‘Second-Class Citizens’ in Joe Biden’s America

Second-Class Citizens in Biden’s America

By: K.S. Guardiola

A definition of a second-class citizen is a person belonging to a social, economic, or political group whose rights and opportunities are inferior to those of the dominant group in society. We are witnessing the societal standing of a large segment of the American people being increasingly diminished by the policies of the Biden administration and numerous current events. Consequently, the collective standing of today’s so-called deplorables is being increasingly relegated by our political system to expendables.

Big Government aligned with left-leaning Big Business, the permanent Administrative State, the mainstream media, Big Tech and social media, the entertainment world, and our educational and academic establishments is in the process of radically transforming our way of government and ultimately the nature of our society. The parties mentioned above collectively are often referred to as the elites, the Establishment, or the Deep State. On the other hand, the deplorables constitute a large segment of all middle- and working-class Americans.

These institutions both public and private often operate as monopolies or possess a favored status and are run by leaders who have evolved into powerful and publicly well known oligarchs. What they all have in common is their devotion to implementing a radical-left agenda in this country and to increasingly use the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and Marxism as the model for governance. Following in the footsteps of past totalitarian movements, a total war on multiple fronts is being waged without limits by these parties in pursuit of their political objectives and achieving overarching political control. This active campaign of radical change by the left is all happening even with Joe Biden under an increasingly growing cloud of illegitimacy because of the highly disputed 2020 election.

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, which originated in the Wuhan lab in China, quickly spread around the world and was the pretext and the spark that ignited operations to overthrow Western-style democracies throughout the world. The response to COVID-19 was weaponized by the left with the primary objective of defeating President Trump in 2020 by any means possible. From the start of the widespread outbreak of the virus, comprehensive actions were taken and continue to this day of deliberately making the pandemic a permanent feature of our daily lives.

This campaign endures by subverting any efforts to utilize low-cost therapeutics to provide a proactive way to overcome the threat of the virus. The objective is to continue the orchestrated ongoing campaign of creating a permanent state of fear and panic in the minds of many Americans to distract them from taking any action or counter the ongoing political subversion of our way of life by the left. Many members of our professional classes, especially in blue states, remain oblivious to these acts of subversion.

A continuing demand for a 100% vaccinated population, including children, is relentlessly pursued, even with a great deal of evidence pointing to the potential grave consequences to the health of many individuals if this plan continues. Their policies as regards COVID-19 have produced a multitude of negative consequences, mostly suffered by the deplorables, including, in too many cases, loss of life and, increasingly, loss of employment.

At risk today by the subversive actions of the radical left is more than simply the loss of individual freedom. The ongoing struggle has been elevated to be a concerted attack by these parties on the average American’s livelihood, family members, community, safety, health, and life. Government’s power and role under Biden have evolved to be feared by an ever-increasing number of Americans.

Nobody is safe if the radical left’s vision of America wins. History has demonstrated that revolutions are deadly affairs for a wide swath of a country’s population. Their vision includes the creation of a one-world political order without national borders, ruled by a global elite unaccountable and operating with indifference and disdain regarding the overall living conditions of ordinary people.

Life will be grim for most if they are allowed to succeed. We will confront a country with open borders, higher taxes, runaway inflation, rising energy costs, a decreased level of national and personal safety. We will experience the creation of an ever-increasing powerful surveillance state in conjunction with Big Tech, leading to the death of personal privacy.

The left in power will continue to divide us by sex, race, political affiliation, and vaccine status with identity politics the dominant ideology of the day. The judicial system is being subverted along with the rule of law, leading to the loss by individuals of their constitutional freedoms. Our educational system will be increasingly oriented to teaching left-wing orthodoxy rather than vital life skills. Through digital means, access to information will be controlled and censored by the State. All will learn to defer to an expanding federal government, which will continue to create ever-expanding sets of regulation, which will dictate every aspect of daily life.

Left-wing policies will diminish the potential for economic growth, especially among blue-collar workers and the poor, leading to increased dependence on the state. The ripple effect will negatively lower most American’s standard of living, with the ruling class designated to be exempt.

The stakes could not be any higher regarding the future of our nation and most of its citizens. We have reached one of the most important inflection points in history with the question of what groups and what theory of governance direct our country going forward.

The issues delineating the current conflict are identical to the fierce debates, predating our Founding, that have continued through our history regarding the proper role of government in a democracy. The deplorables’ preference is for a more limited role for government in society. They desire one that recognizes the roles and rights of sovereign individuals while acknowledging that these rights are derived from a higher power. Included in this vision is a system of government that also promotes the pursuit of equality between people and the rule of law.

An expanding number of individual concerned citizens, grassroots organizations, and true patriots are fighting on our behalf every day to save our country and return America back to being the shining political beacon for all the world to admire once again.

A growing number of deplorables are working every day across the nation in many of our communities on our behalf more committed than ever before to the guiding principles outlined by Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence, one of which is that government derives its powers from those it governs. Always remember: the history of totalitarian regimes has a track record of catastrophic outcomes. Therefore, you can’t afford to be a bystander to events in these dangerous times.


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