Palestine Stands Solid With Standing Rock: TLB Director Ariyana Love’s LIVE Broadcast

#NoDAPL Early Sunday: Water Protectors Were Tear Gassed by Police During Attempt to Reclaim Sacred Burial Site.

By Mike Farah  and Ariyana Love 

Ariyana Love, TLB Director of Middle East Rising, provides detailed analysis of the strong bond between oppressed indigenous people. In her latest Livestream broadcast, she explores the solidarity that exists between the Native Palestinians and Native Americans.

Both cultures have experienced Al Nakba (The Catastrophe). From 1948, Palestinians have endured genocide and to this day, continue to resist a criminal military occupation that ethnically cleanses, colonializes, weapons tests and holds hostage an entire civilization of people, preventing universal Right of Return.

However, the largest genocide in recorded history was that of Native Americans. Roughly 100,000 million people were killed in many torturous ways. This proves that the ideology of Zionism goes back to the dawn of time. Zionism is simply a new form of the ancient Babylonian practice of Talmudic Satanic ritual blood sacrifice and slavery (goyim).

Today, the Lakota (Sioux) tribe’s struggle at Standing Rock, has united the nations. Water Protectors are risking their lives to prevent the completion of the Dakota Access Pipeline which is being built on Native Lakota tribal land and on their sacred sites, against international law.

The pipeline poses a monumental environmental threat to the drinking water of 17 million people. This is a fight that concerns the entire planet. We all live downstream.

We are at a crossroads in world history. Humanity has a choice. Should we surrender to the tyrannical new world order, Zionist military economic complex that keeps us enslaved by debt, or do we stand united as one and be the victors of the human race?

There is a Hopi and Lakota prophecy that eerily describes the present struggle at Standing Rock. It’s called “The Black Snake.” It is the eighth of nine prophecies (see video).

NOTE: November 7th, Citizen’s journalist Michael Eucker has made a couple cry’s for help from Anonymous or anyone with technical knowledge to help them unjam the Internet signal. The private military contractors are illegally jamming the signal in an attempt to censor their abusive criminal activities against Water Protectors. Anyone who can help, please contact Michael Eucker.

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