Maxine Waters sees Alt-right Assassins Under Every Rock

Maxine Waters sees Alt-right Assassins Under Every Rock

by Monica Showalter

Is Maxine Waters going even more bonkers? She’s now obsessed with alt-right assassins, convinced they are coming after her.

“What can we do to deal with the KKK, the white nationalists, the extremists, the alt-right?” Waters, who serves as ranking member of the House Committee on Financial Services, asked during a Subcommittee on Terrorism and Illicit Finance hearing. “They’re on the internet, they’re Breitbart. If you look at the YouTube, you see how much they want to kill me and others. What can we do?”

It was a tough question for terrorism experts to answer in congressional testimony because the only known attacks from that direction came from Dylann Roof, the human vermin who shot up a black church congregation’s bible study group in Charleston, and James Fields, the white supremacist loser who ran a car through a crowd during a confrontation with antifa protestors and killed a woman in Charlottesville. Neither had financing, as organized terrorism does. Both attacks were random terroristic acts rather than actual assassination attempts, such as was experienced by Republican Rep. Steve Scalise, who was gunned down and seriously wounded by an angry volunteer from the Bernie Sanders campaign. Maxine Waters isn’t looking to the Sanders campaign for potential assassins, she’s citing Breitbart readers and Internet trolls as her problem.

It all amounts to grandstanding from the far-left California congresswoman. Waters seeks to make the serious issues around terrorist financing, which was what the experts sought to testify on, all about herself instead. What’s more, she is operating on thin fuel, given that neither Breitbart readers nor Internet trolls have shown much evidence of interest in assassinations, only issuing criticisms about her corrupt record and her long-winded diatribes against President Trump. If she’s got death threats, she ought to come out with them. Lefists have never been hesitant to do this, especially if they can expose some troll’s email.

But Waters hasn’t done that.

My own opinion is that it’s unlikely such threats exist, given that Waters is a figure of fun among people on the right. When talk came out about Waters either leading the Democratic Party or else running for president herself, there was nothing but cheers on the right, anxious to see the babbly, irrational congresswoman take the Democrats down to full oblivion via the ballot box.

Waters has too much ego to realize that. Or at least claims to. Instead, she’s rather obfuscate the real problems of terrorism with the chance to talk all about herself.



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