Same Crisis Actor Hogg In FL and CA, Coached By Media In Florida Aftermath [Video]

Same Crisis Actor Hogg In FL and CA, Coached By Media In Florida Aftermath

By Rick Wells

The arrogant left doesn’t even bother to tell their crisis actors to stay off TV in the lead up to their murderous false flag gun confiscation attacks, as the Florida shooting increasingly…

It’s commonplace for Democrats to be accused of standing on the backs of dead shooting victims to employ crisis actors, particularly when they can use children to condemn Republicans in the name of their murdered classmates.

The situation with David Hogg [Pictured above] is very strange. He was not only chosen, supposedly in the aftermath of the shooting, by the left to be their spokesboy for gun vilification and seizure, but he’s also been on TV recently on the opposite coast, 3,000 miles away in Redondo Beach, California. Either that’s the strangest of coincidences or there’s more to this story.

As the video shows, he and one of his fellow punks videotaped themselves giving a hard to time to an authority figure, this time a California lifeguard, who the friend of Hogg was disrespectful to and used profanity against. It’s a relatively current video, since the age of Hogg appears to be the same.

Most Americans never get on television but his kid is the focus of two separate incidences on two different coasts on opposite sides of the country in a very short period of time. And with one of them now being the platform for launching him and his buzz cut female counterpart as the spokesboy and spokesgirl for the left’s latest disarmament and confiscation drive, it’s a little more than suspicious.   [[VIDEOS BELOW]]

There are reports that Hogg was a reporter for the school media department, a position he could have been planted into as part of the preparation for the shooting, if in fact it was one of their pre-planned false flag events targeting the American people and our Constitutional rights and innocent children for political gain. Nothing is beyond the possibility or even probability for the anti-American left.

Hogg isn’t very good a memorizing his lines, as is shown in the Tweet in which his errors and rambling sentences forces him to restart multiple times, to the point of the video being worthless for anything other than evidence casting doubt on the actor’s legitimacy.

In the last video of the “confiscation couple” Hogg describes how tired he is, bemoaning the limited amount of sleep he’s gotten with his newfound fame and celebrity as the left’s post-shooting darling. He makes the claim that, “If we could just be nobody still, that’s how I’d prefer it. I would want everybody to be doing this on their own,” claiming that he and his bobble-head dudette co-conspirator have to “sadly, stand up and take charge.”

He’s making that claim so as to not appear to be enjoying the fame, to bolster his marginal credibility. He may be sad his friends had to die for their political agenda to move forward, and he may wish that it hadn’t had come to this, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t think it was worthwhile or that he wasn’t on standby waiting for the trigger to be pulled on the false flag.

As the hero of the anti-American left and Hussein Obama, Saul Alinsky, declared, the end justifies the means. It’s the method the left’s evil operatives use to remove any sense of guilt and remorse for what they’ve done and what they’re plotting.

Maybe what they’re telling us is all true – and just maybe, in Redondo Beach and Parkland, pigs can fly.

We were right, LMFAO: David Hogg, anti-gun school shooter survivor, Can’t Remember His Lines When Interviewed for Florida school shooting@CNN coaching at it’s finest, also his father works for the @FBI and hates @realDonaldTrump

— MicroMeatPatty™ (@TEN_GOP_1) February 19, 2018

(There’s a long commercial at the end of the first video you might want to click out of.)

Maybe he should have kept a low profile with the shooting in the near future.

CNN Breathlessly promoting the confiscation march and asking “how are you holding up?”


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