Scientists could be one step closer to developing vaccines against viruses

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Preface by TLB Staff Writer: Christopher Wyatt

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! For far too long the anti vaccine movement has played safe and placated those who intend to destroy humanity! I say NO MORE!!! Irreversible medical procedure such as vaccination are an act of aggression and are only considered a valid choice by those who want to divide the anti vaccine movement and those who are too scared to get off the fence and take a stand!

Take a look at the following article and ask yourself what kind of horrors will this new vaccine “science” unleash? People are going to die and they are going to become unspeakably sick! The worst part is the anti vaccine movement often is reactive rather than pro active. Many of us knew bills such as SB 277 were going to happen, yet the majority of the anti vaccine movement was silent until it was too late! I fear the same might be true as vaccines become available with this new technology!

All of us have the power to change things by looking at history and learning from other movements that defied all odds to take back their freedoms! We can not expect our freedoms to be handed to us by simply asking for them! THIS IS WAR!!! We have to stop giving a damn what the pro vaccine liars think of us and go all out in our efforts! This means we have to sacrifice, this means we have actually stand for something! Unless we find the courage to redefine and embolden our movement with a new focus on the truth I fear all is lost! (CW)


Scientists could be one step closer to developing vaccines against viruses

From News Medical Life Sciences

Scientists could be one step closer to developing vaccines against viruses such as Zika, West Nile or HIV, according to Penn State College of Medicine researchers.

Most current vaccines work by stimulating a class of white blood cells called B cells to make antibodies that circulate and control infections in the blood. For decades, scientists have been seeking a new type of vaccine that activates another player in the immune system called a T cell to fight off infections within different organs.

A small number of a type of T cell, called memory T cells, are generated following an infection or immunization. Some memory T cells patrol the body looking for repeat infection, while others migrate into organs and remain there; these are called tissue-resident memory cells. These cells can be found where viruses and bacteria can get into the body, such as the skin, the gut and the female reproductive tract, as well as organs that are highly prone to injury, such as the brain.

In a study a team of researchers, led by Aron E. Lukacher, chair and professor of microbiology and immunology, and Saumya Maru, a medical and doctoral student, has uncovered more details about what it takes to generate a good tissue-resident memory T-cell response against repeat infections. They report their results in PLOS Pathogens.

Working with mouse polyomavirus, the researchers developed a library of genetically altered viruses that stimulated T cell receptors at different strength levels in mice. Virus variants with weaker stimulation gave rise to tissue-resident memory T cells in the mouse brain that were better able to fight off a second infection there.

“Adjusting the strength of T cell receptor stimulation — in effect making it weaker — promoted the generation of these resident memory T cells in the brain,” Lukacher said. “The weaker the stimulation, the better the memory.”

Now that importance of tissue-resident memory T cells in thwarting infections in organs has been identified, vaccine researchers have become interested in learning about factors that promote the number and function of these cells.

If successful, people in the future who are inoculated with vaccines that induce a strong tissue-resident memory T cell response will be “protected from the infection much more efficiently,” Lukacher said. “Very certainly having more and better functioning memory T cells will clear out the infection much more rapidly.”

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