Neurotoxic Thimerosal (Mercury): It’s NOT Just For Vaccines

Neurotoxic Thimerosal (Mercury): It’s NOT Just For Vaccines

Intro and info compilation by: Roger Landry (TLB)   

Those of us who research the subject of vaccines are well aware of Thimerosal in our vaccines. We have long been aware of the extreme toxicity of this substance on the human physiology. Mercury is considered to be one of the most toxic naturally occurring substances to mankind second only to ionizing radiation. But what most of us are not aware of is the wide useThimerosal in over 125 other products we confidently and blindly use on a daily basis. Please educate yourself on this substance and its many hidden uses…

A short history of Thimerosal

Morris Kharasch, a chemist at the University of Maryland, filed a patent application for thimerosal in 1927; Eli Lilly later marketed the compound under the trade name Merthiolate. In vitro tests conducted by Lilly investigators H. M. Powell and W. A. Jamieson found that it was forty to fifty times as ffective as phenol against Staphylococcus aureus. It was used to kill bacteria and prevent contamination in antiseptic ointments, creams, jellies, and sprays used by consumers and in hospitals, including nasal sprays, eye drops, contact lens solutions, immunoglobulins, and vaccines. thimerosal was used as a preservative (bactericide) so that multidose vials of vaccines could be used instead of single-dose vials, which are more expensive. By 1938, Lilly’s assistant director of research listed thimerosal as one of the five most important drugs ever developed by the company.

As you can see vaccines are not the only products to have contained Thimerosal (more on this later in this article)


Few studies of the toxicity of thimerosal in humans have been conducted. Cases have been reported of severe poisoning by accidental exposure or attempted suicide, with some fatalities. Animal experiments suggest that thimerosal rapidly dissociates to release ethylmercury after injection; and that the central nervous system and the kidneys are targets, with lack of motor coordination being a common sign associated with this poisoning. Similar signs and symptoms have been observed in accidental human poisonings. The mechanisms of toxic action are unknown. This substance and it’s byproducts distributes to all body tissues, crossing the blood–brain barrier and the placental barrier, and ethylmercury also moves freely throughout the body.

So we have now determined the Thimerosal is toxic and in some cases even deadly, but there is much more …


The experts speak on mercury, vaccines and thimerosal

(The following is an excerpt from the Natural News article “The great thimerosal cover-up: Mercury, vaccines, autism and your child’s health“ see link below)

Now all childhood vaccines have at least one mercury-free version, and I urge parents to ask for those versions if they choose to vaccinate their children. Injecting mercury into children, especially infants whose immune systems are still underdeveloped (hepatitis B shots are typically given at birth, before the immune system has developed), can be an assault to the immune system. What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Autoimmune Disorders by Stephen B Edelson MD, page 65

In 1999 studies began to surface showing that multi-dose vial vaccines, such as the MMR and hepatitis B vaccines, contained enough thimerosal to expose vaccinated children to 62.5 ug of mercury per visit to the pediatrician. This is one hundred times the dose considered safe by the Federal Environmental Protection Guidelines for infants! Worse yet, some infants will receive doses even higher; because thimerosal tends to settle in the vial. If it is not shaken up before being drawn, the first dose will contain low concentrations of mercury and the last dose will contain enormously high concentrations. If your baby is the unlucky one that gets the last dose, serious brain injury can result… Health And Nutrition Secrets by Russell L Blaylock MD, page 166

Thousands of families say they can demonstrate with videotapes and photos that their children were normal prior to being vaccinated, reacted badly to the vaccines, and became autistic shortly thereafter. The number of vaccines given before age two has risen from 3 in 1940, when autism occurred in perhaps one case per 10,000 births, to 22 different vaccines given before the age of two in the year 2000. Building Wellness with DMG by Roger V Kendall PhD, page 104

