Psychiatric Drugs: The Prescribed Death of Untold Innocents

Psychiatric Drugs: The Prescribed Death of Untold Innocents

“The only biochemical imbalances in the brains of those who see a psychiatrist … are those that are put in there by a psychiatrist” – Peter R. Breggin, Psychiatrist & MD

By: Roger Landry (TLB)

How many people do you know that are on psychiatric or psychotropic drugs of one form or another for maladies that run the gamut from depression to hyperactivity? It is estimated that well over seventy million Americans are on mind altering drugs (over 20% of the entire country’s population and some estimate it approaches 100 million) and the proof that these drugs are doing more damage to these individuals than any possible positive benefits mounts daily.

Perspective …

If well over 100,000 Americans die each year from prescription drugs (the actual number is higher and varies year to year, but we use this number for simplicity of calculation), that is well over twice as many who die in auto related accidents per year (about 40,000). This is also three to four (depending on the year) times more than the number of people who die as a result of gun violence or accidents each year (about 30,000). So where is the government or public concern, or outrage, we see from these auto or gun deaths … ?

So are these prescription drugs being abused … or is this indicative of pharmaceutical drugs gone seriously wrong?

With Big Pharmaceutical paying out damages and fines that total well into the billions for prescribed drugs ranging form antidepressants to tranquilizers, anti-psychotic drugs, mood stabilizers, stimulants and more, why does this scourge on America continue … PROFIT plain and simple!

When the damages paid out are insignificant compared to the profit derived by Big Pharmaceutical, with the complicity of a bought and paid for government healthcare infrastructure who’s motto is (CDC) “Protecting lives and your health 24/7” … well you get the drift.

Deaths from legal and prescribed drugs in this country far outnumber deaths from illegal drugs, so where is the war on so called legal drugs? Our military and veterans are massively over prescribed these psychotropics to a point that their suicide rate is a serious shame on the conscience of America and yes the causality is a fact. Our children are drugged at the drop of a hat and, in a rising number of cases, against the will and wishes of their parents turning them into nonproductive Zombies manufactured by the state.

The statistics don’t and can’t lie, so lets delve a little deeper into them. Here is an excerpt from an article written By Mike Adams of Natural News (see article HERE)


Every day 290 people are killed by FDA-approved prescription drugs, and that’s the conservative number published by the Journal of the American Medical Association.

As no one seems to believe these numbers are real, I’ll quote the source: The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Vol 284, No 4, July 26th 2000, authored by Dr Barbara Starfield, MD, MPH, of the Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health.

That study, which is twelve years old (TLB: Now 14 years old) — and drug deaths have risen considerably since then — documents 106,000 deaths per year from the “adverse effects” of FDA-approved prescription medications (today it easily surpasses 125,000 deaths).

To reach this number from outbreaks of violent shootings, you’d have to see an Aurora Colorado Batman movie massacre take place every HOUR of every day, 365 days a year. If a massacre of people using slugs of lead is bad, why is a massacre of people using deadly chemicals perfectly acceptable.


TLB: America prides herself with having the most advanced healthcare system on this planet … REALLY? Then explain this:

Out of the 783,936 annual deaths from conventional medicine mistakes (YEA I said that, see above excerpt link), WELL OVER 100,000 of those are the result of prescription drug use! Now simple math will tell you that in the past 14+ years since the publication of these findings (and using old and outdated statistics) approximately 1.5 MILLION Americans have lost their lives to this avoidable blight. What is this actual present day number on a global scale? Please remember this is only what we are aware of, or what has been reported, possibly just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, and with no real information available as to the actual scope of this massive problem today … Hmmm … WHY?

It is time for America to wake up to The Prescribed Death of Untold Innocents, all in the name of PROFIT! Or is it something even more sinister … ???


What follows is a video series published by Peter R. Breggin, Psychiatrist & MD titled SIMPLE TRUTHS ABOUT PSYCHIATRY. Please take the time to watch this series … It is time very well spent and may just prove to be a lifesaver for you or a loved one.



A video series by Peter R. Breggin, MD

  • Do You Have a Biochemical Imbalance?
  • How Do Psychiatric Drugs Really Work?
  • What is Medication Spellbinding?
  • How to Help Deeply Disturbed Persons
  • How to Help Suicidal Depressed Persons

The presentations are lively and to the point. Further information on all the topics can be found in Dr. Breggin’s many books and articles including his newest book, Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal: A Guide for Prescribers, Therapists, Patients and their Families.





See original video series and much more great/pertinent information HERE.


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Roger Landry

About the Author: Roger Landry (TLB) spent about three decades of his adult life either in, or working for the military, with about two decades working directly for the Military Industrial Complex facilitating DOD contracts. His awakening to Political, Economic, and Health realities was less than seven short years ago. Since that time he has founded The Liberty Beacon Project (TLB) consisting of over a dozen proprietary global websites, media projects such as TLBTV, and partner websites across the planet. He contributes regularly to multiple forums both in and outside of TLB Project. Most of his work can be found on the TLB Flagship website


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