Rod Rosenstein Coins James Comey as a ‘Partisan Pundit’

Rod Rosenstein Coins James Comey as a ‘Partisan Pundit’

Comey has found a new career “in selling books and earning speaking fees”

Who would have thought that former Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein would be so full of truth lately? After the Mueller report was made public, Rosenstein blasted the leftist media for their failure to believe that Trump didn’t collude with Russia. However, his latest attack really hit the nail on the head!

Hilariously, Rod Rosenstein blasted Former FBI Director James Comey as a “partisan pundit” on Monday. He claimed that Comey has found a new career “in selling books and earning speaking fees.”

According to CNN, Comey recently made the claim that he believes that Trump will face obstruction charges once he leaves the Oval Office.

CNN wrote:

“Former FBI Director James Comey said Thursday night on CNN that it appears President Donald Trump obstructed justice and that there is “no doubt” he would have been charged with crimes if he weren’t the sitting president, which shields him from prosecution.”

That is despite the statement that Bob Mueller made to AG William Barr about his findings on the report. Barr specifically asked Mueller if he made his decision based on the Congressional law that a sitting president can’t be indicted. To this, Mueller said “NO.”

On Monday, when he was speaking at the Greater Baltimore Committee’s yearly meeting, Rosenstein contributed his most detailed remarks to date about his position in Comey’s firing. He also discussed his judgment to appoint a special counsel to handle the Russia investigation.

Rosenstein submitted a letter to President Trump in May of 2017 suggesting that Comey be fired over his disastrous approach to the Clinton email probe. He appointed Robert Mueller as special counsel within eight days of Comey’s decision not to indict Clinton.

Moreover, the whole obstruction case that the Democrats keep trying to throw on everyone rests solely on Trump firing Comey. However, before Trump actually fired Comey, the Democrats were calling for Comey’s firing. But, because Trump actually fired Comey, the Democrats call it “obstruction of justice.”

Now, lefties call James Comey a “patriot”….

How can there be an obstruction of justice regarding a crime that was never committed? Furthermore, the Mueller investigation reached a conclusion. There was no obstruction of justice.

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