Russia Warns US About Biological Weapons Concern

ER Editor: We found the following piece from Times of Israel from October 2018, titled Russia claims US running secret biological weapons lab in Georgia, in which it appears that Russian concerns about the placement of US-funded/led bio-weapons laboratories near its borders, as well as China’s, have a little history. The laboratory in question here is the Richard G. Lugar Centre for Public Health Research, named after the US Republican senator from Indiana, located in Tbilisi, Georgia.

According to documents released by former Georgian State Security Minister Igor Giorgadze, 73 volunteers died in the 2015-16 period while participating in a drug trial conducted by the facility. Further, southern Russia (i.e. adjacent to Georgia – see map) has experienced unexplained outbreaks of swine fever since 2007, affecting its farming sector, as well as the appearance of ticks carrying the Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever in unusual patterns throughout the southern region. Also in the works was a patented drone to disseminate insects.

Which puts us in mind of the piece by Metallicman titled Was the 2020 Wuhan Coronavirus an Engineered Biological Attack on China by America for Geopolitical Advantage?, in which he reminds us that China’s pig industry was curiously decimated in 2019 by outbreaks of swine flu, likely propagated by drones, in areas where pig farms were rather isolated. The chicken industry was similarly affected in 2018 by an outbreak of avian flu.

We also recommend this interview with Dr. Francis Boyle, who claims that the US government is funding up to 400 bio research laboratories around the world: BOYLE CHARGES U.S. GERM WARFARE PROGRAM IS “CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE”.  This is a transcript of a recent video interview, which has since been removed from Youtube.


Russia Warns US About Biological Weapons Concern


MOSCOW – The actions of the Pentagon in the field of biological weapons, including in Georgia, are causing concern in Russia. In order to exclude possible incidents, it is necessary to agree on this issue. This is stated in a comment circulated today, April 23, by the Russian Foreign Ministry in connection with the publication of the “signal” version of the report of the US Department of State on compliance with international treaties and agreements in the field of arms control, disarmament and non-proliferation. On the topic of the laboratory in Georgia, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova explained:

“The Pentagon’s military-biological activity in various regions of the world, including in the immediate vicinity of Russian borders, raises serious questions,” the Russian Foreign Ministry noted. – Particularly noteworthy is the activity on the basis of the so-called Public Health Research Center named after R. Lugar in Georgia, where the US military is implementing dual-purpose programs, which Washington does not provide information on as part of the confidence-building measures of the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention (BTWC). We urge the United States to responsibly fulfill its obligations under the BTWC and take concrete steps to address the above concerns. We count on Washington’s support for Russian initiatives aimed at strengthening the BTWC regime. ”

She furthermore said that Russia cannot but pay attention to the strengthening of the American biological presence abroad. First of all, the Russian Federation is worried by the fact that, under the guise of combating bioterrorism, the Pentagon is organizing dual-purpose bio laboratories in the post-Soviet space. In particular, the American side took the initiative to expand the range of studies at the Richard Lugar American-Georgian Public Health Center, which is located in a suburb of Tbilisi. According to Zakharova, Russia cannot ignore the fact that in such reference laboratories, Americans in third countries are working on the creation and modification of causative agents of dangerous diseases, which can be used for military purposes.

In response, the representative of the Georgian Foreign Ministry, Vladimir Konstantinidi, called the statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry “provocative” and advised against “disseminating misinformation”. Not a single argument was made by Tbilisi.


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  1. Yeah, we all MUST become a lot more concerned on this topic. Mainly, with the New World Order AmeriKan military, or its civilian counterpart polizei units, or FEMA, or Homeland Security practicing exercises concerning such.

    It is quite apparent, that EACH time that there is an EVENT Exercise, then in a short time relatively that EXACT EVENT COMES to PASS in real time.

    This created Covid-1984 Crisis… it was practiced and planned out years back. We can witness that the Rockefeller Foundation has been looking at the scenario of using a virus pandemic in order to take advantage of their plans for the final push of the New World Order.


    What is the common denominator in all of these events?
    9-11 concurrent “exercise” ongoing at the exact time of the event.
    Boston Marathon Bombing concurrent “exercise” ongoing at the exact time of the event.
    Sandy Hook a concurrent “exercise” ongoing at the exact time of the event.
    San Bernardino Shooting a concurrent “exercise” ongoing at the exact time of the event.
    LAX-TSA-Ciancia shooting, had a preceding “exercise” just day or so before the exact occurring event.

    This Covid-1984 well, well, well… Glad you asked, it too, has its very own “exercise” occurring as the real life event unfolds and smothers the whole world.

    ….Folks, we best hope that no more “exercises” occur. Or if and when they do, PLEASE MAKE OTHERS AWARE.

    There are many, many peoples. many organizations, many politicians, military officers, corporation owners, that are in the club, that you and I are NOT in.

    They are hellbent on bringing in the long prophesized One World Government of Satan. They will be successful for a short period of time, then their plans are, ABSOLUTELY, ruined by the One who will exercise his very own plans. The ancient prophecies of One World economy, One World religion, One World governance, and One World ruler, the having to take a mark in order to participate in this system is on the horizon.

    Forced vaccinations are coming down the pike, and some people are begging for such. Don’t be that person.
    Some have even asked Trump for Martial Law, now imagine that, and these were supposed lovers of freedom types of people on the Right.

    Such ONLY goes to show that the juice is the same, it is consumed by the masses of both parties in AmeriKa. It has different labels, and different colored banners and slogans, but the hallucinogenic drink is the same.

    Another horrible war is prophesized…One prophesy says that if the living God did NOT intervene, there would no human being be spared. (I paraphrased so don’t any of you bible thumpers who think that God speaks 1st Century English can stop typing).

    We are NOT awaiting the End of Times, we at in the End of Times… Have you obeyed Acts 2:38? Repented of your sins? Been baptized in the name of Jesus the Christ for remission of sins? Been filled with the Spirit of Jesus the Christ, the Holy Ghost?

    The time is now…We are found on one hand of God, or the other. It is best to be found on his right.

    Godspeed and hope to all…

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