O’Reilly out – The Left smiling – The Right cries foul – Fox employees breathe easier

O’Reilly out – The Left smiling – The Right cries foul – Fox employees breathe easier

by Ralph Ely | TLB Editor-at-large

The departure of Bill O’Reilly from Fox News is a good thing or a bad thing, depending on who you talk to or what Media platform you are getting your information from.

I for one never did particularly like O’Reilly because he came across as a Bully and a Control Freak. The only time he seemed to be enjoying his show was when Jesse Watters would do a segment. I shared that enjoyment of Watters also. If he was offended by some of O’Reilly’s coarse remarks, he never let on.

Some of the Alt-right media are having a cow that Fox would give Bill O’Reilly the boot, even to the point of saying “they had no right.”

A for instance would be this take from Colin Flaherty writing in American Thinker:

“Fox cannot fire Bill O’Reilly because it is not their platform. That belongs to me. And you. And O’Reilly.” [..] “We are not talking about retiring Babe Ruth because he can no longer hit the curve ball. O’Reilly is at the peak of his game. At the peak of his connection with his audience. Ratings show that.”

Yes, Bill O’Reilly pulled in the Ratings… no doubt there… but at whose expense?

White House correspondent for BuzzFeedNews, Adrian Carrasquilly tweeted out this message from Fox in a screen shot:

Email Fox sent to employees about O’Reilly out after extensive review and outside counsel.

It is obvious that News and Entertainment shows from MS Media do not live or die because of Ratings any longer. Madison Avenue rules no longer apply with the encroachment of Alternative Media such as The Liberty Beacon and the other 150 Top News sites available on line with a Global footprint.

The six corporate families that used to set the news narrative for the day, (Fox being one) no longer are at the helm of information. Between “The Trumpster Tweets” and the Alt-Media now asking the hard questions and demanding answers, it’s a new game with new rules.

The MS Media, still reeling from their PR effort to get Hillary Clinton elected and blaming the Russians for their failure, are now coming to the realization that O’Reilly is no longer at Fox… even though some in MSM have been trying desperately to get rid of O’Reilly in one way or another for years. For now the Libtards are content to say “see we told you so”… “he’s a pervert”… “a sex hound”… “a predator”… etc.

There is more to the story than competitive industry jealousy or rating numbers.

Kirsten Powers Recalls Bill O’Reilly’s Harassment: “He Was Never Going To Apologize”

Crocks and Liars.com Reports:

“Kirsten Powers, former Fox News analyst and current CNN analyst, told a harrowing tale of how Fox News treated her when Bill O’Reilly harassed her.

It began when he mocked her for being blonde while she was on the air. “He said ‘Oh, I’m sorry, there’s a lot of blondes in this operation, I can’t keep you straight.’,” Powers recalled. “Megyn Kelly is coming up and talking about all these blonde’s names, and at the end of the segment says ‘Thank you for your blondness’ to both of us.”

He did that on the air, because, as Powers says right after telling this story, Bill O’Reilly is a damn neanderthal, and that may be rude to neanderthals.”


Bill O’Reilly’s News/Commentary show was Rated M for mature, but much of his off camera time was Rated R.

TLB called Fox News for a comment on this story. Someone in “Security” answered and connected us with a “Production Assistant” who wished to remain anonymous, but did make the observation that “Bill O’Reilly was a very even tempered man… he was pissed off all the time.” It would seem the FOX Staff is breathing easier now that “Mr. O” is not sucking all of the O2 out of the room.

Bill O’Reilly… the easy going… understanding consummate professional…

Take your “Zone” Bill, and “Spin” it elsewhere… or not.

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