President Trump Responds to Leaked FBI Claims in Recent NYT Article….

President Trump Responds to Leaked FBI Claims in Recent NYT Article….

by sundance

President Donald Trump tweets a response to a recent New York Times article citing the internal FBI debate about opening an investigation on him personally:

The New York Times article was based on leaks from sources who were responding to the leaks from other sources that were given to the Epoch Times.   Each side in the DOJ/FBI corruption story is currently leaking to advance their interests.

Three congressional committees have requested the release of witness transcripts.  HPSCI via Devin Nunes (September 2018); and the joint House Judiciary/Oversight committee (December 2018).  Congressional allies of President Trump (Nunes, Jordan, Meadows and Collins) are being blocked by corrupt cabinet members within the current administration.

The current DOJ (Matt Whitaker/Rod Rosenstein) and FBI (Christopher Wray/David Bowdich) are refusing to allow the release of those prior witness transcripts.  Their excuse for refusing to release is centered around protecting the Mueller investigation.

It appears the current DOJ and FBI prefer to position the new Democrat majority to conduct hearings without the public having the information from prior testimony.  That process allows a much easier political narrative to be deployed; thereby hiding the former corruption under a new wave of media attention.   The motives really are that simple.

This has been the ‘kick-the-can‘ strategy to protect the institutions all along….

DAG Rod Rosenstein was hired by President Trump at the direction of, and request of, AG Jeff Sessions. Rosenstein then recommended that President Trump hire FBI Director Chris Wray (a transparently useful idiot)….. Director Wray then hired David Bowdich as his deputy AND re-hired Dana Boente as FBI chief-legal-counsel.

The picture we get here is how the 2015/2016 officials within the corrupt DOJ and FBI enterprise, were put into higher office in the Trump administration 2017/2018; and those same officials are currently occupying positions that allow them to keep their prior corrupt activity hidden.

Seemingly frustrated by the depth of the DC corruption and influence over the DOJ and FBI, President Trump fired AG Jeff Sessions who was doing nothing to stop this insanity.  Matt Whitaker took over as acting AG but continued the AG Sessions approach.

All of those with authority within the DOJ and FBI, with specific design and willful intent of Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein, have abdicated their positions and are empowering Robert Mueller and Andrew Weissmann to control the focus of the U.S. Justice Department.

It would appear that President Trump sought the counsel of former President George W. Bush during the December funeral proceedings of his father, George H.W. Bush.  President Trump and George “Dubya” Bush met at the Blair House and again in the Oval Office while the official DC state honors were paid to the elder Bush.

The day following visits by the former president Bush, and the former first family, current President Donald Trump announced the latest AG nominee William Barr.

Mr. Barr was the AG during the Bush administration; it is not a significant leap-of-faith to see where that advice to hire Barr came from.

Donald Trump the business executive was known for his tactical ability to use negotiation judo during deals with specific adversaries; the old axiom: be careful what you wish for, you just might get it” pertains here.  We’ve seen him do this numerous times.  This approach is most often deployed when you know you are negotiating with liars; and you intentionally give the liar the path toward their goal – knowing that approach cuts off their ability to take a direction you otherwise may not be able to identify.

In essence, perhaps President Trump knows all of these elements are aligned against him and seek his removal…. So he intentionally accepts their false words as true as a strategy to hold them accountable to the honorable intent (the lie) they falsely present; while knowing all of their effort will be to seek his removal.

How this will all eventually work out is still undetermined.

The funny thing is… Donald Trump has this uncanny, some will say divinely protected, capability to walk into an absolute shitstorm and come out completely unharmed.  [His dad noted it when Trump was younger]  So when we see Supreme Court Justice Ruther Bader Ginsburg in a very tenuous physical state, we must consider how that conflicts with the Decepticon desire to eliminate Trump; and their Decepticon need for President Trump to provide the replacement.  The timing becomes a predicament for the Decepticons that Trump can use to his advantage.

Funny how that works.

I digress.

From Pelosi’s rules, we know Elijah Cummings will deliver the schedule for impeachment hearings before his deadline on April 15th.  The next likely witness to be subpoenaed (I would predict subpoenaed by Adam Schiff), to grab the media headlines will be Donald Trump Jr.

Unfortunately, too many people, on all sides, still refuse to believe the institutions of the DOJ and FBI are comprehensively corrupted.  Too many people cling to a belief that Rosenstein and Mueller are working honorably toward the cause of justice.

Until people awaken to the reality that all elements within both institutions, past and current, are infected with the metastasized cancer of politics little will change.

William Barr is not a change agent.

The Dragon FISA was likely on Trump.


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