We know that certain forms of mercury, such as methylmercury and phenylmercury, are highly lipid soluble, which makes the brain especially susceptible to mercury accumulation. These forms of mercury are found in vaccines as the preservative thimerosal. Once in the brain, it tends to attach itself to protein structures, especially to the cell membrane, where it can disrupt membrane functions.23 By binding to the cell membrane, mercury changes the membrane’s fluid-like quality, making it stiffer and causing the cell to age faster.24 The brain is unique in that neurons depend on special microscopic tube-like structures within the cell, appropriately called neurotubules, for their function. These neurotubules are manufactured by the cell from a substance called tubulin. We know that mercury interacts with tubulin causing it to unravel. Studies in rats have shown that doses of mercury corresponding to those seen in humans can cause a 75 percent increase in tubulin inhibition. Health And Nutrition Secrets by Russell L Blaylock MD, page 53

In the case of the susceptible newborn infant and toddler, multiple exposures to mercury-containing and multiple antigen vaccines are highly suspect in the causation of multiple organ injury (Bernard et al. 2000). The GI tract, the liver, the pancreas, the kidneys, the immune system, and the brain are major sites of mercury absorption. Researchers have clearly shown a chronic inflammatory bowel disease due to vaccine strain measles in a subset of children with autism (Thompson et al. 1995; Wakefield et al. 1995, 1999, 2000a,b; Kawashima et al. 2000; Pardi et al. 2000; Uhlmann et al. 2002). Disease Prevention And Treatment by Life Extension Foundation, page 153

Studies of autistic children have frequently shown very high levels of mercury, with no other source but vaccines found for the exposure. These levels are equal to those seen in adults during toxic industrial exposures. Several autism clinics have found dramatic improvements in the behavior and social interactions in children from whom the mercury was chelated. Results depended on how soon the mercury was removed following exposure, but permanent damage can be caused if the metal is not chelated soon enough. Still, even in cases of severe damage, because of the infant brain’s tremendous reparative ability, improvements are possible. The problem of autism involves numerous body systems including the gastrointestinal, immune and nervous systems; as a result we see numerous infections and magnified effects of malnutrition. Intrepid workers in the shadows, that is outside the medial establishment, have worked many miracles with these children using a multidisciplinary scientific approach completely ignored by the orthodoxy. Some children have even experienced a return to complete physiological normalcy. Health And Nutrition Secrets by Russell L Blaylock MD, page 166

Mercury and autism mercury toxicity is a suspected cause of a steep rise—a tenfold increase between 1984 and 1994—in diagnosed cases of autism in children around the world, according to some scientists. Specifically, the culprit is thimerosal, a mercury-based compound used as a preservative in vaccines commonly administered to babies and infants. thimerosal-free vaccines are available. If you have a child who will be receiving vaccinations, ask for and make sure thimerosal-free vaccines are used. Kelp, with its essential minerals (especially calcium and magnesium), helps remove unwanted metal deposits. Prescription For Dietary Wellness by Phyllis A Balch, page 198

The pertussis vaccine (DPT) may cause 45,000 cases of autism per year in America, affecting 15 cases out of 10,000 vaccinations; also caused by the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine (MMR) that causes mental impairment, gastrointestinal damage, and increased mortality in 6-12 months from impaired immunity; 9 out of 10 cases were not breast-fed; eating dairy products caused parasites in the autistic (take Vermex; contact Dr. Nelson in Mexico for control of parasites in children with autism). There are now over 500,000 victims of autism residing in the United States, in 1994. The pertussis vaccination is not used in Sweden, which has virtually 0 cases of autism, as does Holland. This mental illness afflicts environmentally and socially non-reactive persons, of withdrawn personality; with inability to speak, violenttantrums, insomnia, actions such as bolting across aroad with no regard for the dire consequences. May be caused infant antibiotic use in ear infections with subsequent yeast overgrowth, by cumulative genetic Brain damage, Vitamin deficiencies, or milk and additives allergies. Immune disorders in autism include white blood cellneutrophil Myeloperoxidase enzyme deficiency for insufficient hypochlorite ions to kill yeast – genetic type from Chromosome 17 mutation or biotinidase deficiency, or acquired type from lead poisoning, Folic acid or B-l 2 deficiency, infection or leukemias… Anti-Aging Manual by Joseph B Marion, page 450

