Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Outspoken Critic of U.S. Foreign Policy, Endorses the Zionist War in Palestine

ER Editor: Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an exceptionally astute, intelligent and well-informed man, publicly supports Zionism and the Zionist state as it is crystal clear it’s all in rapid reputational free-fall after the Gaza situation. Enough has been published to know that Israel wants the removal by whatever means possible of the Gazans from their territory. Social media revelations indicate that support for Zionism is being used as a black mark against certain political figures, such as Javier Milei, Geert Wilders and Keir Starmer (here and here) ostentatiously in the public gaze. Something else is at play here. ‘We’re saving Israel for last’.

What Renee Parsons does not mention below is the likely involvement of the Mossad in the assassination of (at least) RFK Jr’s uncle.


Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Outspoken Critic of U.S. Foreign Policy, Endorses the Zionist War in Palestine


As the world crumbles around the edges, with accelerated attacks in Gaza, military skirmishes in Syria and Iraq, a broken southern border and a US financial system threatening imminent disintegration, a majority of Americans are operating under the assumption that the 2024 election will solve all its problems.

As the conflict in Gaza escalates with increased Palestinian deaths, prominent national political leaders have spoken in support of the Zionist regime as all  presidential candidates also support the Zionist campaign to eliminate the indigenous Palestinian people. 

Democrat Robert F. Kennedy Jr. of the distinguished political family began his quest for the Presidency as an outspoken critic of US foreign policy. In early May, I wrote perhaps the first analysis of his candidacy as he courageously articulated the collapse of US foreign policy with his intent to close eight hundred US bases around the world.

Some months later, well before the October 6th event in Gaza, Kennedy inexplicably flipped. Quite suddenly he was enunciating a policy toward Israel that contradicted almost every foreign policy objective he had previously supported, including an unprecedented genocide campaign.

He has now gone full-bore in the role as a first-class champion for the diabolical Zionist regime when, in recognition of Elie Wiesel’s death, Kennedy ‘affirmed the commitment he stood for ‘never again,” which may further lock Kennedy in to a military response in the Middle East.

An opponent of the Ukraine war once his son, who served [in Ukraine] as an international volunteer, was home safe, Kennedy has failed to equate the Zionist slaughter of thousands of Palestinian children with the children represented by the Children’s Defense Fund, which he founded and participated in as Chair for many years – as  unwavering in defense against any attack on children.”

So now we know he meant only American children – and that presumably he had not yet learned that all God’s children are blessed and sacred.

Nor has Kennedy stepped up to offer his insights with critical commentary or focus on the foreign policy implications of the conflict as it might impact an expanded war with Iran, spreading to the Islamic world until ultimately blossoming as WW III – nor has Kennedy taken the opportunity to propose an alternative to war in the Middle East.

From a Navy family, Kennedy seems totally unfamiliar with Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty in 1967, its history of terrorism as it blew up the King David Hotel or Israel’s devolution into a sadistic tyrannical state with an exceptional lack of humanity. More recently, Kennedy appeared to absolve Israel of any responsibility regarding Gaza fatalities, questioning whether the number of civilian casualties is accurate.

Skirting direct comments on the Palestinians and its role in the conflict, Kennedy remains focused on Israel, as if Zionists making gardens in the desert is what matters while the real question is where do his loyalties lie? When Kennedy, in explanation for his participation in the Israel Day March waving a Zionist flag said “my family has a long relationship with Israel.” Exactly what does he mean? (ER: see our featured image)


It was an interview with Rabbi Shumley Boteach where RFK fully revealed his level of secular conviction, yet confirmed he was grossly uninformed about basic truths of life in Israel: daily conquest, harassment and provocation of the population, IDF’s reputation for brutal abuse of Palestinian children and, as an illegal occupied force, theft of Palestinian land during the 1948 war and again during the 1976 war.

