by Rick Wells

Rep Jordan asks how the NY Times gets docs so easily yet Congress has to use subpoenas and still faces endless obstructions. Now the judiciary is also fed up

Martha MacCallum asked a question of Rep Jim Jordan (R-OH) that was similar to what most of the television talking heads were asking, “What do you make of all of this? It’s all over everywhere that this proves something or shows at the very least that Michael Cohen may have been selling access to the President or promising access to the President?”

Jordan, like most of the American people who aren’t globalist Clinton supporters, isn’t interested in Michael Cohen’s relationship with his client. He’s already had more than enough of the corrupt establishment deep state attempting to overthrow the President and reverse the results of the election.

Jordan redirects to a more relevant, substantive question regarding the report, saying, “What I think is interesting is why did the New York Times get access to this? I mean look, it’s tougher for Congress to get access to documents we’re constitutionally entitled to but the New York Times can review these documents? I think that’s an interesting question.”

MacCallum is stumped momentarily but retraces her steps back to an uncharacteristic leftist question of “whether or not this sheds light on any potential collusion or whether or not it’s a financial issue for Michael Cohen.” Martha normally hides any latent libtard tendencies so well but Jordan seems to have caught her completely off guard. She sounded for a moment more like she was  interviewing Bobble-Head Adam Schiff than one of the good guys.

Jordan gave a cursory reply of “we’ll have to see, I think that remains an open question,” just to be polite and then again returns to substance. He says, “What  I do know is the Department of Justice needs to start complying with legitimate requests Congress has. For example, Martha, five weeks ago we sent a letter to Rod Rosenstein saying we want to see the August 2nd memo that was an addendum to the memo that outlinedthe special counsel’s investigation, the scope of that investigation.”

“We got a response back from them last Tuesday,” says Jordan, of “‘Oh no, no, we’re not going to show you that.’ Two days later a federal judge says he wants to see the same thing. You now have two branches of government telling Rod Rosenstein, who’s never had his name on a ballot, who’s never had to face the [people], you now have two branches of the government saying that scope of the investigation is critically important.”

Having returned to her more conservative senses, MacCallum replies, “It’s pretty tough to understand, I think, for the American people, why the scope of the investigation, in other words, the mandate to Robert Mueller, in terms of what the parameters are of what is involved in what he’s allowed to pursue. Why that would be a mystery and why the Department of Justice, that’s funded by US taxpayer dollars, would have any right to keep that information from the American people.”

Jordan follows up her comments, adding, “Most importantly the American people deserve to know the framework, the scope, of an investigation into a President they elected. And for the Department of Justice to say, ‘Oh, no, no, we can’t show it to you.’ And we’ll see what they do, the judge gave them two weeks. We’ll see if they actually comply and give it to him or if they try to fight that as well.”

“I don’t know what will happen,” Jordan says, “but my guess is, based on the conversation, as relayed, that judge had with the lawyers from Mueller’s team, that judge is gonna want to see that. And he said you’ve got two weeks to get it to me. Mark Meadows and I sent a letter, we want to see it as well, Congress deserves to see that, most importantly the American people do.”

The coup and cover up at DOJ has reached the point now that Sessions and his cabal have lost whatever minimal credibility they once had. Everybody knows they’re crooks running a game on the American people to steal our country and remove our President. The facade is falling down all around them. They thought they could run out the clock until the November midterms.

If not for the House Freedom Caucus and Intel Chairman Nunes, they just might have gotten away with it.

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