Multiple vaccinations, especially in newborns, are another major source of childhood mercury exposure because of the mercury-containing thimerosal preservative. Over twenty-two vaccinations are now recommended for children before the age of two! Health And Nutrition Secrets by Russell L Blaylock MD, page 64

In addition, there is some anecdotal evidence that autism may be tied to diet. One theory is that, in very rare cases, a child’s immune system could be weakened by the measles-mumps-rubella vaccination (MMR), which is usually administered before a child turns 2. As a result of this weakening, the theory goes, the child’s digestive system is unable to break down certain food proteins, leading to abnormal brain development. Proponents of this theory believe that putting the child on a diet that eliminates certain foods, such as wheat and dairy products, could in certain cases reverse the course of the disease. This theory remains speculative, however, and research needs to be done to determine its validity. In fact, a 2001 report issued by an Institute of Medicine committee examining studies about the health effects of the MMR vaccine in young children suggests that there is no proven link between the vaccine and autism. The committee recommends that there be no change in immunization practices that require children to be immunized during early childhood. The Immune Advantage by Ellen Mazo and Keith Berndtson MD, page 292

Rather than calling for an all-out immediate ban on thimerosal-containing vaccines, they suggested that parents continue to have their children vaccinated with mercury-contaminated vaccines until new stocks of uncontaminated vaccine could be made available. Here are two doctors’ unions that had to be beat over the head with an overwhelming amount of data that mercury-contaminated vaccines were harming children far worse than the actual diseases against which the vaccine was intended to protect them, only to have them suggest that parents continue to harm their children just to satisfy their vaccination obsession. Are you surprised to discover that recent investigations have found that several doctor-members of vaccine boards were either receiving grants from vaccine manufacturers or held stock in the companies? They were willing to sacrifice the health of millions of children just to fill their pockets with cash. These people should be looking through bars, not serving on boards. Health And Nutrition Secrets by Russell L Blaylock MD, page 167

Vaccines may afflict 45,000 cases of autism per year in America, which afflicts 15 victims in every 10.000 births: there are now 5 00,000 of these victims in the U.S. In Sweden not using the pertussis vaccine, there is virtually no autism (and likewise in Holland). Anti-Aging Manual by Joseph B Marion, page 600

Many symptoms of autism are similar to those of mercury poisoning. Immune dysfunction, visual disturbances, and motor dysfunction are seen in both. Treating autistic children for removal of mercury and other heavy metals has shown significant improvement in their autistic symptoms. Most autistic individuals have poor liver detoxification, low antioxidant levels, and low levels of glutathione. Vaccines are effective, but the production and use of vaccines should proceed more cautiously. Currently manufactured vaccines still contain harmful substances like mercury. The link between vaccines and autism is far stronger than the medical community is willing to admit, and more research in this area should be an urgent priority. Building Wellness with DMG by Roger V Kendall PhD, page 105

Studies indicate that autism may be the result of adverse reactions to childhood vaccinations. Dr. Alan Cohen, an environmental physician from Connecticut, notes that high levels of autism and attention deficit disorder (ADD) did not occur until the mandatory use of childhood vaccinations, and suggests that there may be a connection between certain vaccines and the onset of these conditions. Complete Encyclopedia Of Natural Healing by Gary Null PhD, page 46

Almost from the inception of vaccination programs, manufacturers added a mercury preservative called thimerosal to vaccines. The practice continued until recently, and was stopped only because of the outcry from thousands of concerned parents and numerous experts in the field. The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Family Practice did not warn parents or pediatricians that the mercury was dangerous until they were forced to. That mercury was toxic to cells had been known for over sixty years, but manufacturers apparently were more worried about lawsuits… Health And Nutrition Secrets by Russell L Blaylock MD, page 165

