Russia, China and Other Countries Start to Align Against the Western Globalist-Neocon System [VIDEO]

ER Editor: Here are our notes from this excellent discussion between The Duran team of Alex Christoforou and Alexander Mercouris.

Notice that the BRICS started way back around 2003, two years following 9/11. We’ve reported on how different countries have been working on upping their gold reserves for years. This moment, we believe, a realignment of global power toward a multipolar, multi-currency world, away from the Khazarian Mafia neoliberal, neocon central banking fiat system, has been planned for a very long time. There have been several ‘Putins’ (do a google search), all more or less aiming at the same goal of restoring Russian sovereignty. And where Russia goes, so will other countries. This has been a long term plan, we believe, by forces operating at levels above. ‘Russia’ and ‘China’ are not all one thing: like the West, they’ve been infected, infiltrated and taken over by the same pestilence the West has suffered from. Could this turn of events taken place without certain very high-level people still around to direct the traffic? Probably not, so goes the rumour.


It’s not what they expected


Two recent documents from the Chinese foreign ministry are referenced. Here are their links:

Mercouris: These documents are extraordinary for the way the Chinese accept that they are in an adversarial relationship with the US, that there are two poles in the world: the American one, and the Chinese – which have very different foreign policy approaches. The one that discusses US hegemony is amazing – it frontally attacks US foreign policy. Mercouris:  we agree with a lot of what’s there – the US disregards the sovereignty of other countries and interferes in them in a warlike way, basically, including the list of color revolutions, etc. It also abuses other countries economically, including manipulation of the dollar system and looting much of the rest of the world. It prevents the technological development of other countries. There’s a whole section about how the US is spreading its own value system through media, etc, which is very disruptive to other countries’ systems. It’s an extraordinary paper.

Mercouris: we’ve also heard this from Putin himself. It’s an IDENTICAL critique to Putin’s, which he’s made over the last few years, going back to the Munich Security Conference of 2007 which left John McCain furious. So China has accepted the Russian critique of US foreign policy, of the GLOBALIST foreign policy based in the US. What we now have is a complete conceptual / ideological convergence of Russia and China on foreign policy. China is against neocon, American exceptionalism. (Although China does sometimes support globalism, so it’s not a simple picture, even in this document.) So now the US is an adversary, almost the ‘enemy’, and the Russia/China is a partnership now pushing back against these things.

Christoforou: The Chinese understand that if Russia fails in Ukraine, they’ll be the next target of the US neocons. That’s one way to explain the Chinese paper. Another way is to look at the Chinese as saying, ‘Russia is winning, 80% of the Global South has not moved away from Russia’s position against the collective West, so now is the time for China to assert itself”. China wouldn’t be saying this if they didn’t understand that things are going well for Russia in the war, in terms of sanctions / economic war, moving away from US dollar, US energy, etc. Mercouris: exactly. This is exactly what this is. It’s all bigger than Ukraine, but Wang Yi, who’s met all the top people in Russia (see featured image) – his visit was to prepare the ground for Xi Jinping’s upcoming visit to Moscow. Lavrov and Yi did meet: apparently, the Chinese and Russians agree on the root cause of the Ukrainian conflict. (Putin’s laid all this out in detail.) It’s all a neocon project, and they’d certainly go after China if Ukraine fails. So China simply won’t let this happen. If the US goes on escalating in Ukraine, for now the Chinese want to keep their distance, but if this goes on and puts Russia in trouble, the Chinese will go in and defend Russia’s interests. Russia can’t lose for the sake of China. This is clear from Wang Yi’s visit. But additionally, why have the Chinese said this at this moment? Because they feel they CAN. The drift of world opinion is in their favour. It’s moving toward these positions, which Putin courageously outlined years ago. But it’s all gaining traction now. It was clear recently at the UN general assembly meeting, where the West was having a problem putting together a resolution critical of Russia over Ukraine. The Chinese see that and see global opinion is turning. Saudi Arabia and Brazil, Mexico and African leaders … they’re all exasperated with the neocons, Americans and EU (neocon poodles). The Chinese are saying ‘this is our moment’ and know they rival the US in terms of weight. So now comes their foreign policy statement.

