“Norton v Shelby” & Government Over-Reach/Usurpation

“Norton v Shelby” & Government Over-Reach/Usurpation

By: Joseph M. Lenard

This piece will be a very broad general overview of a very important and virtually all but forgotten case of major relevance as our Fasci-Federalists continue to grow the Deep-State bureaucracy and push further and further down the road to complete tyrannical Rule and elimination of all our Rights. Death by a thousand cuts.

VIDEO (32m 44s): Norton v Shelby (Savaged Unfiltered podcast):

I have previously discussed via TLB pieces the Fasci-Federalists of today vs original intent Federalists, let-alone the “concerns” the anti-Federalists had/argued about normal Human-nature and an eventual lurch Leftward toward Communism, Fascism, Socialism, Whatever-ism, all complete-Governmental-control schemes/systems on/of THE LEFT side of the overall Political Spectrum as discussed in “A Republic If You Can Keep It” and “Overblown Right-wing Extremism Narrative” and “Twisting/Warping language (part 2)” and “Democrats Always Ignore (Unintended Consequences) Natural Laws of Human Nature” TLB pieces.

The following run-down is from John Tatar who ran for Wayne County Sheriff in 2020 Elections here in Michigan (whom I endorsed). You can see the full “Norton v Shelby County TN” rundown via my Dropbox save.


9 Most Important Points regarding Norton v. Shelby County

Norton v. Shelby County, 118 U.S. 425 (1886)- -a unanimous decision, which is therefore Stare Decisis, States unequivocally and undeniably that its ruling holds that any government, federal, state, county, or local, can never create a “de facto” office.

Extraordinary Claims Requires Extraordinary Evidence for Support!!

  1. An unconstitutional act is not a law. If it is not listed in the constitution as a duty or responsibility in the well-defined duties of the government it is unconstitutional!

  2. An unconstitutional act confers no rights; it imposes no duties; it affords no protection to any “public functionaries” who have acted as “usurpers” and violated the United States  Constitution and/or their State Constitution and/or local Charter and can be removed from office having committed such acts.

  3. Only the delegated authority of the citizens as contained in the United States Constitution and/or State Constitution and/or local Charter can thereby creates an office “de jure”- for there can be no office “de facto”, if there is no provision in the United States Constitution and/or State Constitution and/or local Charter then such office “de facto” never existed! It is, in legal contemplation, as inoperative as though such act to create a “de facto” office had never been passed.

  4. Public offices can only be created “de jure”, and for the benefit of the public.

  5. There is no “immunity” for any “public functionary” who does not act “de jure”, such “public functionary” by acts of commission or omission can be held personally liable for money damages and be removed from office because they’re in violation of his/her oath of office.

  6. There can be no office created “de facto” while the Constitution has life and power.

  7. “de jure” by right  based on the Constitution or law passed in conjunction there with.

“de facto” as a matter of fact, not by law, or Constitution.

“usurpation” wrongful or illegal encroachment, infringement on the duties of one’s office.

“public functionary” anyone working for the government either elected or appointed.

“delegation” the people delegate and/or give to the “public functionaries” duties and responsibilities they must perform while occupying such office as part of their “job description”.

“ratification” formal or informal confirmation of an order, law, mandate, etc.

  1. If an office of government is not contained in the United States Constitution and or State Constitution and/or local Charter, that “de facto” office is a “usurpation” of authority by the “public functionary” that attempted to created it. Such office never existed to begin with and the “public functionaries”/agents of that office are “usurpers” with no delegated authority whatsoever. At best that office is only advisory, and has no force of law on the people.

Public functionaries” who are “usurpers” are acting outside the “rule of law” and DO NOT EXIST.

  1. None of the levels of government, federal, state, county, or local can create a “de facto” office.

Extraordinary Claims Requires Extraordinary Evidence for Support!!

Norton v Shelby County is powerful and we must find challenges that can re-bring this Case as part of any new such Case argument to then have the SCOTUS re-affirm this previous precedence.

