Sarah Silverman Calls On Jews To Stand Up For Child Prisoner, Ahed Tamimi

Sarah Silverman Calls On Jews To Stand Up For Child Prisoner, Ahed Tamimi

By Ariyana Love

In a brazen move, US comedian Sarah Silverman made a public show of her support for child prisoner, Ahed Tamimi.

In a Tweet on Thursday, Silverman called on the Jewish community to demand that Israeli leaders release the 17-year old, who is under torture at the hands of the “only democracy in the Middle East.”

“Jews have to stand up EVEN when — ESPECIALLY when — the wrongdoing is BY Jews/the Israeli government,” read Silverman’s tweet:

Jews have to stand up EVEN when — ESPECIALLY when — the wrongdoing is BY Jews/the Israeli government. 

URGENT: Release Palestinian teen activist Ahed Tamimi

Urge Israel to free Ahed, a 17-year-old Palestinian activist facing 10 years in prison. Nothing she has done can justify her continued detention.

The Israeli occupation has made an example of Tamimi because she showed strength in the face of cowardly criminals who were trespassing on her property, in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) of her home town, Nabi Saleh. That is in itself a war crime. 

Furthermore, we need to understand what led Tamimi to slap the occupation “soldier” in the first place.

It has been confirmed by eye witnesses testimony, that the “soldiers” were sending a militarily trained sniper onto the roof of Tamimi’s home, to shoot at the Palestinian children who were playing in the street in front of Tamimi’s house. This is the reason Tamimi was nudging the “soldiers” off her property.

As always, Mainstream Media fails to report the complete story, in context when it involves the occupied Palestinian people.

After the video footage of Tamimi’s now infamous slap went viral, the Israeli Ministry further defied international law and the Rights of The Child under military occupation, sending their IDF terrorists (“soldiers”) to abduct Tamimi from her house during a night raid, while she was still 16-years old. The IDF terrorists carried her across the Green Line into Israeli occupied territory.

These are severe war crimes.

Despite the fact, would a slap from a 16-year old dictate the torture of a minor child? Does it warrant 10 years in prison? Make no mistakes about it, these are acts of Israeli terrorism. 

Keep in mind that Palestinian children are born under a military occupation and their entire childhood has been robbed from them. This is only one case which has been exposed to the world through independent media and activism. The reality is that there are currently nearly 350 Palestinian minors sitting in Israeli prisons, enduring indefinite torture.

PLEASE SEE: Israeli torture of Palestinian children ‘institutional’

These children are being interrogated without a lawyers or a family member present, which defies international laws. They are held in solitary confinement and stress positions (torture) and sleep deprived, in order to force confessions. Further, the military trials and procedures are all conducted in Hebrew, therefore the children do not know what is happening to them.

When is the Jewish community going to take responsibility for the hundreds of Palestinian children they torture every year, in an ‘institutional’ military penal system?

This occupation continues to exist at the expense of the American people, who’s taxes are used to fund the ongoing administrative detention and ethnic cleansing of an entire civilization. An occupation that especially targets children.

Nobody with a clear conscience can remain silent.

PLEASE SEE: Report: 95% of new Palestinian detainees in Israel jails are youth

Power of the Jewish Voice

The Jewish lobby in America (AIPAC) remains the most powerful lobby in the world. If the Jewish community wanted to release Ahed Tamimi, they could certainly put pressure on Israeli leaders to do so, at the threat of withdrawing their campaign support.

It’s very rare when a big name like Silverman goes vocal against the Israeli Occupation for their abuse of a Palestinian child. As soon as a star speaks out, they are met with severe backlash from the Jewish community and Zionist overlords, who immediately bully and threaten them into retracting their show of support.

Like in the case of Rhianna, who showed solidarity with Palestinians who were enduring an “Extermination of People” in Gaza in 2014, (Russell Tribunal on Palestine). Rhianna caved into pressure to remove her #FreePalestine Tweet, which she replaced with something less “controversial.”

Silverman on the other hand, has a relative who lives in Jerusalem. As an American and possibly a dual Israeli national Jew, her support towards Israeli leaders actually bears weight and she knows it.

Being a full blooded Ashkenazi, Silverman can influence the status quo within the Jewish community and get away with speaking her mind.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Silverman spoke up for Tamimi because she is fed up with Israeli leaders making the Jewish community look bad. I would bet that Silverman has endured contempt and possibly even anti-antisemitism for the grotesque war crimes of Israeli leaders.

In light of these crimes against humanity, such a simple act by Silverman, one single Tweet, can go a long way. It has the potential to reach her 12.5 million Twitter followers and more. It has the potential to influence the Jewish community to follow her example.

The Jewish community and the Jewish community alone have the power to influence Israeli leaders to restrain themselves from committing the atrocities they do, against the occupied Palestinian people.

I’m sure Ahed Tamimi, her family and thousands of children that have been locked up indefinitely in Israeli prisons, appreciate this humble gesture.

Thank you, Sarah Silverman.


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Ariyana Love

Ariyana Love is a Publisher and Journalist with The Liberty Beacon Project/independent news. She is TLB Director of Middle East Rising news and Founder/Director of Occupy Palestine TV (OPTV media). A Goodwill Ambassador to Palestine and Chairwoman of an international foundation. Ariyana wishes to promote human rights for the Palestinians and all indigenous people, providing a platform for we the people’s voice to be heard.

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