Putin tells Macron: West Is Silently Arming Ukraine for Disastrous War [VIDEO]

ER Editor: Is the West arming Ukraine to the teeth? Macron recently made a call to Putin over this. Here’s the Sputnik article The Duran team link to: Putin to Macron: Ukraine Escalating Situation in Donbass With Silent Permission of West.  Of note:

Russian President Vladimir Putin told his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron that the Ukrainian government is escalating the situation in Donbass and does so with the silent permission of the West, the Kremlin’s press service has stated.
Putin also stressed that this escalation is taking place as Ukraine is being “pumped with” advanced weapons. The latter creates security threats for Russia itself, the president added in a telephone call with Macron according to the Kremlin’s press service.
In addition, the Russian president named specific violations of the Minsk agreements by Kiev in his talks with Emmanuel Macron, the service said.

Here are our notes of The Duran’s video discussion:

  • Mercouris: Macron is clearly trying to establish himself as the great statesman in Europe. He also considers himself to be the most intelligent person among the western leaders, but if you look around at the West’s leaders, he may be right. He does have more understanding of how dangerous the situation in Ukraine is becoming. France had been sceptical about how dangerous things are. He also refused to sign off on the sanctions package against Russia. He’s also been speaking out against war in Ukraine, that it mustn’t happen. Macron’s also pointed out to the western leaders that more Russian sanctions would provoke a major crisis for the EU economy as a whole as well as Russia. So now Macron’s in the crosshairs of the British and some eastern Europeans because of this. Mischievously, Boris Johnson cut in and called Putin himself, trying to steal Macron’s thunder – the call was an angry one between Johnson and Putin, making things difficult for Macron when he called Putin later on.
  • Putin is saying that western weapons supplied to Ukraine are dangerous for a whole set of reasons: it encourages Ukraine to attack the Donbass (eastern Ukraine) and sort out the problems in the Donbass by force; these weapons aren’t just regarded as a threat to Donbass citizens but to Russia as well because it seems NATO is setting up its weapons infrastructure within Ukraine, which crosses Russian red lines; this also sets up conditions for Ukraine’s membership in NATO; all in all, it’s an empowerment of the current Ukrainian government. This is what Putin said to Macron. Putin also encouraged Macron to have some positive influence in this area, as well as to express to other EU leaders that if weapons continue to be supplied to Ukraine, Europe must prepare for war. Macron does seem to be more receptive to what Putin is saying than other leaders are. At the present moment, Macron is the best there is to deal with the situation.
  • Christoforou: why is the West pushing for this war and why is Boris Johnson saying such stupid things, such as threatening to put NATO troops on the border with Russia if Russia dares to invade Ukraine? All we’re left with is Macron as the voice of reason, which doesn’t say much for the situation we’re in. Mercouris: No, we can’t expect any diplomatic coups by Macron, and other European leaders don’t like him. Any expectation of him is just delusional. But other European leaders, with the exception of the leaders of Hungary, Finland, Croatia and Greece are equally delusional. Leaders in Brussels, London and Berlin are completely incapable of dealing constructively with this situation. Johnson is just digging a bigger hole in the situation as he appeases some middle-ranking former military figures within his party, and making everything worse. If Macron is the best we can do, we’re in real trouble.
  • Christoforous: Xi and Putin are moving closer together, and the lines are being drawn. The Xi-Putin summit went very well, as they spoke about a new financial system outside of western control. While that’s already been in place for a while, it’s clear they’re building a parallel system to the west’s, making any kind of financial sanctions and being shut out from the Swift system irrelevant. They also talked about the new AUKUS grouping, which involves Taiwan necessarily. The lines being set are of global import. Which means that if anything happens between Ukraine and Russia, this could impact the China-Taiwan situation in the Pacific.
  • Mercouris: That’s right. There isn’t just disagreement in Europe over Ukraine with Russia, but there is a situation brewing over Taiwan and the South China Sea with China. The whole optical value of the Xi-Putin summit was to show the world that these two leaders stand side by side. So if you take on one in any particular way (financial sanctions, military), you’re also taking on the other, who will come to the aid of the other partner. 15 years ago, financial sanctions would have worked, but not today. When there was talk recently about financial sanctions on Russia, Putin met with his security council about protecting Russia financially, then he met with Xi. There is to be another meeting between Xi and Putin, but it will include Modi of India. The US has been courting India to move away from China, but it hasn’t worked as Modi was shocked by the Afghanistan debacle. Modi is trying to withdraw from Quad (US-led) agreements and maintain an equidistant position between them all.
  • Christoforou: Macron almost got screwed again by the US (as part of AUKUS) since some French-made frigates going to Greece were going to be made by the US for Greece. The US subsequently backed down from what would have been a second betrayal of France by an AUKUS member (the first was Australia being given a submarine contract instead of one that had already been signed with France), so it’s likely that Macron and France want to hedge their bets and keep positive lines of communication with non-NATO members. Mercouris: it’s perfectly plausible that the French were going to be dealt badly with over these frigates to Greece. France and Greece have had good relations going back to Greek independence, which France played a big role in. So it’s good that relations have been maintained. France typically keeps the door ajar in international diplomacy. De Gaulle was never happy about the US-British allegiance, and he took France out of NATO-as-military-structure, not out of NATO itself. So France’s military was not subject to NATO (although it was still required to come to the defence of another NATO member). So it was De Gaulle’s way of being able to pursue an independent foreign policy, which meant he could pursue good relationships with Russia and China, while criticizing the Vietnam War. Subsequent French leaders took a similar approach. Macron could also do this. It would make a lot of sense at the present time.


Putin tells Macron: West silently arming Ukraine for disastrous war

The Duran: Episode 1167

Putin to Macron: Ukraine Escalating Situation in Donbass With Silent Permission of West



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