Modern Transgenderism Is a Bastard Child of Colliding Evils

Modern Transgenderism is a Bastard Child of Colliding Evils

By: Allan J. Feifer

Every now and then, you hear a story of ritual Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) occurring not just in Africa but right here in America, where half a million girls are presumed to be at risk. Indeed, the average American will likely see this practice as barbaric and criminal; it is a federal crime, yet our laws have not stopped the mutilations from occurring. Worldwide, roughly 200 million girls have undergone this non-consensual procedure — but what about when it’s sanctioned by the “progressive” medical professionals and the political left?

Enter a relatively new Progressive Tribal Ritual (PTR) with ecstatic and devout followers, mutilating healthy American children…all in the name of transgenderism. This only became “a thing” in the last 10-20 years. Gender Dysphoria, the psychiatric term recognized in the American DSM and widely used until only very recently, understood “transgender” delusions, like being “trapped” in the “wrong” body, to be a gender confusion, and demonstrative of severe mental illness.

The combination of Islamist body-butchers in practice, and debaucherous and double-thinking Democrats in ideology make for a dastardly villain; transgenderism, you’re not what’s good or righteous.

New social mores now celebrate what was widely considered a disorder. What changed? Well, Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity happened. The leftist scheme has transformed today’s landscape for the worse, yet, few people are calling out the agenda as a way to wage war against conservatism and American values. DIE has and will destroy the lives, hopes, and aspirations of more than just a few children and adults.

We are bombarded with transgender messaging entirely disproportionate to the general adult population (recent studies show this number to be around 0.5%). However, with the attainment of protected status under Title VII, all kinds of mischief have become possible, such as:

  1. Protected classes policy leads to superior and inferior classes. As they say, “the road to Hell is paved with good intentions,” and protecting certain groups inevitably creates a caste system of sorts. The majority of people who are not in one of these protected classes are left with inferior rights. There is the debate involving “trans” swimmers, biological males entering races against females. Lia Thomas became the face of this debate when the 220-pound, 6-foot-4 individual decided to swim against women, instantly becoming a champion. Now, what rights do women have to compete on their own level playing field? Title 9, the landmark law that guaranteed women the right to compete, never contemplated that failed male athletes could simply opt-in to compete against females; but now that has happened. Who’s happy about this? Only a tiny subset of people who must hate themselves and every “normal” person who stands in their way, that’s who. Then there is also the other group of societal disruptors, continually stoking the fires of division who live to destroy the status quo.
    And now, these trans swimmers demand locker room privileges. Young females immediately lost their right to privacy as Lia proudly disrobed with mature male genitalia on display. Should they fear rape or assault? That’s not hyperbole. School board officials in Loudoun County, VA hid the fact that a boy in a skirt sexually assaulted two girls in two different schools.

  2. An additional avenue to attack parental rights. All over the country, teachers and school leaders grant superior privacy rights to children instead of parents. Teachers and administrators often undermine parents, despite parents’ wishes and value systems. This issue is today’s out-of-proportion focus on largely made-up gender fluidity. Even worse, teachers and schools take it upon themselves to attempt to arrange secret treatments, from therapy to gender reassignment, without a parent’s approval. Did you know that withholding gender reassignment in some jurisdictions is considered child abuse?

  3. Leaving the cult. Have you heard the term “de-transitioners?” What could go wrong when you lop off the normal breasts of a 15-year-old girl, or the healthy penis of a 16-year-old boy? Ask yourself why a prepubescent individual would have thoughts of gender confusion. Every parent knows that children with all types of crazy ideas may not think clearly until their brains are fully formed as late as their mid-20s. That’s pretty much-settled science. Why in the world would we be mutilating healthy human beings on what amounts to a whim or, even worse…a political statement? Is it any wonder that more than a few children regret their “transition” with some even committing suicide?

Even the New York Times couldn’t explain the “sharp rise” in teens who now believe they are transgender. My alternative theory believes young people are fad leaders. Science confirms that children frequently adopt customs like body piercings, tattoos, colored hair, and grungy clothing that they mostly discard as they mature. Unfortunately, many children will eventually feel “trapped” in a body that’s freakish and unrecognizable — have you seen the results of “gender-affirming care”?

Through the lens of history, transgenderism will be understood to have been a terribly wrong idea, hyped and promoted to the detriment of its adherents.

Remember Timothy Leary, the 1960s icon known for promoting the widespread use of LSD? There were legions of supporters for his ideas in education, government, and among the avant- garde elites. Millions of our young never recovered. Some checked out permanently.

When we compare the damage caused by FGM, it is starkly similar to the damage we are now doing to our young people with puberty blockers and sex-reassignment surgery. To say otherwise highlights the fantastical nature of some who believe we can be whatever sex we want whenever we feel the urge; we must call out the absurdity of that position. Scientific fact and leftist political agendas are not fungible. Too many are cowed into stating that the emperor has no clothes; they fear the mob will attack them…and it frequently does.

Once again, this failing of modern journalism delights in reporting the strangest of human preoccupations, giving legitimate status when the science is not proven or, even worse, when real science is ignored in favor of pop science. A horrible example of what is happening with gender confusion is the example of what pop science did with pot smoking. The science is now in, and heavy pot smokers (stoners) have done irreparable harm to their brains, frequently wind up on the public dole, and/or never obtain the level of accomplishment they would have had they not been potheads. Even stronger effects are confirmed by the CDC and the NIH.  Where is the mainstream investigative reporting? The multi-million dollar grants for “harm of transgenderism” studies? The national debate on the impact on our children, adults, and economy?

It’s way past time to question the motives and damage that such massively shared lies cost our country.

God Bless America!


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1 Comment on Modern Transgenderism Is a Bastard Child of Colliding Evils

  1. We know that the Commie/dem party has allied with this program of genital mutilation because it is making millions for them and their medical malefactors. Recent revelations indicate that many of these surgically altered youngsters have profound regrets due to physical, emotional and psychological problems. It’s time for them to demand reparations from those who used them to push an agenda for personal gain – the Democrat party and their medical mutilation partners.

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