Partial Show transcription (thank you to https://converter.app/ for the great free transcription services) from CTP podcast S1E8 below (or head straight over and give the whole, only runs 35 minutes, Show a listen now: corresponding ChristiTutionalist Politics (CTP) episodes S1E8) to hear these and other relevant information to/on this topic not directly outlined in this article (as, you probably guess, the two, the article and the podcast, are meant to complement each other). And remember to help (#ROAR) Restore Our American Republic!

Norton v Shelby is not something that you’re going to want to jump in with someone you’ve just met at the grocery store. This is for your group of friends that can handle going down the deeper rabbit-holes and the more technical aspects of things that we need to discuss. It’s like the Hunter Biden laptop. I was speaking with a friend the other day, Janice Gardner, no relation to Michael Gardner of Savaged Unfiltered podcast. Janice  mentioned Waco and Ruby Ridge. And my reaction was we can barely get people to pay attention to the Hunter Biden laptop. Something happening right now, let alone while Waco and Ruby Ridge are important points to go down the path of all these government abuses that have been going on for a long time. This isn’t “brand new” either, but those are not something you want to lead with.

There are certain topics we have to be careful. Our red-pill-strategy, certain topics like the Hunter Biden laptop, the evidence is there. The facts are there. If we can’t get them to pay attention to that and the evidence on that laptop, then it’s going to be difficult to get them to go down any of the other more difficult rabbit-holes like the Norton v Shelby case. I’ll wrap up with a third segment. I will discuss a couple of the 9 points that my John and his friend Ron, with a Liberty group put together regarding the case.

I’m not going to go that deep into the weeds here yet. Again, at the start here, I want to take an overall broader view. Also, let me point out that the case document will be linked in the show notes. There will be a link to a dropbox document of the case so that if you want to go further down that rabbit-hole, please do read it. Look at that for yourself. Share it with others that you know are of the degree and level that can handle such. Don’t overburden someone who just got off their couch yesterday. This is way too deep a topic for them to take on early in their adventures into getting involved in politics, which ChristiTutionalist TM Politics show is partly about getting people off their couch.

Again, I’ve written a piece called “Will real Christians save America” (actually two places, both with their own “exclusive content” for said site: BeforeItsNews and TheLibertyBeacon versions) as we can’t be sitting on our couch and just complaining online. We have to do the things that matter. We have to become Precinct Delegates. We have to go to committee meetings. We have to go to School-board meetings. We have to go to City-Council meetings. We must be involved to put pressure on people even within the Republican party.

I’m not just talking about fighting FASCICRATS here. I’m talking also about fighting CINOs and RINOs within – the Primary is RINO season, as they say. And the fall is Jackass season. You fight the RINOs in the CINOs in the Primary and you pull the Republican straight ticket in the fall because even a RINO, someone who’s only with me or you, us, 60% of the time, is still infinitely better than a FASCICRAT who we might agree with what 10% of the time if that. So RINO season is in the spring. Jackass season is in the fall.

Rare opportunity for me to tout some upcoming (as well as a few previous) TLB pieces from me; as I have several ready (about 95% complete) awaiting some minor final touches just before these expected/anticipated publication dates:

And, yes, again, be sure to tune-in to each Saturday’s corresponding ChristiTutionalist TM Politics (SUBSCRIBE) shows (Season 1, Episodes 3-17) for further additional and exclusive content on those topics, as well as see the CTP Show episode transcript for additional bonus material.

Be sure to check out this week’s corresponding ChristiTutionalist Politics podcast (S1E8) for additional information. The article and the podcast are meant to “compliment” each other, NOT be a direct “Parroting” of everything in one that was/is in the other. There will be “new and different” information, concepts, potential rabbit-holes, explored in the article that is not in podcast, and vice-versa. Please SHARE both TheLibertyBeacon article/blog/piece (choose your favorite term/word) together with the link to the corresponding podcast episode.


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  1. The commie/dem party has been guilty of ‘usurpation’ since they first started attacking trump and MAGA repubs. They’ve continued to demonize the populist movement and persecute trump with bogus accusations and illusory crimes. Prosecuting him with fraudulent charges serves 2 purposes – it mentally manipulates the masses into believing trump is an evil criminal, and it also diverts attention away from the treasonous crimes of lyin’ biden.

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