More Democrat Temper Tantrums: Now Calling Benghazi Committee ‘Kangaroo Court’

Trey Gowdy

 Here we go again, folks. I warned you in recent postings that the Democrats were going to let loose with a myriad of temper tantrums over the Benghazi Select Committee. If you were watching the Sunday morning talk shows, then you have already seen this.

Perhaps you have already heard terms like political, political stunt, witch hunt, or even the newest favorite, kangaroo court. Yes, indeed, these are the words that many of the Democrats are now using to describe the Benghazi Select Committee. Never mind the fact that the investigation hasn’t even started yet.

There were a lot of fireworks over this topic on Sunday. Republican Chairman Trey Gowdy went on Fox News and debated Democrat Representative Xavier Becerra about whether the new investigation will lead to any new answers.

Of course, being a card-carrying Democrat and supporter of our wonderful community organizer in chief, Becerra had to follow the party line and their talking points. This was evidenced by his argument that the investigation could quickly turn into a ‘kangaroo court.’ He was also asked by host Chris Wallace if all the questions about Benghazi had already been answered. This included a question about where our President was on the night of the attack.

Clearly, the good Democrat could not answer that question. Oh, he tried, mind you. But, in the end, his response was not direct and showed a lot of evasion. Then, he argued that he didn’t want to see the Democrats be excluded by the Republicans. Of course, he didn’t mention or admit to the fact that the Democrats are actually excluding themselves by refusing to participate. The leadership of the party has literally declined to submit any names as to who they would like to sit on the committee.

Trey Gowdy (Rep, SC) has said right from the time he was announced as chairman that he wanted to “transcend politics and to inspire trust in you (Becerra) and our fellow citizens.”

Yet, the Democrats are trying to do everything they possibly can in order to discredit this committee. They continue to play politics with something that is really as simple as trying to figure out what actually happened during the days and hours leading up to an attack on a US Consulate that left four brave Americans dead. Of course, if you believe some of these liberal commentators, they want us to think that these people were not actually ‘murdered.’ Amazing, isn’t it?

You can certainly count on the fact that these Democrats are going to continue obstructing the investigation. They will continue to throw their temper tantrums. Seriously, accept this. Hopefully, you won’t let it confuse or distract you from the real issue here: finding out what really happened and who knew what…and when.

Ultimately, this should not be a Democrat or Republican issue. It should be about finding out the truth. Certainly, all of this might indicate that many of these Democrats already know something happened. Maybe they are gearing up to defend some of their top party leaders.

What do YOU think? Is it right for the Democrats to continue obstructing this investigation? How disingenuous is it for them to scream that the are being excluded and use terms like witch hunt while they themselves refuse to send any names to the committee, excluding themselves?


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