In fact, a 2001 report issued by an Institute of Medicine committee examining studies about the health effects of the MMR vaccine in young children suggests that there is no proven link between the vaccine and autism. The committee recommends that there be no change in immunization practices that require children to be immunized during early childhood. Another disorder affecting the brain, Alzheimer’s disease, may also have an immune connection. Alzheimer’s is a degenerative disease that slowly attacks nerve cells in the brain. It eventually results in the loss of all memory and mental functioning. Scientists are currently investigating the role that the immune system plays in producing an overabundance of the amino acid glutamate, a powerful nerve-cell killer. Another immune connection that researchers are investigating is the idea that Alzheimer’s might be triggered, in part, by a virus. The Immune Advantage by Ellen Mazo and Keith Berndtson MD, page 292

In the past 10 years, the number of autistic children has risen between 200 and 500 per cent in every state in the U.S. This sharp increase in autism followed the introduction of MMR vaccine in 1975. Representative Dan Burton’s healthy grandson was given injections for 9 diseases in one day. These injections were followed by autism. A Physicians Guide To Natural Health Products That Work By James Howenstine MD, page 267

“Probably 20% of American children, one in five, suffers from a “development disability’,” according to Harris Coulter, Ph.D., Founder and Director of the Center for Empirical Medicine, in Washington, D.C. “This is a stupefying figure and we have inflicted it on ourselves. ‘Development disabilities’ are nearly always generated by encephalitis. And the primary cause of encephalitis in the U.S. and other industrialized countries is the childhood vaccination program. To be specific, a large proportion of the millions of U.S. children and adults suffering from autism, seizures, mental retardation, hyperactivity, dyslexia, and other branches of the hydra-headed entity called ‘development disabilities’ owe their disorders to one of the vaccines against childhood diseases.” Alternative Medicine by Burton Goldberg, page 1101

Martin noted that the increased incidence of chronic fatigue syndrome, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism, and other behavior-linked illnesses “may be an inadvertent consequence of stealth virus vaccine contaminants.” AIDS And Ebola by Leonard Horowitz, page 493

Just for perspective if we go back to 1971 up to 1980, we see that California consistently added 100 to 200 new cases a year; but in the year 2002, California added 3,577 new cases. Since 1980, the documented start of California’s autism epidemic, the number of new cases has steadily increased. If we break down those statistics it means that from 1994 to 1995, California only added on average 2 new autistic children a day into its system. In 2001, it was a rate of 8 new autistic children added a day; in 2002, it jumped up to 10 children a day. mercury-containing vaccines are still in use today, including the most recently recommended addition to the childhood immunization schedule, 2 shots of flu vaccine for infants, bringing the total number of vaccines up to 41 in California that a child will receive before the age of two. It will take a few years to start seeing the effect of the phasing out of the mercury-containing preservative thimerosal from childhood vaccines on this autism epidemic. Many symptoms of autism are similar to those of mercury poisoning. Immune dysfunction, visual disturbances, and motor dysfunction are seen in both. Treating autistic children for removal of mercury and other heavy metals has shown significant improvement in their autistic symptoms. Most autistic individuals have poor liver detoxification, low antioxidant levels, and low levels of glutathione. Building Wellness with DMG by Roger V Kendall PhD, page 105

Since the 1990s, there has been a tenfold or 1000-percent increase in autism, an increase which has been linked by some researchers to the organic mercury preservative commonly found in baby vaccines. A greatly increased incidence of juvenile diabetes has been correlated to specific vaccination sequences and to the number of vaccines given. In some Australian Aboriginal communities, every second child died shortly after vaccination. The Natural Way to Heal by Walter Last, page 309

The best current estimates are that autism occurs in 40 to 67 children per 10,000 live births. This means that the prevalence of autism has increased 1,000 percent in the last decade. According to the latest figures just released in January 2003 by the California Department of Developmental Services, California experienced an astounding 31 percent increase in the number of new children… Building Wellness with DMG by Roger V Kendall PhD, page 104


Mercury in Drug and Biologic Products

(The following is an excerpt from the FDA website and shows known Thimerosal and Mercury containing products as of 2009 … Nothing newer is available on the site that claims “FDA Protecting and Promoting Your Health” … REALLY ???)

