PARIS: Russia Did It, The United States Knows.

Introduction by Mary Carmel (TLB)

Did anyone notice how quickly the leaders of France and Russia, (even the US, if not just a another show), seemed to immediately bond over the issue of terrorism and launch a campaign to strike in Syria after the recent Paris attack? We know we are not getting half of the truth from the media , but even in the independent media, there has been a huge void about Putins’s real stance on the NWO.  Due to the secretive nature of the Russian Federation and the press, unlike the world stage that the US president and EU leaders get for being involved in the nurturing of ISIS in Syria, you might want to take a closer look at some of the fighters Putin has up is sleeve. Indeed this is an assault on all of humanity. Stay alert. It is us against them, America is just great at entertainment, we are, after all, the home of Hollywood.

These secret militants keep turning up, but they never get any press, and are very close to Putin… Do not think for a minute that his interests in Syria are purely humanitarian. This story goes way back and it is not a nice one. You be the judge, as the author said…

Please see the article/video below, it is very curious how some of these strange bedfellows go back to the writing of the Patriot Act! *Do take advantage of the links in the video. MC



PARIS: Russia Did It, The United States Knows.


We’ve all seen the effects that Islamic terrorism can have on a nation. Whenever a suicide bombing or hostage situation happens, law enforcement and rules are changed dramatically. Generally speaking, the new laws and rules don’t do anything to further actual real security. While we sit by and watch as spectators as the attacks continue to happen, it’s impossible not to feel helpless.

What I’ve noticed since watching many of these Islamic militant terrorist attacks is that the truth is distorted with a lie 90% of the time. The American public never gets a fair chance at hearing the full story. When you don’t have a fair chance at understanding, much like education, you aren’t in a position to make too many educated decisions. Many Americans are not prepared for the turmoil that is about to come our way at the hands of Islamic militant terrorists. We are not prepared because we have not been given the proper information.

While President Obama continues his policies on gun confiscation in America, he refuses to admit who the big bully in the room really is. President Obama’s silence on the strongest Islamic threat with radioactive nuclear material is stunning, just to say the least. Our admitted funding of radical Islamist groups hasn’t yielded any names as to what groups are receiving our support. That’s until today.

Since President Obama, our CIA, DHS, and the FBI can’t do their jobs, I’ll do it for them. Many of you know me as the military veteran that released the “Army After Next 2016-2028” trilogy formerly known as “Jade Helm – This Could Get Me Killed!“ on my YouTube channel. This is no different. This is my no-holds-barred position against the global government. Once you watch the following video you will understand how cowardly we really are in the face of tyranny and how much we really are not in control. The United States is putting up a good front, but the lies are over with now. We have been funding Russian Islamic terrorist that kill children and women from the North Caucus region for too long. These same terrorists are responsible for bombing Russian planes and attacking Paris in the past. Coincidence? I’ll let you be the judge… ~Sincere

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  1. I hate to say it, but this reeks of disinformation.

    The more likely culprit, those behind Operation Gladio/B, false flag terrorism in the West (including America), and the rise of Daeh/ISIL/ISIS (whether directly, or indirectly by arming and training al-Qaeda rebels affiliates in Libya and Syria who later defected to ISIL): the CIA, MI6, and Mossad.

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