Our Commander In Chief Orders the Military to Recruit Illegals for Fast-Track to Citizenship


By: Roger Landry (TLB)

So Our Commander In Chief (C.I.C.) has decided via Executive action, to allow illegal immigrants into the military and is even pushing the idea with gusto as a means to fast-track to citizenship.

Now before you jump bad and and say this is prejudice or bigotry and ask …

“So what is wrong with that?”

Have you taken into account that by the Constitution only Congress has the power to accomplish this, and they have not, and may never do so?

Have you considered that by the action of entering this country illegally they are in fact felons, immediately disqualifying them from serving in the US military, as any American citizen would be … Or is there once again special privilege for illegals over US citizens?

Have you considered that none have a history of loyalty to the America or the Constitution they must swear an oath to, and by entering this country illegally, they have in fact violated said Constitution?

But since when did following the Constitution by acting only within the limits of power granted him by said constitution, or following the law of the land, ever stop B.H. Obama from doing, as any wanna-be dictator would …

Exactly as he pleases?

Also consider that our C.I.C. has set in motion plans to draw our military down by another 90,000 people, making this the weakest military (personnel wise) America has possessed since just prior to world war one!

Yet one of the stated reasons he has for initiating this program is to fill critical positions that are currently vacant …

WAIT … He is already in the process of forcing 90,000 TRAINED Americans out of the military, but feels it is necessary to allow illegals to fill those vacant but critical positions?

Does anyone else see the pure insanity of this?

Having been associated with (either in or working directly for) the military for almost thirty years of my life I can state the following with absolute certainty … We were promised fundamental transformation by our C.I.C., and …

Nothing gets more fundamental than transforming our military!

Please listen as a retired Colonel explains the fault and dangers associated with this madness … and the possible actual motives behind it …

What follows (attached article) are the thoughts of another individual I came across while looking into this topic. Please read on …


Obama Orders the Military to Recruit Illegals

By: Michael Becker

He said he was going to fundamentally transform the country, and he’s doing it.  No part of the nation has felt the brunt of “Hope and Change” more than the US Military.

First it was the elimination of “don’t ask don’t tell” for homosexuals in the military. Then it was openly recruiting homosexuals in the military. Next came opening up slots front-line combat units for women. That required reducing physical requirements to be in those units putting were fighters at risk. But that’s a small price to pay when you’re transforming the military.

General officers who are war fighters had been under attack by their “Commander-in-Chief” for the last six years and can expect to continue to be for at least the next two.

The commander of the Air Force is a woman who is much more interested in enforcing quotas for female combat pilots, and redesigning fighter aircraft cockpits so they’re more comfortable for women, than she is in maintaining the ability of the Air Force to support close quarter combat with the A-10 Warthog.

The top priority of the U.S. Army in 2015 is [drumroll please] fighting sexual assault. Fighting Islamic terrorists is unlikely to be on their top ten list.

And now we have the “Commander-in-Chief” ordering the services to recruit illegal aliens. Were pretty sure this president thinks serving in the military is apparently a “job Americans won’t do.”

The Pentagon is speeding up its recruitment of illegal immigrants in a program that fast-tracks them to U.S. citizenship, as Congress debates allowing the military to do so.

Since January, the Pentagon has enlisted 81 illegal immigrants who arrived in the U.S. as children and qualify for President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, according to figures provided by the Army on Thursday.

Between January and April 8, only 43 had been enlisted, an Army spokesman said.

Since then, at least 38 more recruits have signed up.

Fortunately, some members of Congress are trying to limit the president’s ability to force the Army to continue to recruit illegal aliens. We expect that will go nowhere. Republican leadership in Congress hasn’t shown itself willing to fight Obama over anything.

But we shouldn’t be worried. An Army spokesman said the current enlistees are not yet officially Army soldiers. They will have to complete a “very thorough” background check. Pardon us while we LAUGH!

Would that be the same background check that Bradley/Chelsea Manning passed to get a top-secret clearance?


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