The information in this list is derived from submissions made by manufacturers in response to the agency’s call-for-data notices of December 14, 1998 (63 FR 68775), April 29, 1999 (64 FR 23083) and February 3, 2003 (68 FR 5299), the agency’s Drug Registration and Listing System, and other agency sources. Products submitted in response to any of the call-for-data notices are preceded by an asterisk (*). The mercury ingredients are abbreviated as TM for thimerosal, PMA for phenylmercuric acetate, PMN for phenylmercuric nitrate, MA for mercuric acetate, MN for mercuric nitrate, MB for merbromin, and MOY for mercuric oxide yellow. The list includes nonhomeopathic human and veterinary drug products and human biological products. Homeopathic drug products are not included because of the low amounts of mercury present in the products. The abbreviation NS under the % column means that the information was “not stated” in the agency’s Drug Registration and Listing System.

(Last update 2009)

Thimerosal content for biological products can be found at Thimerosal in Vaccines and Mercury in Plasma-Derived Products.

+ manufacturers, repackers, relabelers, and distributors

ManufacturerName of ProductIngredient%
Akorn Inc.AK Spore Ophthalmic SolutionTM.001
Akorn Inc.AK Spore HC Ophthalmic Combo DropsTMNS
Akorn Inc.Fluoracaine Ophthalmic SolutionTMNS
Akorn Inc.AK Spore HC Otic SuspensionTMNS
*Alcon LaboratoriesProfenal 1% Ophthalmic SolutionTM.005
*Alcon LaboratoriesAdsorbonac 2% Ophthalmic SolutionTM.004
*Alcon LaboratoriesAdsorbonac 5% Ophthalmic SolutionTM.004
Allergan AmericaOcufen Ophthalmic SolutionTM.005
Allergan AmericaPoly Pred Ophthalmic SuspensionTM.001
Allergan Inc.Blephamide SOP Ophthalmic OintmentPMA.0008
Allergan Inc.Bleph-10 Ophthalmic Ointment 10%PMA.0008
Allergan Inc.FML SOP Ophthalmic Ointment 0.1%PMA.0008
Allergan Inc.Poly Pred Ophthalmic SuspensionTM.001
Altaire PharmaceuticalsNasal Relief 12 Hour SprayPMANS
American Assn. Retired PersonsOxymetazoline Nasal SprayPMA.002
American International ChemicalThimerosal (bulk chemical)TM100
American International ChemicalThimerosal (bulk chemical)TM100
American International ChemicalThimerosal USP 97% (bulk chemical)TM97
American Pharmaceutical12 Hour Nasal SolutionPMANS
Appletree MarketsLong Lasting Nasal SprayPMANS
*Bausch & LombFlurbiprofen Sodium Ophthalmic SolutionTM.005
*Bausch & LombNeomycin & Polymyxin B Sulfates & Gramicidin Ophthalmic SolutionTM.001
*Bausch & LombNeomycin & Polymyxin B Sulfates & Hydrocortisone Otic SuspensionTM.01
*Bausch & LombSulfacetamide Sodium & Prednisolone Sodium Phosphate Ophthalmic Solution 10%/.23%TM.01
*Bristol-Myers SquibbFungizone LotionTM.01
*Bristol-Myers SquibbFungizone CreamTM.01
C.O. Truxton Inc.Bio-Cot Otic SuspensionTM.01
C.O. Truxton Inc.Decongest Nasal SprayPMANS
