Pure Gold from Dr Gold. Arm yourself with knowledge!

A must-watch video briefing


by Watchdog

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND you watch this important video. Set aside an hour and watch it to the end, for you will be glad you did.

Dr Simone Gold gives you a thorough briefing in easily-understood layman’s terms on the whole issue of the Covid scam.

She leaves you armed with a thoroughly good understanding and if you had any suspicions or instincts that someone was selling humanity a bill of goods and that we are in fact under attack, oh boy, were you right!

Humanity IS under attack and this IS World War Three. It is not quite what we imagined World War Three would be like but this is it nevertheless.

It is a fight for survival for which the rewards for our winning of it and our defeat of the sly enemies of Man and their collaborators will be huge.

But success requires a correct estimation of the effort required and this briefing helps us with that correct estimation – and it leaves us inspired to raise our game still further in this battle for the future of humanity.

Dr Gold covers many issues but to summarise very briefy just SOME of them here:

How deadly is the Covid19 virus? The answer is, quite frankly, not very deadly at all despite the relentless efforts of the Covid Terror subversives to make it appear like a re-run of the Black Death. When lying propagandists like the UK Health Secretary repeat the propaganda trigger-phrase “this deadly disease”, he is indulging in a malicious misreperesntation of the facts.

Acccording to CDC stats,

IN THE ABSENCE OF ANY TREATMENTS your overall chances of not dying from COVID 19 are:

  • Under 20 = 99.997%
  • 20-49 = 99.98%
  • 50 -69 = 99.5%
  • over 70 = 95%

The people who do die from it (and, yes, there are a few, as with any bug) are in the majority over 70.

In essence, this bug is so not deadly that it CANNOT KILL YOU unless assisted by extreme old age and/or serious underlying illness (cancer, diabetes, leukemia etc etc), factors that have placed the person in a condition so frail that virtually ANY virus that comes along (even common cold viruses) will kill them.

These stats can be rendered even more negligible and the whole course of the disease hugely alleviated in its severity for ANYONE who catches it, by use of the two KNOWN EFFECTIVE AND SAFE CURES that she mentions: Ivermectin and Hydroxychloriquine.

These are drugs that have been around for decades and used very widely across the entire planet for the treatment of various ailments such as malaria. They are so safe they are freely available over-the-counter in many countries. The fact that Cov19 has left Africa virtually unruffled may well be due to the fact that these drugs are already in routine use.

The “sudden discovery” that these drugs that have been used by millions of people safely for decades  “are not safe” came AFTER it was realised they were so highly effective against Cov19 they made the already difficult job of spinnng the bug into a global terror impossible.

This gave rise to the campaign to discredit these cures and knock them out of use, thus elevating Cov19 to the false status of a bug with “no known cure” for which a vax is “our only hope”.

Fear is necessary – lots of it –  to panic large numbers of people into submitting to recklessly rushed, inadequately researched and tested experimental vaccines.

That or making life so inconvenient that people will submit to the vaccines just to “get life back to normal”.

Unfortunately, widespread vaccination with these experimantal substances is neither the route out of fear nor the road back to normal for, as she explains, they present a far greater clear and present threat to you than the non-lethal and very treatable bug.

Moreover, we are presented with the ludicrous situation of there being no guarantee that the vaccines or pseudo vaccines being eagerly pushed in upon the populace actually protect anyone from catching the bug or transmittinng it to others! This of course renders even more ludicrous the taking of an experimental vaccine or pseudo vaccine to fail to protect you from a bug that you don’t need protecting from.

The fact that the government’s ludicrous campaign is not greeted by howls of derision from an alert citizenry is a measure of how successful have been the psychological warfare mind games designed to render the populace highly suggestible.

The most sinister aspect of this fiasco is this one key question:

why is the government in such a hurry to get everybody injected with experimental pharmaceutical products to “protect” them from a bug that is, when you remove the propaganda smoke screen and get a clear look at it, no real threat? 

As for the experimental vaccines and pseudo vaccines, some are based on new, untested technology whose long-term effects on the human organism are unknown.

As Dr Gold explains, there are serious causes for concern that they could cause major problems or permanent damage resulting in sterility in young females, permanent Covid infection and a MORE VIRULENT reaction upon contact with the wild virus that turns a non-deadly bug into something much more lethal.

Now, it is not known for certain how real these dangers are. The point here is that NOBODY KNOWS for sure, albeit the evidence available so far suggests such problems are a distinct possibility.

This should then prompt extreme caution, considering what is at stake, on the part of government and agencies that claim to be deeply concerned about our health and safety. Instead, we get a highly irresponsible and criminally negligent (and indeed at times manifestly hostile) all-out drive to inject as many people as possibe and as quickly as possible with these experimental substances. The haste is NOT EVEN REMOTELY justified by the ACTUAL threat of Covod19.

It is almost as if someone is very esger to get the mass vaccinations done before the populace cotton on to the fact that they have been had. But by then, for millions of people, it may well be too late.

The irresponsibility is even more chilling when one realises that there is a campaign by the government to get front line health workers and carers, police officers and the military injected -people who by and large are healthy and in age groups where the risk of dying from COVID 19 is virtually zero.

So we are looking at a possible scenario – if this reckless and unjustified gamble does not end well – of CREATING a real killer epidemic where none actually existed, that could well deccimate or incapacitate large numbers of our key healthcare, law enforcement and defence personnel.

We have never tired of saying that this IS AN ATTACK upon our country and many other countries and upon our health and general well being as human beings.

We owe Dr Gold and the thousands of medical personnel like her who have had the courage to speak out and brief us thoroughly on how the attack is being done, a huge THANK YOU.

Please watch her briefing because she has much more to tell you than our very brief summary of some of the points.

And please also visit the website she mentions: americasfrontlinedoctors.com

Plus (important) be sure to sign the online petition she mentions, here.

And enjoy the video!


First featured on UK Reloaded 


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