How GMO’s Contribute to Environmental Damages

March 8, 2013 2

Corn and soy—much of which are genetically engineered—are rapidly overtaking native grasslands in a number of US states. This is a trend that may have a not-so-insignificant impact on our environment and subsequently, our ability to secure […]


GE Crops are Destroying our Planet’s Soil and Food Supply

March 3, 2013 2

Introduction: This article is a comprehensive look at Genetically Engineered (GE) or Genetically Modified (GM) Organisms and their impact on the health of humanity and the global biosphere in general.  GE Crops and Unsustainable Agricultural Practices are Destroying […]


Dangers of Aspartame Poisoning

March 2, 2013 3

By: Janet Starr Hull, Creator of the Aspartame Detox Program The dangers of aspartame poisoning have been a well guarded secret since the 1980s. The and history of aspartame is conclusive as a cause of […]

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