Vaccines: Smoke and Mirrors, Lies and Deceit

August 17, 2013 5

By: Roger Landry (TLB) There is always something going awry, on some level, with just about every plan. Most plans are fluid and designed to compensate for these events. But what is the distinction when […]


Desperate Times for Vaccine Risk Denialism

August 10, 2013 2

By: Barbara Loe Fisher (NVIC) These are desperate times for those denying vaccine risks. We know it because we are witnessing so many acts of desperation being committed by doctors determined to shut down the public […]


Monsanto Protection Act and Biotech Tyranny

August 4, 2013 5

TLB Preface By: Roger Landry Monsanto is now a member of a very exclusive club whereby they enjoy immunity from prosecution for their transgressions, regardless if these transgressions are based on negligent, bad practices or faulty […]


Brain Damage: Vaccines, Heavy Metals, & GMOs (Part 2)

July 17, 2013 5

By: Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri Three years ago, I wrote an article linking early signs of brain dysfunction/damage with the toxic ingredients in Chemtrails. See: This is one of the most dangerous, covert, and […]


Vaccines kill as Many People as the Viruses Do!

July 16, 2013 9

By: Dr. Phil Bate, Orthomolecular Pioneer It’s true. The actual H1N1 (swine flue – modified with bird flu) didn’t kill as many people as did the vaccine used. In fact, today the vaccines are much […]

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