Cheshire PharmaceuticalOtocort Otic SuspensionTM.01
Cheshire PharmaceuticalOcutricin Ophthalmic SolutionTM.01
Cheshire PharmaceuticalSulfapred Ophthalmic SolutionTMNS
CVSNasal Spray PumpPMANS
CVS Revco DS Inc.12 Hour Decongestant Pump Nasal SprayPMANS
Dolder Ltd.Thimerosal (bulk chemical)TM100
Dorex International Corp.Long Acting Nasal SprayPMA.002
Drug Guild DistributorsLong Acting Nasal Spray Kolex LAPMA.002
DRX PharmaceuticalBlephamide Ophthalmic OintmentPMANS
DRX PharmaceuticalCortisporin Ophthalmic SuspensionTM.001
DRX PharmaceuticalNeomycin Polymyxin B Sulfates Hydrocortisone Ophthalmic SuspensionTMNS
DRX PharmaceuticalNeomycin Polymyxin B Hydrocortisone Otic SuspensionTM.01
DRX PharmaceuticalNeomycin Polymyxin B Gramicidin Ophthalmic SolutionTM.01
DRX PharmaceuticalVasocidin Ophthalmic SolutionTMNS
DRX PharmaceuticalColymycin S Otic SuspensionTM.002
DRX PharmaceuticalPediotic Otic SuspensionTMNS
Dysers SalThimerosal (bulk chemical)TMNS
Family Independent Pharmacy12 Hour Nasal Decongestant SprayPMANS
Family Independent PharmacyLong Acting Nasal SprayPMANS
Farm Fresh Inc.Hemorrhoid Relief OintmentPMN.01
Fays Drug Services12 Hour Nasal Spray PumpPMANS
Federated FoodsLong Acting Nasal SprayPMA.002
Fleming Companies12 Hour Nasal SprayPMA.002
Foxmeyer Drug Co.Nasal Spray PumpPMANS
Global SourceNasin Long Acting Nasal SprayPMANS
Harco DrugMercurochrome Aqueous SolutionMB2
Harris-TeeterOxymetazoline Nasal SprayPMA.002
Hi Tech Pharmacal Co.Long Acting Nasal SprayPMA.002
Hudson Corp.Nasal Spray Extended ReliefPMANS
Hurst PharmaceuticalDuomycin-HC Otic SuspensionTM.01
K and B DistributorsMercurochrome Aqueous SolutionMB2
*King PharmaceuticalsCortisporin Ophthalmic SuspensionTM.001
*King PharmaceuticalsNeosporin Ophthalmic SuspensionTM.001
*King PharmaceuticalsViroptic Ophthalmic SolutionTM.001
King PharmaceuticalsNeomycin Polymyxin B Sulfates Hydrocortisone Otic SuspensionTMNS
*King PharmaceuticalsPediotic SuspensionTM.001
*King PharmaceuticalsCortisporin Otic SuspensionTM.01
KinrayOxymetazoline Nasal SprayPMA.002
Laboratori DerivatiAdrenal Cortex InjectionTM.01
Leader12 Hour Nasal SprayPMANS
LeaderNasal Pump SprayPMANS
LS Raw Materials Ltd.Mercurochrome NF 12 100% (bulk chemical)MB100
Major PharmaceuticalsCortomycin Ophthalmic SuspensionTMNS
Major PharmaceuticalsSulfacetamide Sodium & Prednisolone Sodium Phosphate Ophthalmic SolutionTM.01
Major PharmaceuticalsCortomycin Otic SuspensionTM.01
Major PharmaceuticalsNeocidin Ophthalmic SolutionTM.01
Martin Surgical SupplyTestosterone Injection Suspension 50 mgTM.008
Martin Surgical SupplyTestosterone Injection Suspension 100 mgTMNS
Mays Drug StoresHemorrhoid Relief OintmentPMN.01
Medalist LaboratoriesLong Lasting Nasal Spray PumpPMANS
Meyers Supply Inc.Long Acting Nasal SprayPMA.002
NavressoLong Acting Nasal SprayPMANS
