Fake Science and Vaccines

May 26, 2013 0

By: Dr Sundardas Many “scientific” studies are literally nonsense. This is not a conspiracy theory. For example, the Journal of the American Medical Association [2005;294(2):218–28] published a paper showing that one-third of “highly cited original […]


How To Legally Say ‘NO’ to ALL Vaccines

May 22, 2013 2

Crusador Interviews Book Author & Acclaimed International Vaccine Expert Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Millions of Americans have come to distrust vaccines and mainstream medicine’s vaccine agenda. There is a growing movement in this country and around […]


Vaccines are poison !!!

May 11, 2013 7

Just a few facts and friendly reminders on why you shouldn’t buy into the vaccination hype! US Government gives citizens poisonous vaccinations Imagine a country that dumbs-down and weakens its citizen population through the use […]


Why Vaccines for Kids Should Be Avoided

March 19, 2013 17

I think we’ve all heard about the controversy regarding vaccines and whether they are good for your kids. In fact, most people know people on both sides of the aisle, parents who vaccinate their kids […]

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