Lockdowns Ending but Their Politics Still Rule

get the hell out of our way

(TLB) Editor: We have taken the opening comments and observations of Tom Luongo,  bypassed the center of  this article (as it pretty much pertains to Florida with a lot of facts and figures)  and gone directly to the close where Tom “goes for the throat” to tie it all down.

Lockdowns Ending but Their Politics Still Rule

This is.. “a fight we cannot win locked in our homes cowering in fear of a bug that is slightly more dangerous than the annual flu.”

While it looks like the worm is turning against the draconian economic shutdowns decreed by governments, so much damage has already been done it likely won’t matter now.

I began the week hopeful that my home state of Florida would lead the way towards challenging the anti-human and thoroughly intolerable lock down mentality imposed on us by officials at the WHO, NAIAD, Johns Hopkins and the IHME.

That hope continued earlier this week while watching Governor Ron DeSantis give a half-hour presentation of why Florida not only outperformed all of the grossly negligent predictive models but nearly every other state in the union in nearly every metric relevant to COVID-19.

It, however, vanished completely when he finally unveiled his new plan, which was to graciously allow the private economy to get back to 25% capacity, following the same tyrannical guidelines of those now discredited members of President Trump’s Task Force.


This approach to politics is no different than the approach to medicine of a doctor ordering unnecessary tests or not recommending a change in diet precisely because he fears a malpractice suit.

Judgment has been taken away from the people whose lives are most affected by this policy and the people closest to the problem itself.

We have effective treatments. We have more than enough excess medical capacity. What we need now is leadership willing to trust us to make good decisions. This, more than their measured and careful steps, will disempower the busybodies and the fearful.

This will reverse the insanity. Courage, Ron. You had the chance to show some.

You cucked out.

And because of it we are still held captive by Karen Nation. Remember:

A Karen is a person, usually a woman, who is never satisfied with the service she’s receiving and demands to talk to the manager. It doesn’t matter if Karen’s complaints are valid or not.

This is because Karen has been incentivized by cowardly corporate officers and government officials (but, I repeat myself) to get something she doesn’t deserve simply because they want her to shut up and not disturb everyone else.

It was one thing to indulge Karen her entitled behavior when she was getting a free order of fries or month of cable. It’s quite another when Karens become the State’s target audience for public policy.

And we haven’t really begun to feel the effects of what this lock down has done to the fabric of our society. We’re still in the halo effect of all the Fed’s monetary easing and Washington’s ridiculous stimulus spending.

As I’ve said before these people are just pathetic Boomer grandparents trying to buy our love one last time before the whole system collapses in on itself.

But we can’t blame them, they tried to do something! That’s the problem, though, we don’t need them to do anything other than get the hell out of our way.

Our markets here in the U.S. levitate because of the centrality of the U.S. dollar but with each new data point that comes out, with each new bailout, round of sanctions and tariffs to deflect from our leadership’s lack of strategic vision the day when that is no longer the case draws nearer.

The guys like Trump, DeSantis and Abbott are supposed to understand this. They are supposed to understand that the real fight for our civilization is here at home not against China,Iran, Russia or Venezuela.

And that’s a fight we cannot win locked in our homes cowering in fear of a bug that is slightly more dangerous than the annual flu. It’s pathetic.


(TLB) published this article by Tom Luongo via Gold, Goats, ‘n Guns blog, with our appreciation for this commentary and perspective.

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