RE: Article ‘My Teenage Daughter Is Refusing the HPV Vaccine”

Preface by TLB Staff Writer: Christopher Wyatt

The following blog post calling out pharma shills is one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen. Big pharma is now calling for forced vaccination in the form of holding down older teens and forcibly vaccinating them.

This is why we must start reaching out to teens and older children and not just the parents. Vaccination is a barbaric act of violence and anyone who thinks that is a parents right to do this to a child is confusing parental rights with playing God!

Unless we stand up against the madness everyone will at some point be forcibly vaccinated. I worry that people are only going to stand up when it directly impact their families. As it stands now very few people are doing the hard work to try to end the vaccine lie. The rest are talking about it online and are pretending that “vaccine choice” and exemptions where you beg the state not to poison your family are somehow doing something to protect the masses from vaccines.

Now is the time to call out the pharma shills who have taken over the anti vaccine movement and to call out any groups and organization that are not truly standing against vaccines. We have to do this and it is going to be hard work. The Salon article is a warning of where pharma wants to take thing and unless we truly stand up once and for all it will come to pass.

We The People NOT They The Elite (CW)

RE: Article ‘My Teenage Daughter Is Refusing the HPV Vaccine”

By Veritas Dolor

Propaganda Articles Regarding HPV Vaccines

This blog post is regarding the article called “My Teenage Daughter is Refusing the HPV vaccine” posted on

This garbage HPV propaganda article, written by Laurie Lichtenstein, is about how her daughter Julia was refusing to receive the HPV vaccine.

A Mother’s Hypocrisy

Laurie Lichtenstein calls her daughter naive.  Instead of commending her daughter for all the research she did on the subject of HPV vaccines, Laura hypocritically states that Julia was collecting evidence to support her own point of view.  Laurie complains that Julia was not reading sites such as Center for Disease Control.  (In other words, Julia was going outside the conflict of interest-laden sites and broadening her horizons by reading other studies.)

Julia was also doing something really important!  She was reading what parents and teenagers experiences have been after being vaccinated by the HPV vaccine.  Isn’t reading reviews one of the smartest things a consumer should do before buying or using a product?  Should she ignore all of the warnings from teens who have already had the HPV vaccine?  Should all of their experiences be ignored if they had became a vaccine injury victim?  (I am also fairly certain that Julia did read studies such as ones posted by CDC, as no doubt her mother would have shoved the studies at her daughter.)

Debating with Doctors

When Julia relents and goes to speak with the pediatrician, her mother actually pays a small compliment to her daughter by stating:

“in a debate far more intelligent than the recent presidential showdowns, the two of them engaged in a point-counterpoint argument about the advantages and possible harmful side effects of this particular vaccine”

This statement to me sounds as if Julia held her own in the debate against her doctor, who gave up and told her mother “We can’t hold her down. She’s sixteen.”

Laurie then completely disregards the fact that Julia just had a discussion where she showed enough maturity and knowledge regarding the subject to hold a fairly good conversation with her doctor.

Appeal To Authority

Instead, Julia’s mom reflects wistfully on how babies can be held down and states:

“…contrary to what she believes, it is still my responsibility to protect her and make decisions on her behalf. I am not entirely sure I agree with the doctor’s pronouncement that “We can’t hold her down.”

Push For Holding Down and Vaccinating someone

This sounds like a complete push for forced vaccination, on a minor, despite the fact that she is intelligent, has done her research in order to make a risk versus benefits decision on something that will affect her for the rest of her life.

Whose Body Is It?

Julia is taking responsibility for her own body, based on research that she has done. She is using critical thinking skills and common sense. If Julia ends up like many other girls who have had terrible reactions to the HPV vaccine, SHE will be the one to suffer. It will be Julia who dies or suffers daily like the lovely and tragic case of Autumn Boone. It would be Julia who would have to live with the fact she could not have babies if she is like one of the unlucky vaccine recipients this has happened to.

Hopefully, Julia will be able to convince her mom that she has done good research, and is making the best INFORMED decision possible. This mom should be proud of her daughter for not relying on organizations that have been shown to have revolving doors and incestuous relationships with Merck.

Hopefully, ALL teenagers will be like Julia and not just blindly do as they are told, but follow what Julia has done, and undertake avid research outside the mainstream media. I hope they will read the research, and see if the data actually says what the study states. Hopefully Julia, and all teenagers will see that the safety studies done by Merck had Aluminum in most of the placebos they used, and hopefully common sense will prevail when making the most important decisions of their lives. Decisions THEY (not mom) will have to live with.





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4 Comments on RE: Article ‘My Teenage Daughter Is Refusing the HPV Vaccine”

  1. I held my perfect intelligent 6 year old son for his 1st MMR shot …I thought because he wasn’t a baby it wouldn’t hurt him. They were going to kick him out of daycare. He’s now in his 30s, profoundly autistic as he was from 20 min.after the shot. I’ll never forget how he turned his head and looked at me on the car ride home from the Drs office. Ane how he suffered and cried, “I want the old Daniel back!” Child disintegrative disorder, MMR just a coincidence.

  2. What an awful excuse for a mother!! Clearly her daughter is intelligent and well-researched if she could have a point-counterpoint discussion with her physician. Such a shame that her mother wants to hold her down and forcibly inject her against her will.

  3. Vaccinology is a radical religion based entirely on faith. There is absolutely no SCIENTIFIC evidence that they are safe or effective but it is impossible to tell the blind followers that since they “Know in their Heart” vaccines save lives.

    I suggest making people get vaccinated is no different than making people participate in religious snake handling ceremonies.

    Only a fool or religious nut would believe that HARSHLY stimulating (False Flagging) a developing child’s immune system 28 times with 44 vaccines loaded with chemically active aluminum (compared to the inert aluminum compounds in the soil) and other toxic substances by the age of 6 is good for that child’s immune system.

  4. Anyone willing to HOLD DOWN THEIR CHILD while a pediatrician or doctor forcefully injects them with poisons ought to be held accountable for ALL injuries sustained. The Vaccine companies may be exempt but YOU AS A MOM ARE NOT! This dare i say, KID, has done the work, reading resources showing that the HPV vaccine is NOT a choice she wants made for her and at sixteen has EVERY RIGHT even to the point of declaring herself an emancipated minor Mom, so BACK THE F OFF!
    SHE doesn’t want it and you cannot force your views on her, it is HER body! I am already VAXXED AND GADDED *Three vaccines have harmed me, namely Rubella,Tetanus and Pneumonia and I have HIGH levels of Gadolinium in me from MRIs with contrast Gadolinium as well as retained Barium from swallow tests. There is no way this would fly in any court either, it is HER choice! Don’t poison her to TRY To make a point, for certain , you as a MOM CAN MOST CERTAINLY be sued by your daughter should you TRY TO FORCE her to have the HPV vaccine or any vaccine for that matter, and even if she gets deathly ill. I will be the FIRST to donate to her PROSECUTE THE MOM FOR FORCIBLE VACCINATION FUND! Line up everyone and donate if this happens! TEACH THIS MOM A LESSON IF SHE INSISTS ON POISONING HER DAUGHTER , just to make a point , so there!

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