RED FLAG: Classified Info & the Most Ominous LIE Hillary Has Told

Hillary Should Be Classified as UNFIT to Be President


Authors Preface: As we stand on the doorstep of this vital election, I clearly see the blatant corruption, complicity, and tyrannical antics of the FBI, DoJ, POTUS, DNC, Mainstream Media, and the Clinton Campaign, and I felt compelled to update and republish this critical article.

Nothing to date incriminates Hillary (with absolute assurance) for undeniably egregious breaches of national security and probable acts of treason as the information contained here. The included video (second video) makes the case via the ODNI Attorney General and Congressional committee chairman with absolute clarity, yet she is not indicted, and continues to run for POTUS. This is not only makes a total mockery of the US Justice system, it is blatant tyranny against We The People!

What you see below is NOT a guess or an assumption … it is absolute factual REALITY !!!


Please bear with me and read the requisite text on Classified Information provided prior to jumping to the videos, because what I am setting up for you here is mind blowing in both severity and scope and the information to set the videos up properly will help you to more fully comprehend this. Many may have seen the second video below and totally bypassed (or not given enough significance to) its Red Flag issue due to a general lack of knowledge in the system of classification and the issues that may arise as it is applied in scope and importance …


Roger Landry

By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Qualifier: As most who follow The Liberty Beacon Project are already familiar with from my past TLBTV shows, radio shows and authored articles, I served in the US Navy Nuclear Submarine Fleet as a senior sensors operator and analyst, and then worked for Raytheon facilitating Department of Defense contracts for about three decades total. I traveled the globe in the discharging of my assigned duties with extended stays in foreign countries. During this time-frame I held security clearances ranging from secret to top secret (and above). This ended when I left Raytheon to start my own computer consulting firm in late 2000.

During this (mentioned) time-frame one of the things I was always totally aware of was the severity of repercussions associated with the mishandling of sensitive or classified information. When I was initiated into this classified world I was thoroughly briefed on the necessity for, and practices of, ultimate care in the handling of each level of Intel I would be granted access to. I was also thoroughly briefed on the severity of actions that would transpire if I failed in my duties to adhere to these policies. Never … Ever did it enter into the picture that I would be spared consequences if I divulged, or mishandled this sensitive info by mistake, by accident, or via ignorance … or basically WITHOUT INTENT!


With that being said I wish to dissect a scenario that I know is getting nowhere near the level of scrutiny or attention by either the Intel community or the mainstream Media that it mandates. The severity of the actions we will delve into is far beyond the average persons level of knowledge and this is understandable. So I will do my level best to put this all into a perspective just about anyone is capable of comprehending.

Let me start by saying that I am IRATE, and so damn disgusted with the intelligence hierarchy that is tasked with protecting information vital to the security of this nation, that I could eat horseshoes and spit nails! What has been perpetrated ought to have triggered alarm bells clanging across the Intel community! This issue was blatant and serious enough to have throw up huge …


red-flags 1

And you ask WHY?

Today we are confronted with the transgressions of a former Secretary of State, an individual who holds one of the highest security clearances possible in the vast superstructure of the American Intelligence community. This individual has also been a First Lady and Senator, both of which also have the need to be indoctrinated and skilled in the handling of high level restricted and classified Intel.

Yet we have witnessed the severe mishandling and gross negligence in the storage and transmission of classified information, on a scale that is mind boggling for any who have been initiated such as myself.

Any excuse such as “Lack of Intent” brings to mind immediately a lack of understanding as to the proper storage, handling and transmission of said information. This may be an understandable (but still not valid) excuse for a junior sensors operator in our military (most are mere teenagers when taking their first post), but it is inconceivable when referring to an individual with decades of exposure to the system … Especially one who has held positions as First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State.

Part of the defensive strategy being mouthed by her pundits (including the Director of the FBI) is that any information that may have been inadvertently compromised is of such low Intel value as to be of no use to those who wish to perpetrate harm on this nation. Yet it is now stated that there is a 99% certainty that “Hostile Entities” DID gain access to her unsecured server that contained highly sensitive material (see info below) well beyond what most are aware of. Statements made on this subject include that a “C” was marked on limited paragraphs in a small number of emails. A “C” would indicate Confidential information and is the lowest level of classification available.

This video literally makes me sick to my stomach, because this former President could not be more complicit and is blatantly hiding facts. As you delve further into this article you will see exactly why.

What if I told you that was a LIE?

What if I could prove to you that is a LIE?

What if I could prove this using recent Congressional Hearings Records … and a video publicly available?

I am talking about a video of a Congressional Hearing session where it is clearly stated (and a part of the official record) that portions of the information contained on this illegal and non-secure server, and transmitted to, or accessed by, others via that server was of such a high level of classification and exclusivity that even this congressional committee and the Intelligence Community Inspector General himself (initially) did not posses a high enough clearance, or the Need to Know, to view the information (emails). In order to be granted access an individual would have to be “Read into” the Appropriate Need to Know and approved Clearance.

