Bill Gates Admits to Chemtrails

March 6, 2014 3

By:  Clark Kent Geo-engineers are finally coming out of the “chemtrail” closet, as reports are now emerging about deliberate plans in the works to dump untold tons of sulfate chemicals into the atmosphere for the […]


Chemtrails – Cancer In the Air

January 10, 2014 0

By: L. Femine Throughout the years, many causes have been cited for cancer; however the idea of chemtrails from the air as a leading contributor has not been widely considered. Here’s a statement: “The International […]


Snowden Uncovers Shocking Truth Behind Chemtrails

September 19, 2013 5

TLB Preface: We do believe that chemtrails are a real phenomenon. That said, while we are not willing to outright dismiss this information, we do approach this article with a certain amount of healthy skepticism. The fact is […]


Ex-Military Bio–Enviro–Engineer: Chemtrails Are Real

July 27, 2013 22

By: Avalon Ex-Military Bio-Environmental Engineer Exposes the Covert Air Force Geoengineering Program currently In Progress Globally Years of research into Geoengineering among scholars and scientists has proven the technology of Geoengineering to be an inexpensive […]

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