Netanyahu’s “American” traitors pushing US war on Iran [Video]

Netanyahu’s “American” traitors pushing US war on Iran

by Michael Aydinian, TLB Contributing Writer

If anyone, anywhere still believes that for some perverse reason I’m biased in any way against Zionists then perhaps you need to consider this…

I don’t like the idea of nukes tearing up my backyard & right now, if you don’t realise certain people are edging us ever nearer to WWIII, then you’re either in a coma or you’ve got the brains of a rocking horse! Sure, there are some deluded people out there who actually support psychopaths like Netanyahu. That’s okay. There’s always going to be nutters among us. If you want to be on the menu for a nuclear fry up that’s fine by me. The only thing I ask is don’t say I’m some hate-ridden anti-Semite. It’s not my fault I’m aware of exactly what’s going on, who’s undoubtedly responsible & why this is all happening.

Here’s what I think:
1) I do not for one minute believe Trump was always a Zionist patsy earmarked for this job. Everything about him indicated he was a businessman, an opportunist who took risks. Sure he mingled with Zionists. All billionaires do. It’s the nature of the beast. The fact is dark forces in the shape of Zionist banksters under the Rothschilds control the White House. Whether Trump knew precisely what he was getting himself into is open to conjecture. My feeling is this man merely saw a unique opportunity to fulfill the ultimate goal of making America great again & to perhaps go down in history as one of truly iconic individuals.
2) Trump has been coerced, even blackmailed by Zionists to abandon the nuclear deal with Iran. There’s no one else involved. The only country opposed to this deal was Israel. THIS COULDN’T BE MORE OBVIOUS. In my opinion, we’ve long since passed the point where folk should start pointing the finger at Zionist banksters. It may remain a forlorn hope ever holding these warmongers to account but this is neither here nor there. We have to do more to stop this madness.

It’s worth mentioning how this latest flagrant violation of international law by Israel not only wasn’t roundly condemned but mainstream media felt this time around bombing another country was hardly worth a mention. One minute we play the global Policeman. Next minute we’re playing the deaf, dumb & blind merchant! 

3) As per usual, in typical Zionist fashion, Netanyahu did not wait two minutes. He immediately launched an outrageous attack on Syria. As if this poor nation hadn’t suffered enough. For the first time in 7 years a semblance of stability had returned to this war-torn nation. Now apart from the fact he’s certifiably insane, why would he do that?
4) This mayhem in the Middle East is all about Oded Yinon’s 1982 Greater Israel project. Basically it’s a plan that would give Israel total control over the entire region & it’s chief natural resources of Oil & Gas.
5) In order to effect such an elaborate plan, 7 Arab/Muslim nations had to either have puppet rulers installed or be destroyed altogether. Syria & Iran are respectively the 6th & final stage of this Oded Yinon plan. 

6) In order to dupe America into destroying these 7 Arab/Muslim nations (see General Wesley Clark’s revelation a few days after 9/11), as the Neocon Zionist PNAC group stated some 12 months prior to 9/11 – “what we need is a catastrophic, catalysing event, like a new Pearl Harbor.” Lo & behold, their wish occurs with 9/11, right after they went to all the trouble to rig the Florida Primary just so the perfect Zionist puppet GW Bush could enter the White House. Not a second was wasted. 

7) Not only is owner of the Twin Towers, Larry Silverstein, a close friend of Netanyahu but this vermin was paid out in excess of $5 billion due to the fact he had insured his buildings against the likelihood of a terrorist attack. The media never mentioned any of this. Nor did they draw obvious conclusions from the fact each & every major TV news network had Zionists plotted up, all set & ready to point the finger at Osama Bin Laden. Two hours before 9/11 these men never said a word. Two hours after 9/11, they all but knew who did it! Not one reporter bothered to ask, HOW THE HELL DO YOU KNOW? Again, not a second was wasted! Blame attached at light speed!

For those who want to learn more about how dual national Zionists, Mossad & Netanyahu himself planned & executed 9/11, here’s a post which includes a video I made….  [*Click on GMMuk-911 link below]

*GMMuk – 9/11 pt 2: WHO REALLY DID IT!