Omicron Quimica SAThimerosal USP 97% (bulk chemical)TM97
Parade (Grocer’s Supply)Oxymetazoline Nasal SprayPMA.002
*Parkedale PharmaceuticalsColy-Mycin S Otic SuspensionTM.002
Pay N Save Corp.Decongestant Nasal SprayPMANS
PharmedixBleph 10 Ophthalmic Solution 10%TM.005
PharmedixViroptic Ophthalmic Solution 1%TM.001
PharmedixBlephamide Ophthalmic OintmentPMANS
PharmedixTriple Antibiotic Ophthalmic SolutionTM.01
PharmedixColymycin S Otic SolutionTM.002
PharmedixNeo Poly with HC Otic SuspensionTM.01
Physicians Total Care Inc.Neomycin Polymyxin B Sulfates Hydrocortisone Ophthalmic SuspensionTMNS
Physicians Total Care Inc.Viroptic Ophthalmic SolutionTM.001
Physicians Total Care Inc.Cortisporin Ophthalmic SuspensionTM.001
Physicians Total Care Inc.Ocufen Ophthalmic SolutionTM.0005
Physicians Total Care Inc.Vasocidin Ophthalmic SolutionTMNS
Ping On Ointment Co. Ltd.Ping On Topical OintmentMercuryNS
Prime Natural Health12 Hour Nasal SprayPMANS
Primedics LaboratoriesTesterone Injection Suspension 50 mgTM.008
Publix Inc.Long Acting Nasal SprayPMANS
Publix SupermarketsLong Acting Decongestant Nasal SprayPMANS
Qualitest PharmaceuticalsNasal Spray SolutionPMANS
Qualitest PharmaceuticalsAntibiotic HC Otic SuspensionTMNS
RDS Acquisition Corp.12 Hour Nasal SprayPMANS
Republic Drug Co.12 Hour Nasal SprayPMA.002
*Schering-Plough Animal HealthGentocin Durafilm Ophthalmic Solution (for dogs only)PMN.002
Scrivner, Inc.Hemorrhoid Relief OintmentPMN.01
Sight PharmaceuticalsNeomycin Polymyxin B Sulfates Hydrocortisone Otic SuspensionTMNS
Sight PharmaceuticalsSulfacetamide Sodium & Prednisolone Sodium Phosphate Ophthalmic SolutionTM.01
Spectrum Quality ProductsMerbromin (bulk chemical)MB100
Spectrum Quality ProductsMercuric Oxide Yellow (bulk chemical)MOY100
Spectrum Quality ProductsThimerosal (bulk chemical)TM100
Spectrum Quality ProductsThimerosal (bulk chemical)TM100
Super LaboratoriesLong Acting Nasal SprayPMANS
*Taro PharmaceuticalsTaro Nasal Decongestant SprayPMA.002
Teral LaboratoriesOticin HC Otic SuspensionTM.01
Thames Pharmacal Co.12 Hour Nasal SprayPMANS
Thrifty Payless Inc.Nasal Spray Pump FormulaPMANS
Thrifty Payless Inc.Decongestant Nasal Spray PumpPMANS
United Research LabsAntibiotic Ear SuspensionTM.01
United Research LabsNeomycin Polymyxin B Sulfates Gramicidin Ophthalmic SolutionTM.01
US OphthalmicsFluorescein Sodium Ophthalmic SolutionTMNS
US OphthalmicsSulf-10 Ophthalmic SolutionTMNS
US OphthalmicsVasocidin Ophthalmic SolutionTMNS
US OphthalmicsPhenylephrine HC1 Ophthalmic Solution 10%TMNS
USCO LogisticsProcofen Ophthalmic SolutionTM.005
USCO LogisticsProfenal Ophthalmic SolutionTM.005
VEDCO Inc.Tribiotic Ophthalmic SolutionTMNS
Waldbaum Inc.Hemorrhoidal OintmentMNNS
Weeks and Leo Co. Inc.Long Acting Nasal Spray SolutionPMA.002
*Whitehall-RobinsDristan 12-Hour Nasal SprayTM.002


