Boy on Vaccines

Preface By Christopher Wyatt | TLB staff writer/documentary producer

Boy on Vaccines

by SanVic

THERE IS NO WAY A TWELVE YEAR OLD CHILD CAME UP WITH THIS! The child in this video is being used as a pawn in a very dangerous game of chess. This kid was chosen because young teens and parents will see his fresh face and listen to him. This video is WHY non vaxers need to talk to their children about vaccine dangers, vaccine injury, and the very real benefits of natural immunity. This video is why you have to get ALL of your family members involved and talking to their friends.

I am not sure what public relations monster decided it was OK to use a squeaky clean kid who looks like he is the picture of health to promote the pro vaccine agenda. This pro vaccine propaganda video has been carefully scripted and has the stamp of professional camera work, lighting and editing.

All of us need to step from behind the computer and we need to find the courage to form local efforts that will show up at vaccine clinics and in public protest to educate every man, woman, and child. Non vaxers and the vaccine injured need to be willing to fight in the real world not just on social media.

We have to stop watering down the truth about vaccine dangers because we are afraid of offending the pro vaccine crowd or because we are afraid of frightening a new mother by mentioning vaccine injury and the benefits of a childhood illness such as mumps or measles. I for one think that if a person is not frightened beyond belief after hearing about vaccine injury and the risk of vaccines the person telling them was not very effective and needs to work harder.

Until we switch course videos such as this one are going to become more common place and they are going to become more manipulative. These people have no problem exploiting children! I am begging people to step up, move the fight offline, and protect what is left of humanity. (CW)



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3 Comments on Boy on Vaccines

  1. “A squeaky clean kid who looks like he is the picture of health?” Squeaky clean maybe, but hardly the picture of health. He’s scrawny, has poor vision, and appears to be autistic (Asperger’s). No parody was necessary because this clip parodies itself, and it’s hard to imagine parents who wish to associate vaccination with robust good health warming up to it. Hopefully the campaign will backfire.

  2. Vaccines are NOT the only poisons going into or bodies. I am harmed via RUbella, Tetanus & Pneumonia. Check out MRI toxicity with Gadolinium (MRI contrast) Check out my page on FB and Twitter @CNicholsPogorz Gadolinium IS causing itself to build up in all patients bodies no matter what your kidney status is TELL all people about this, I have saved countless lives this way! Say NO to vacciens and Gadolinium MRI contrast GE & Bayer KNEW these were harmeful back in 1997 when up at Yale studies showed Fibrosis, that is happening in me now, except I have NO KNOWN KIDNEY DISEASE!

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