The Russians at the DNC – trying to influence the American elections

Post and Preface by TLB Editorial Staff

According to an article By JULIA IOFFE at, there are Russians at the DNC… and yes, they’re trying to influence the American elections—though not for Putin.

Maria Baibakova was just off a flight from London, just in time for the last night of the Democratic convention and a strategy meeting for the Democratic Party “ruling class.” In attendance was campaign manager John Podesta, longtime Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin and other global movers and shakers, or “Party bundlers” as they are referred to.

Baibakova has hit her stride… 30 years old, an art history degree from Barnard and a business degree from Harvard. She has been a big player in Democratic Party politics, bundling for the Obama and Clinton campaigns. She travels the world and freely moves about Russia and America. Baibakova is just one of several prominent Russian-Americans who are starting to play a larger role in American politics.

At the end of the Politico article Baibakova says, laughing, “I’m not a total foreign agent.”

TLB Editors question: Demonic Evil-Do’s are required to announce in advance their intentions. Is this yet another heads-up that the American Sheeple need to take note of?

Read the Politico story by Clicking Here.






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  1. That is what Obama did, he send people over to Israel to try and oust Netanyahu and with getting Mursi elected and still try to get him back in there –So Democrats always blame others for what they themselves have done

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