8) The problem is not so much the media lies through its back teeth; it’s what’s deliberately withheld from the public. The truth is, no real evidence was ever presented that 9/11 was carried out by Muslims but try telling someone that. See what happens when you say, ‘okay. Show me one piece of evidence that implicates Bin Laden & Muslims.’ Yes, people are brainwashed by the garbage the media spews out but like I said, inadvertently, the vast majority of the damage is down to what we’re not told. Such as, the following day Bin Laden went on Al Jazeera TV & categorically stated he had no involvement in 9/11, but true to form, his denial was not deemed important enough to show on one mainstream news channel! Do I have to say how can it be?

Dr Kevin Barrett states in this Press TV interview, Syria & Iran are the 6th & 7th stage of the Oded Yinon plan to create Greater Israel. Hard as it is to accept this may well be the case, once you’re aware of certain crucial details, everything begins to slowly fall into place. 

Press TV The Zionist regime’s American assets are committing an act of treason against the United States by trying to pull it into another illegal war of aggression against Iran on behalf of Israel, according to Dr. Kevin Barrett, an American academic who has been studying the events of 9/11 since late 2003. Dr. Barrett, a founding member of the Scientific Panel for the Investigation of 9/11, made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Tuesday while commenting on recent statements issued by the White House about Iran’s nuclear program. On Monday, the White House changed a public statement, which was issued … Continue reading

So let’s bring ourselves up to date & analyse Israel’s explanation as to why they bombed alleged Iranian targets in Syria. Needless to say, the monstrous lies continue with zest.

9) Israel claimed some 20 Iranian missiles were launched into the Israeli occupied Golan Heights. This is why they bombed Syria. It was apparently in retaliation. Note as per usual on each & every Israeli claim, ZERO EVIDENCE IS PRESENTED! No footage of these missiles; no sign of any damage; no nothing! Just talk…. but please, bear in mind this happened right after Trump pulled out of the Iranian nuclear deal. Dare I say coincidence? I think not. More like the typical Israeli Modus Operandi – waste no time!

Okay. So what reason would Syria or Iran have to antagonise the most vindictive, aggressive nation on the planet? I’m not going to bore people with obvious details – the plain, simple truth is there is no reason. Israel is the one with nuclear weapons; they’re the ones with expansionist desires; they’re threatening Syria & Iran. Therefore, the very last thing Iran would do is donate Israel any kind of excuse. The Israelis know this & so they are left with no option but to concoct a pack of lies.

And do not think this is about Iranian bases in Syria either? What a load of tosh. You see, even if it was, what business is it of Israel to say to another country, ‘you cannot invite Iran to help you?’ I’m afraid to say, whichever way you cut it, these lies are simply part & parcel of the Israeli M.O. 

‘Iran has no reason to strike Golan’: Analysts dispute Israel’s ‘political’ claim of missile attack

Netanyahu does it every time. Just thinking of this evil bastard gets me so hotted up I can’t write. I have to stop & cool down. So here I am, days later, still livid with anger. You know the number of times I’ve said ‘how would you feel if your neighborhood was indiscriminately bombed & you lost loved ones?’ Crazy as it is, I can’t help but feel this message can only be driven home if it actually happens. Not nearly enough of us seem to care about what’s morally repulsive. 

10) It’s undeniable. We are drifting perilously ever closer to nuclear Armageddon & Netanyahu & his Zionist cohorts are the ones doing the pushing. They’ve put a new meaning to the word ‘relentless’ & thus the line I regularly use – IF NO ONE STOPS THE ZIONISTS, THEY WILL NOT STOP! I often wonder if the Ashkenazis are in any way related to the Komodo Dragon because once they get an idea in their head, they do whatever it takes to achieve that goal no matter what the consequences are. 

Our failings lie in the fact we rarely imagine how we’d feel if were suffering the same fate as those in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen & Syria. What makes this Israeli act even more despicable is they have no legitimate reason whatsoever to bomb Syria. So what do the Israelis do? They simply conjure lies out of thin air in the pursuit of their goal of Greater Israel & ultimately world domination. The only reason they get away with it is because the media always rides shotgun for them. It is theirs to use as they please. If one conducts any meaningful research on media barons, one will discover they are no different to Sheldon Adelson or even Netanyahu. Each & every one are deluded monsters. 