The Far-Ranging Symptoms of Mercury Toxicity

(The following is an excerpt from, ‘Hiding In Plain Sight’ by TLB Contributor World Mercury Project. See link below)

The symptoms of mercury poisoning can be highly variable based on the type of mercury, the exposure level, and the sensitivity of the individual exposed. The fetus, infants, and young children are the most vulnerable to harm from mercury which interferes with development. Even very low levels of exposure have been shown to cause adverse effects on language, attention and memory, making children less able to think and learn.

Classic symptoms of mercury toxicity include:

  • impairment of peripheral vision
  • disturbances in sensations (“pins and needles” feelings)
  • lack of coordination
  • impairment of speech
  • impairment of hearing
  • tremors
  • emotional changes
  • insomnia
  • weakness
  • muscle atrophy
  • twitching
  • headaches
  • disturbances in sensations
  • changes in nerve responses
  • performance deficits on tests of cognitive function

TLB Note: Does any of this sound like the basic symptoms of … Autism … !!!


How are vaccines disposed of

(The following information was written by TLB Vaccine Researcher and Contributor: Lori)

Have you ever wondered how expired vaccines are disposed of? Is there any special treatment that they need? The answer may surprise you.

According to the Illinois Department of Health, any vaccine containing Thimerosal must be disposed of as hazardous waste.

In Wisconsin, the Flu shot is treated as hazardous waste as it contains 50,000 ppb of mercury. What is the EPA limit for mercury in water? 2 ppb!

In Ohio, 4 out of 8 types of flu shots need to be treated as hazardous waste. In North Dakota, Thimerosal containing flu shot & tubing containing chemotherapy drugs are considered hazardous waste.

An interesting sentence I came across while researching this article is this.

“While most of the thimerosal is removed by subsequent purification steps, the final vaccine may contain a trace amount of mercury, less than or equal to 1 mcg per 0.5 mL dose. This amount exceeds the federal threshold noted above and, as a result, the Novartis single-dose formulation should be disposed of as federally hazardous waste.” So, vaccine manufacturers say there is a trace of thimerosal in the vaccine & nothing to be worried about. Federal guidelines say not so fast, that amount exceeds federal guidelines & needs to be disposed of as hazardous waste. A quote said by EPA’s own Judith Enck – “Mercury is a strong neurotoxin that can damage the nervous system and cause other health and environmental problems. The EPA has insured that this waste site will be cleaned up and that the taxpayers will not bear the burden of addressing this legacy of toxic contamination.”

Ok, so lets gets this straight. Vaccines containing Thimerosal/mercury are considered safe and effective. But when it comes to disposing of the excess or expired vaccine, it has to be treated as hazardous waste.

Our own government officials tell us that even a trace amount exceeds federal guidelines & has to be treated special.

What is wrong with this picture? Why are people so willing to sacrifice their children to hazardous waste? Why are people thinking that taking hazardous waste into their body will make them healthier?

It all boils down to subscribing to the religion of pharmakia.


TLB: So what we have here is a known highly toxic substance being used in drugs (including over the counter drugs), cosmetics, skin care products and vaccines at an alarming rate. There is no doubt left to us or our government (that states their mission is to protect our health) that this substance presents a clear and present danger to our immediate and future health and to that of our much more vulnerable children, but alas our angry cries of protest seem to fall on deaf ears …



Roger LandryAbout the Author: Roger Landry (TLB) spent about three decades of his adult life either in, or working for the military, with about two decades working directly for the Military Industrial Complex facilitating DOD contracts. His awakening to Political, Economic, and Health realities was less than seven short years ago. Since that time he has founded The Liberty Beacon Project (TLB) consisting of over a dozen proprietary global websites, media projects such as TLBTV, and partner websites across the planet. He contributes regularly to multiple forums both in and outside of TLB Project. Most of his work can be found on the TLB Flagship website


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