Republicans Can’t Face the Truth About Iraq

August 18, 2015 0

  Written by eric margolis   Gov. Jeb Bush repeated one of the biggest falsehoods of our time during the recent presidential candidate debate: “we were misled (into the Iraq War) by faulty intelligence.” US […]


Iraq Arrests ISIS Advisors, US and Israelis Held

March 11, 2015 0

    by Veterans Today on March 8, 2015 Busted: Mossad and CIA Contractors Held TEHRAN (FNA)- Iraqi Special Forces said they have arrested several ISIL’s foreign military advisors, including American, Israeli and Arab nationals […]


Turkey and Iraq: Past, Present and Future

November 17, 2013 0

TPB Preface: Another great expose from our learned Turkish Contributor on the realities of the middle east as you will never see or hear it from the mainstream media in America. Please continue reading … […]

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