From there his comments spun common deceptions about Israel as  free to practice any religion you want’ as the “only place open to criticism of the government” as he promised to make the “moral case of Israel” which now, 60 days into the Gaza conflict would appear to be not only futile but entirely disingenuous.

Citing ‘freedom of expression for all citizens,’ RFK continues to resist any assertion of Israel as an apartheid state or that oppression of Palestinian as an indigenous population is a regular occurrence. 

In sync with Israeli policy, Kennedy supports a no-development of nuclear weapons for Iran while Israel has an unconfirmed number of perhaps two hundred nukes.  Without ever signing onto the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty, Israel is one of a handful of nations with nuclear weapons that has refused to sign onto the NPT.

Did RFK really mean to defend Knesset members like Ben Gvir and Netanyahu, who ‘cooperated’ in the assassination of former Prime Minister Yitzak Rabin for enacting the Oslo Accords or excuse the Zionist war criminals or that the Israeli judiciary is the “most humane judiciary in the world”? As his campaign continues to define ‘apartheid’ as ‘absurd’, there is a noticeable decline in its forward-thinking agenda and he may no longer be counted on to speak truth to power.


Since the Kennedy family suffered so tragically by political assassinations and that the Biden Administration has irrationally refused to provide him with secret service protection, the Israel government’s public announcement that they intend to pursue political assassinations outside of Gaza should raise more attention as it resonates more personally.  Are the Zionists assuming the role of revolutionary assassins at the same time they declare themselves to be a functioning democracy?

In the 1950s, the Eisenhower administration repeatedly insisted that the American Zionist Council (AZC) register as “agents of a foreign government,” which they never did.

In November 1962, Attorney General Robert Kennedy’s Department of Justice ordered AZC to register as a foreign agent because of FARA violations, alleging that it was being funded by the Jewish Agency for Israel. They never did register.

Again, in 1963, AIPAC was given 72 hours to register and complete the task. Coincidentally, during that time, JFK was assassinated and AIPAC never, to this day, has ever registered as a FARA.

In addition, President John F. Kennedy supported UN Resolution 194  that mandated the displaced Palestinians the “Right of Return” to Palestinian lands that had been taken by the Zionists in 1948.

Presumably, both JFK and RFK may have visited Palestine together. Here is an undated photo of RFK in the streets of Palestine and another in front of the King David Hotel which was blown up by Irgun extremists in July, 1946. Also an undated portion of a letter from JFK to his father, former Ambassador Joseph P. Kennedy sometime in the last 1940’s describing Palestine-Zionist negotiations that was found in the Kennedy library.


Kennedy outside of the King David Hotel striking a military pose.

Kennedy outside of the King David Hotel striking a military pose. (Source: Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs)

Kennedy on King David Street in 1948. Behind him is a British military checkpoint at the intersection of what is today Agron Street.

Kennedy on King David Street in 1948. Behind him is a British military checkpoint at the intersection of what is today Agron Street. (Source: Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs)



The shocking bottom line seems obvious that RFK, Jr. once a strong advocate for peace and children, has lost his fervor with no emotional energy to care about Palestinian suffering or the fate of 16,000 civilian fatalities, 70% of them women and children.



Renee Parsons served on the ACLU’s Florida State Board of Directors and as president of the ACLU Treasure Coast Chapter. She has been an elected public official in Colorado, staff in the Office of the Colorado State Public Defender, an environmental lobbyist for Friends of the Earth and a staff member of the US House of Representatives in Washington DC. She is a regular contributor to Global Research.

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  1. He obviously has sexual problems, because he was unfaithful and also needed to describe his affairs in a diary. He allegedly dug up his wife after the burial to place her somewhere else which is very strange.
    To his sexual problems add that he flew with the Lolita Express twice, which means that the Mossad got him by the balls.
    Of course, he knows Israel did his father and his uncle. He also stated that the Palestinian (of course) Sirhan Sirhan is innocent.
    Don’t give that demon a single vote.

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