing that they want is a healthy, vibrant population of awake people that are ready to fight.

Listen to the program, research this issue yourself, and prepare to fight for your right to be healthy despite the assault on our health freedom!

Join me for another insightful program.


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