Small wonder the Iranian side of the story is never heard. The trouble is the moment one follows the Israeli narrative, one is immediately thrown off the scent. This is why it’s crucial folk recognize what we’re being told is pure baloney. The truth is the last thing Israel wants is peace to return to Syria. They need to get rid of Assad. Then in the ensuing vacuum a situation will be engineered by the Zio-West where chaos is the byword – we’ll see a spate of so-called suicide bombers who’ll create turmoil, giving the West all the excuse it needs to stay there & thus allow Zionists overall control of Syria’s resources & critically it’s air-space. Look how the Israelis use Lebanese air-space to launch attacks on Syria. It would indeed be foolish not to at least consider their aim is to use Syrian air-space to launch attacks on Iran. While Syria would act as a large buffer zone & therefore curtail Iran’s ability to defend itself, Israel will be right on their doorstep.

Syria has never done anything to harm Israel. The exact reverse is true. Apart from all the grief that’s occurring in Syria today, Israel stole the oil laden Golan Heights in 1967. They invaded Syria but made out they were ones attacked & were merely responding – a typical load of Zionist hog-wash! In that 6 day war Israel claimed they were attacked from all sides yet 6 days later they’d seized the Golan Heights, the Sinai Desert & a shitload of Palestinian land to boot! The way it looked to me back then as a mere 11 year old was….

‘How could all those Arab nations have been daft enough to attack Israel? It is inconceivable to imagine they weren’t cognisant of the kind of military firepower the Israelis had at their disposal.’ Yes. Even back then I sensed something was drastically amiss.

The UN passed a resolution stating Israel must return the Golan Heights back to Syria. What’s happened? Israel gave the UN the almighty finger! So here we have a classic example of Israel defying international law with impunity. How else could Israel indiscriminately bomb Syria & there’s silence? In fact if it wasn’t for Zionist puppets in the West, every building in Syria would still be standing. The harsh reality is Western intervention has left several Arab nations in a state of utter ruin, yet our politicians & the media continue to have the temerity to claim it has the moral high ground. As a result, astonishing as it undoubtedly is, THE SAME FOREIGN POLICY IS STILL BEING PURSUED! 

To say I’m disappointed with Trump’s decision to scrap the nuclear deal his predecessor painstakingly established with Iran is a massive understatement but then am I surprised? Not one bit. You see once one is aware of how America’s entire political process has been usurped by Zionists whose allegiance is to Israel, then everything that’s occurring today makes total sense.
Same thing happened with Obama. His tenure featured an about turn on foreign policy the likes of which have never been seen. Yet did the media ever once highlight this outrageous anomaly? Here was the man whose opposition to GW Bush’s foreign policy was the cornerstone of his Presidential campaign yet once in office, all the votes which were secured by his campaign pledges evidently weren’t worth a bar of soap. Among 8 years of broken promises, the Iran deal was the only decent thing Obama did yet, in no time at all, it has been discarded. I wonder what it will take for Americans to understand their country has been taken over by a foreign entity.

For some Americans, this process of self-destruction began with 9/11. Not so. In fact it more or less coincided with America declaration of independence. Britain may have lost out but those who controlled the Bank of England were hardly going to let sleeping dogs lie. The 7th US President Andrew Jackson who was vehemently opposed to the Rothschilds establishing a national bank survived an assassination attempt. Abraham Lincoln wasn’t so lucky. There were countless assassinations of key political figures until finally Woodrow Wilson caved in with the ratification of the heinous Federal Reserve Act, effectively giving the Rothschild control of the US currency. Then we had WWI & II, the assassination of JFK & now we’re in the process of building up to WWIII. It’s happening & if this nightmare does unfold, at least I’ll go to my grave knowing who exactly was responsible.  

Here’s a piece from Dr. Norman Finkelstein. Thanks to Ted Duggan for sending me this though in truth I’m not interested in what Netanyahu says or thinks. I just like the title! 

Slowly but surely, it’s beginning to sink in: A clinical lunatic is at the helm of the Jewish state…

Slowly but surely, it’s beginning to sink in: A clinical lunatic is at the helm of the Jewish state

Netanyahu Begins Calling For Israeli Return To Ancient Homeland Of Iran The OnionToday 12:26pm JERUSALEM—Declaring that it was long past time for his people to live once again on their ancestral soil, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly began calling Thursday for the Israeli return to their ancient homeland of Iran. “The land of Iran has long been part of our heritage, and we implore the international community to work with us to ensure its return to the independent Jewish state,” … Continue reading


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