Christofou: Ukraine is a smaller battle in this larger war, moving from a unipolar, neoliberal, globalist world order to something else. The system is going to change. Some EU members (Hungary?) and NATO members (Turkey?) may like this alternative system and consider adopting it for themselves. Moving on, one of the biggest lies of the Ukraine conflict is that Russia is isolated. China has blown apart that lie. This has explained the panic moves of the West in recent weeks. The collective West is very afraid of people waking up, especially in the US and Europe. Not only is China with Russia, but a whole new system is being built that other countries are interested in joining. Maybe Europeans and North Americans are beginning to realize that they’re being taken down their own isolationist path, the wrong one. The Chinese paper is blowing apart this whole ‘Russia is isolated’ narrative. And China will bring along many other countries.

Mercouris: Yes, other countries will be interested in this. Recently, Orban refused to meet Biden. Most Turks regard Russia as a friend (ER: Europeans aren’t generally opposed to Russia – why would they be, except for the propaganda of our governments and media?). This isn’t going to change. Balkan countries may find this all attractive, Italy too. This is the single thing that has spooked the West most of all. Three things have happened during the conflict: the military side, which is going very badly for Ukraine; the sanctions weapon has destroyed other countries but Russia has withstood this; third, global opinion is moving away from the West’s position. The assumption a year ago was that Russia could be painted as the aggressor, breaking international law (the West only discovers international law when it suits them). They assumed they could rally the world around and thus isolate Russia. But the opposite has happened. Most of the world is openly sympathetic to the Russians, who are facing the collective West. More and more countries are openly critical and rebellious against the globalist system, which has spooked the West. Western media is reflecting this fear. It’s the West which has become isolated. The Global South is just shaking its head at the madness of the West. It’s not what they expected. Biden has talking about the ‘league of democracies’, basically to create a division among countries, but it hasn’t worked. The West doesn’t know how to respond.

Mercouris continues to talk about the revised Atlantic Charter of Biden and Johnson, which has vanished without a trace. It’s not referred to. It’s a preposterous document. This is the Chinese counter to that, but it’s totally in tune with the spirit of the times. More than anything else, it’s a sign of how the globalists and neocons are on the defensive.

Christoforou: these people don’t have any plan, any solution. These are no alternatives with these people. Biden in a recent speech was fixated on Putin, Russia and the defeat in Ukraine. This obsession has no real plan that we can analyze. It’s just a series of canned lines which repeat how bad Putin is. That’s it. The world is waking up to this. If we hear a Putin or Wang Yi speech, it is coherent with a plan and vision. Mercouris: The Biden administration is coming across as angry and destructive whereas the Chinese one looks CONSTRUCTIVE. Whether you believe this or not, however much self-interest China has, the Chinese plan looks ahead with positive proposals, facts, etc. Putin’s speeches are full of facts, ideas and plans. Europe just follows the crazy, angry guy. 80% of the world is seeing emotional hysteria and panic from the West. Nobody wants to follow that. The neocons running the show haven’t got the memo. (28:40)


China and Russia align to challenge collective west

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China and Russia align to challenge collective west
The Duran: Episode 1517


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  1. JMHO, but this entire Ukr war is no more than a dog and pony show to bring in a one world gov’t and CBDC. So sad those pulling the strings don’t care about ‘collateral’ damage. America goes broke throwing $’s into the Ukr black hole, the EU struggles with energy, we all struggle with getting decent food and inflation, all nations are being bombarded w/illegals to stress them more and increase crime. All so that we’ll reach a point and beg for a one world gov’t, or NWO, to end the disorder. As Klaus Schwab has said, China will be the next economic power and in charge of global security. Welcome to the contrived clown show.

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