Moving Civilization to a Higher Level

Moving Civilization to a Higher Level

By TLB Contributing Author: Steve Cook (Great Britain)

Here’s a wild idea, looking at how we are going to move our beautiful civilisation up to a higher level. Tell me what you think. I will try t keep it brief if I can.

We have 3 “Estates” for want of a better term. The 3 Estates are:

  • The government

  • The People, whom the government is supposed to serve

  • A powerful network of interwoven vested interests such as Banking, Psychiatry, Big Pharma, The Media etc.

Estate 2 is potentially the largest and most powerful Estate, feared by the other two. But it is dispersed and uncoordinated and does not speak to the government with one coherent voice. If we consider that power is directed or channeled energy, dispersed energy, no matter its volume, does not exert POWER. On the other hand, if you took a large amount of energy and focused it, it would exert tremendous power.

Estate 3 is often well coordinated and its energies directed.

Thus, Estate 1, tends to be more influenced by Estate 3 than it is by Estate 2. because the leverage or power exerted upon it by Estate 3 tends to be greater than the power or leverage exerted by Estate 2. Put simply, Estate 3 speaks to it in a louder, clearer voice, whilst Estate 2 sort of mumbles in the background. Moreover when Estate 1 falls foul of Estate 3 or comes under undue pressure or threat from Estate 3, Estate 2. does not come to its rescue, give it support and so forth.

Thus wise governance that works for all the people tends to be elusive because Estate 3 exerts more pressure on it than Estate 2.. Caught between the two, Estate 1 will tend to pay heed to or obey the Estate it most fears.

Therefore Estate 2, The People, needs to unite and speak to government with one voice conveying coherent instructions. Government WILL act if it gets clear firm instructions from The People.

In order to unite The People (and I mean UNITE, not dominate, bully, con, manipulate, intimidate or coerce, which is the modus operandi of Estate 3) we need to find points upon which the majority CAN agree WITHOUT them having to surrender their own unique points of view or goals.

For instance, by way of a crude example, some people contend that drugging kids with Ritalin is harmful and some think that it is all right. They cannot agree on the matter so on the subject of drugging children, they present no clear, united message to government. But they CAN agree that no-one has the right to lie to them about the matter, that they should have accurate impartial information about the dangers and benefits and government should not act to give undue advantage to or cover up the false reports of the industry that benefits from the sale of such drugs. There are many such issues and debates which boil down to the fact that Man is perfectly capable of reason PROVIDED the information upon which he reasons is as honest and true as possible.

So we need workable broad points upon which the broad majority of The People CAN agree and which if they exerted their power to force government to abide by them would result in a happier and safer environment for The People. AND for the government, which would wind up working for ALL the people, with the burden of the covert influence of vested interests removed from it.

So how can we do that? My suggestion is we think up a code of conduct for government that delineates how we consider government should behave, conduct we consider acceptable and conduct we consider unacceptable. The Code does not need to be perfect but it needs to be broadly workable and desirable to all regardless of their individual political, ideological or other persuasions. For instance, while a Conservative and Labour supporter might disagree on the matter, say, of social security, they can both agree that they should be free to express their views and that no-one should have the right to produce false stats to back their argument, make dishonest claims so as to win an election and so on.

The Code, by the way, would be mainly common sense, along the lines of “The government may not murder its people or through inaction or negligence allow its people to be murdered, poisoned, debilitated, roughed up, made unwell, contaminated, drugged against their will, malnourished etc for any reason whatsoever by any person or group.” or “No person whatsoever, from the highest to the lowest in the land is exempt from or above the law.” or “Every person (EVERY person) is responsible for his or her own actions and NONE may hide behind group or collective responsibility and that includes the chairmen, boards and decision- and policy-makers of large corporations.” That kind of thing.

Once the Code has been drawn up, we then form a citizens’ group that brings together all public groups and concerned citizens. Let’s call this The Citizens Watchdog. Membership is free and open to all who agree that the Code should be observed by government. It is NOT political and seeks no office or power. It is EXTERIOR TO government and concerns itself ONLY with keeping an eye on government and its conduct, denouncing code violations and those persons responsible where known and INSISTING that it and its departments, officials and so on abide by the Code.

It draws its strength from the numbers of its membership. A broad citizens’ alliance such as this, embracing the support of large numbers WILL be heeded by the government.

And it WILL by its very nature help and protect a government designed and tun for all the people.


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