Oregon – “Tears For My People” – A perspective from a Minute Man and Patriot

by David Glenn | TLB contributing writer

Tears for my people

To my fellow Americans, it is with a heavy heart and great sadness that I pick up my pen once more, not because I want too, but because it is needful.  A great man and redound patriot once rode through the night, at great personal peril, to warn others of the approaching  British forces, his name was Paul Revere, I find it necessary to do in my small way, the same now, and warn my fellows of the coming storm.

Over the last few weeks, men who I consider true patriots, took control of a wildlife refuge in eastern Oregon, this was to protest the illegal, unconstitutional land grabs by the federal government through the BLM (Bureau of Land Management), they did so in a peaceful manner, without threats or violence, an unmanned facility with doors left unlocked, vehicles with key’s in the ignitions.

Upon arrival these men now labeled as “Armed militants” by the mainstream media, set to work not only bringing attention to the cause of an unconstitutional Federal Government land grab, (often pursued with bullying and terrorism) but also to repair fences, remove trash and debris from historical buildings (used by the BLM as trash heaps and rodent breeding areas) and tending to much overdue general maintenance as well as carefully storing away any artifacts and things that might be damaged in any confrontation.

I had the great pleasure to spend the better part of a day with Ryan Bundy discussing many things, why they were there, what their goals were and the Constitutional basis of their rights (and yours) to be there, upon arrival at the Harrny County Resource center (what they re-christened the wildlife refuge).

I was not met with anything other than respect and smiles (they didn’t know me or that I was coming) I was not threatened or questioned other than “What can we do for you” in the most sincere manner, not asked for ID, or any “what’s your business here” attitude, instead was given a full tour of the facilities with friendly introductions all around.

The openness of real people, without guile or game that demonstrated honesty, caring and a true love for their country and more importantly their fellow Americans, in no way do these people resemble the “Terrorist’s” that the mainstream media portray them as, nor did they warrant the violent apprehension and ambush with the execution of an unarmed man, on his knees with his hands over his head (Le Voy Finicum) a man who was friendly and open and would be considered a good neighbor by any of us, who I wish I had known long enough to truly call friend.

 These actions by the Government, without any negotiations or even a promise to look into or address, the illegal actions of the BLM or the local so-called “Officials” or the judicial misconduct in the prosecution of the Hammonds are the direct indication of a corrupt, tyrant government, ignoring the Constitution and the rights of the people to further its own agenda. (if you think that the so called “Public” lands are for your use, better think again)

An agenda that is prescribed by the UN agenda 21, which includes the abolishment of the right to own property or even the choice of where you want to live, as well as forced impoverishment for many and population reduction? (who gets to decide who lives and who dies).

People, if you don’t wish to live under an oppression far greater than any we’ve seen before, including the Third Reich of Nazi Germany or the Stalinist regime in the USSR, were millions died at the hands of those tyrants (6-7m in Germany and over 20m in Russia) I suggest you set aside your favorite TV show distraction and stand up to these attacks on the freedoms, you say you cherish, stand together against your neighbors being murdered, know that the “Government” is lying to you, it maybe the lie you want to believe, but it is still a lie.

The Jews and Gypsies were told that it was relocation to a better place, as they were loaded into train cars headed to the ovens.  Will you be so blind… will you climb into your own train car believing their lies ???

Tyranny knows no color or religion, only its own fear and greed, and it will feed upon us and our families if we don’t open our eyes and take action.

If you fail to look beyond the boundaries of convenience and comfort.

If you lock your doors and shiver in fear or wallow in apathy.

If you hide in your willful ignorance.

You are as much the enemy of liberty as the worst of tyrants.

That said, I ask that we as one people take a moment of inner reflection on the sacrifice of LeVoy Finicum, a true Patriot and American who loved his family and his country and gave his life in the pursuit of protecting the freedoms and liberties of both. 

I hope my tears will strengthen my resolve and courage for the struggles to come, for my sadness in this moment is overwhelming.

Know ye, that I hold all of you, in my heart and prayers, God bless us all in this coming storm. 

Sleep lightly my good fellows and keep your powder dry

A minute man and patriot, David Glenn

About the author:

David Glenn is a writer, constitutional student/researcher and electronics engineer.  He has served for over 8 years on his home town council and is a US military veteran.  Additionally he is A Minute Man and Patriot.


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