New Study Shows How Trump’s Wall Would Pay For Itself

Study Shows How Trump’s Wall Would Pay For Itself


The left whines about the planned border wall by suddenly showing fake concern for fiscal responsibility yet now, a new study released Thursday has shown that there’s one big way that the wall will pay for itself and then some.

When you account for what illegal immigrants cost the country, the wall only has to stop a fraction of illegal border crossers for it to pay for itself and start saving us money.

Lifezette reported:

The Center for Immigration Studies, a Washington think tank that favors stricter border control, crunched figures from last year’s landmark report on the costs and benefits of immigration conducted by National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.

That study did not differentiate between legal and illegal immigration. But based on other data, the Center for Immigration Studies estimated that on average, every person who crosses the southwest border illegally costs taxpayers at all levels $74,722 more than he pays in taxes over the course of his life.

If a wall were to stop between 160,000 to 200,000 illegal crossers over a decade — just 9 percent to 12 percent of the projected total — the savings over their lifetimes would equal the estimated $12 billion to $15 billion cost of the wall.

It is important to note that the impact on taxpayers measures spending at all levels of government. Since only the federal government would be on the hook for the wall, a success rate in the 12 percent range would not fully reimburse the federal government. But Steven Camarota, who wrote the report, said residents pay taxes to all levels of government.

“From the taxpayer’s standpoint, it may not matter,” he said. “It pays for itself in the big picture … It doesn’t have to stop everyone to pay for itself.”

As most of us are well aware, the reason for the cost-savings has to do with who is crossing the border illegally — people without skills. It’s been estimated that 57 percent of illegals crossing the border come without high school diplomas and 27 percent have no further education beyond high school.

“The fiscal drain is enormous for unskilled immigrants, and those are the immigrants most likely to illegally cross the border,” Camarota said.

As Lifezette pointed out, these figures in the study are actually conservative as they didn’t include the cost to the country of illegals’ U.S.-born children, which would send the costs much higher. Camarota noted that these children were not included because of the difficulty in figuring whether or not they will pay more in taxes as adults to make up for the burden on the country they pose early in life.

Although perhaps more difficult to quantify, it’s important to note the simple fact that they are here when they shouldn’t be — thanks to our ridiculous laws about anchor babies — means that they take resources away from citizens.

Since the study deals heavily in the hypothetical, the figures could also be more conservative as they are based on projections of cost/benefit, and the resulting discount applied called “net present value” changed the numbers significantly. Without the discount, illegal immigrants cost taxpayers $97,759 per immigrant instead of $74,722 with it.

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