This is a level of clearance that can even supersede Top-secret (and its multiple levels) called ORCON  this indicates “Originator Controlled” information, or Intel so necessarily sensitive and compartmentalized that only those with a very restricted and controlled Need To Know (regardless of your clearance) would ever have access, and in order to be granted access would have to be Read Into the process by the select few who limit and control it.

Can anyone reading this truly believe Hillary was unaware of any of this, especially with the high level of classification, the severely limited access, and the necessity to be “Read In” required to even view it … ???

The real kicker and total irony is that even the name of the agency controlling access to this information was classified at such a level that this Congressional Committee was not allowed access to that information without being “Read In” first! Yet the Inspector General acknowledges this information was shared with others (via unsecured emails) who were Not  Read In, and did not posses the requisite clearances, and in some cases NO SECURITY CLEARANCE AT ALL … REALLY?

Please watch the below video in its entirety (it is only just over 7 minutes) to begin to comprehend the magnitude of this scenario …

Answer me this … How many servicemen or average level intelligence department employees have lost there clearance (something required to do their job), been kicked out of their job or the service, or been prosecuted and levied prison terms for transgressions that pale in comparison to what has been detailed above? This breach of security goes well above what any serviceman or average level Intel employee could ever have perpetrated because they in fact do not have access to information even approaching this level of restriction or classification … EVER!

Now equip with this information and the amplifying details I have offered … Can you begin to understand my explosive anger with a system I once belonged to, and worked so hard daily to adhere to, for the safety of the country I swore an oath to protect?

Did you observe just how uncomfortable the Inspector General was even talking about this information in ANY context … 

This one transgression alone is an event of such heinous magnitude that it carries mandatory penalties of, loss of employment, loss of clearance (with no possibility of reinstatement), prosecution resulting in prison time, and disqualification from ever holding a government position again!

Yet we are now presented with a government that is so corrupt, convoluted, or controlled that transgressions of this magnitude can be knowingly orchestrated (if you say not, after the above information, you are a fool) with those responsible receiving relative impunity from charges or repercussions … and even allowed to run for President … REALLY?

With the FBI Director clearly stating (seen in this video) that it is quite possible Hillary’s private server was hacked (now 99% assured), his shooting down of her repeated claims that no classified data was ever stored on or transmitted from said server, and that all relevant emails had been turned over to Congress (impossible because some were classified or restricted well beyond Congresses ability to posses), and even leaving politics aside, Hillary Clinton is a PROVEN danger to the safety of this nation. As a result she should immediately be forced to disqualify herself as a presidential candidate and prosecutions for the above initiated. At the very least all Secret Service updates afforded candidates should be halted as she is a proven security risk (basically disqualifying her to hold the office of President).

What the hell makes her any better that anyone else when it comes to the safety of America?

Are we to believe that if you are running for President … laws stop applying to you?

For reasons of convenience (and to isolate her dealings with the Clinton Foundation) she knowingly and willingly put the safety of this nation and those serving it in absolute danger. There are even those already strongly eluding to information that was readily available (via hacking) on Hillary’s unprotected server such as the location of Ambassador Stevens just prior to the attack in Benghazi, thus compromising his safety, and other circumstances that may be tied to additional loss of life. This is defined as making information available to enemies of America or Aiding and Abetting the Enemy.

There is a very descriptive and damning term to describe this my friends and that is …


My Parting Shot …

Final nail


Roger LandryAbout the Author: Roger Landry (TLB) spent about three decades of his adult life either in, or working for the military, with about two decades working directly for the Military Industrial Complex facilitating DOD contracts. His awakening to Political, Economic, and Health realities was less than seven short years ago. Since that time he has founded The Liberty Beacon Project (TLB) consisting of over a dozen proprietary global websites, media projects such as TLBTV, and partner websites across the planet. He contributes regularly to multiple forums both in and outside of TLB Project. Most of his work can be found on the TLB Flagship website


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4 Comments on RED FLAG: Classified Info & the Most Ominous LIE Hillary Has Told

  1. I’m an American, and I am terrified that she will become president. The cover up and deliberate obstruction is multileveled, carried out by many, and shows how dirty our political system has become. We slept in our
    Complacency. We awakened to Corruption in the highest offices of our nation. We are being deliberately divided and encouraged to hate our neighbor be it because of difference in race, religion, or money. We’ve been sold out to China. Our muffled classed is disappearing while money hungry power grabbing people liked the Clinton’s have amassed fortunes through dirty deals, money laundering, and blackmail. Our election process has been hi jacked…look at the fiasco this election had been. How can Hillary even be in the ballot? The way she won over Bernie Sanders was proven took be statistically impossible. Our other choice is Trump? This country is imploding, while we sleep.

  2. I am a retired 86 year old Canadian and feel compelled to say that Hillary Clinton must NEVER become the
    next President of the United States of America. Has America’s political system has gone totally insane? Have
    America’s voters lost their minds? If the unthinkable happens on Nov. 8, 2016 surely Congress has the power
    to save the nation, and for that matter the entire world, from such an unimaginable disaster. I am worried
    sick and while I’m not an American citizen I wish I was and had the power to enlighten the voters.

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