Protest or Silence of the Lambs – Protest Update for May 2, 2020

Protest or Silence of the Lambs – Protest Update for May 2, 2020

By: Rico S. Giron on May 2, 2020

New Mexico Protest Update:

May 1st, 2020- 9:45 am, Santa Fe, New Mexico Capitol building: With a tempered expectation of turnout, I cautiously drove down Old Pecos Trail with my girlfriend in the car. As we approached the NM Capitol building, I failed to spot throngs of people, however within minutes of getting out of the car, we noticed as people, slowly began to acknowledge and recognize other fellow Rebels.

We began to make introductions, one woman drove three hours to be there, from Raton, NM; another lady with her friend drove three hours from Socorro, NM; while we drove a mere 60 miles, from Las Vegas, NM. The initial apprehension of talking to “strangers” quickly melted away as we shook hands with no gloves and joked about hugging anyone that would be willing. My girlfriend gave me a cold stare of warning, ay caramba!! Not one man or woman wore surgical masks.

So immediately we made a mockery of the state propaganda of “Save lives, stay at home, keep your social distance.” Not one person was sick or afraid of the invisible boogey man, “Corona-beer-us.” We all figured we had all had it already and kicked “corona’s ass.” Some people jokingly brought some spray cans to paint some lines of the concrete, and we immediately got the joke. Just about everyone there recognized that we were of like mind and spirit. We launched into tirades about the lack of intelligence of our “elected leaders” reacting like children and acting like “wanna-be, mini-dictators.” I mentioned the classic Lord of the Flies and got some laughs. There some lively discussions about our natural rights, especially the god given right to work to feed our families and to make those choices ourselves as thinking, rational Sentient Beings.

Before we knew it, there were about sixty people milling around, ignoring the “social distancing” mandate from our Nazi, Napoleon wanna-be “Governor.” What became apparent to me was that this group of diverse people were not living their lives from the matrix of fear created by the national and local media. Everyone recognized that this “corona-beer-us” was no more than the yearly flu that had mutated like it does every year.

At times a couple of us expressed our disbelief at the insane knee-jerk reaction by our so-called leaders. We started exchanging contact information and agreed to send each other links and pictures from the protest we all were taking. I mentioned that protests like these were to be a celebration of the American Spirit of Defiance that allowed this country to be founded.

We all agreed to organize a convoy of our cars, and circle the Capitol a couple of times and drove thru the beautiful, albeit, empty historical Santa Fe Plaza. We instructed every driver to lean on his horn and have some fun making a ruckus. Before we knew it, we were on the way to On Mansion Lane, the physical address of the “Governor’s” mansion. Somehow I was leading the convoy, and I pulled up to her driveway and we all proceeded to blare our horns in the hopes she would come out and invite us in for tea and crumpets. Later we found out she was having her nails done by some unemployed Guatemalan immigrants that President Bush fired. And not to be gross, I also heard she was having her pubes waxed, she loves Brazilians.

After five minutes of our horns blaring, we figured she was not going to invite us in for tea and crumpets. Talk about rude, when I was a kid, if someone drove three hours and showed up at your door un-invited, we still invited them to come in and have some frijolitos with green chili and fresh tortillas, and some good cafe’ with lots of sugar and Borden evaporated milk, bien Mexicano.

We all left pensive, wondering what had behooved us to elect this nano-dictator. We went back to the Capitol and went thru a series of chants, including CUMBAYA, which no one knew what it means, because no one spoke Swahili. After about three hours, our energy started waning and we began to shake hands again with no gloves and actually hugged a couple of people, the hell with “social distancing.” This time my girlfriend did not catch me. We all understood one thing, Defiance is built into the DNA of the American people.

We knew we will meet again. Synchronicity cannot be stopped. Victor Hugo, the great novelist stated, “An Army cannot stop an idea whose time has come.” Let’s get back to work America.

3:00 pm-this is Rico signing off from Santa Fe, NM


These lock-downs are a violation of the Bill of Rights

These lock-downs are Crimes against Humanity


This is a time for Unity and Solidarity

We are not each other’s Enemy


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Rico S. Giron


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