Shocking Phone Call Recording to Pharmacist Over Child Injected, Now With Myocarditis

ER Editor: This 7-minute call sounds like an American (NY) parent calling a pharmacist with an accent that sounds like it might be a New Zealand one. If this call is real, it’s highly instructive. This representative of the medical community, a pharmacist, speaks like hesitant, frightened robot, parroting lines like ‘the benefits outweigh the risks’ when we know the very opposite is true. The pharmacist admits that they don’t inform parents about the risks of the (Covid) vaccine because ‘we might scare the parents …’. As Dr. Paul Alexander says below, the medical information contained in the call is true.

The veracity of the recording is being ascertained.


Check out this twitter video of an allegedly angry Australian man who tracked down the doctor that vaccinated a relative who subsequently died:



URGENT: Shocking phone call recording with pharmacist who administered the COVID injection to a child now in hospital with myocarditis. Parts 1, 2, 3, 4…we are authenticating for if real, serious!

This can be a punk in terms of the information being real but not a real discussion, just staged; it is great but if staged, then that is terrible for the content is accurate! we are investigating!


Word is father is New Zealander living in New York? (ER: Or is this an American living in New Zealand?) Again, we are trying to verify, it is on Bannon’s telegram at this time he has it up! Twitter will take this down soon. Normal calls don’t go on this long and listener will likely say we don’t tolerate abusive language. We are checking to see if real and at this time, I have no reason to say NOT real but be guarded, these beasts try to throw us off all the time. But this is classic!

Twitter 1





Featured meme, angry caller:

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5 Comments on Shocking Phone Call Recording to Pharmacist Over Child Injected, Now With Myocarditis

  1. I know this man’s heartbreak, pain, anger and desperation all to well. My Beautiful, Healthy Mother Karen Ward was allowed to be held hostage and murdered by Hospital Protocol, along with the evil doctor who administered Remdesivir and never told my Mom the serious lethal side effects, because had he told me about that experimental, lethal drug, I would have tried my hardest to sneak in an violate the no visitation policy and got my poor, innocent, abused, neglected, malnourished mom out of that murderous hospital on day 1. My daughter packed her prescriptions from her Rheumatologist which consisted of her Hydroxichloroquine, Rescue Inhaler and her steroids inhalers and they took them out of her bag and they refused to give it to her. Doctor and most of her nurses refused to even give her an Antibiotic until the day before she was murdered, even though I begged! My Mom had all the symptoms of Influenza and secondary bacterial pneumonia! The Sad part was, my younger sister was her healthcare proxy and would not listen to me even though I sent her videos of 1000’s of Frontline Doctors including Dr. Ardis, Mercola saying patients weren’t dying of Covid, they died from Kidney Failure, due to Remdesivir Poisoning, lack of nutrition, no water to even wet her mouth down. They refused to get her out of bed and made her bound to a bed for 19 days straight. No Venodyne Boots, no nothing since the day she walked in there on her own. Dr. Death had her lay flat on her face 23 hours a day with a Bipap @ 115% High-Flow Forced Oxygen as he pressured her daily to go on a ventilator even though she said absolutely no. He would stand right outside her room and deliberately say loudly to nurses every night that she needed to be on a ventilator. I have literally never seen my mom cry. My poor mother called my daughter, crying saying she was leaving her brand new car and where to find her spare set of keys because she does not believe she would ever make it out of that hospital alive and she was going to die. All because Dr, Death intentionally scared my mom into believing she was going to die. I was so heartbroken and helpless, but so desperate to have her transferred to a Boston Hospital. I called Medicare and talked to him for an hour and 1/2. He said She could be transferred but again Dr. Death snowballed my sister, her proxy into believing she was going to be ok. I told my mom in the beginning to ask for a Frontline Math+ protocol of Ivermectin and vitamins and Doctor refused. My daughter and I asked again and we got a flat out no by nurses and Dr. Death. I begged my sister daily to request a Sputum Culture from her lungs and finally after 5 days of ignoring our phone calls the doctor & nurses said he finally ordered a culture. A very nice nurse allowed my daughter to go in and see her Nana and actually told her she could spend the night with her because she knew my mom was so upset and extremely terrified after the Doctor would not stop telling my mom she needs to be on a ventilator to live and when my mom asked him about her chances and prognosis of surviving on a ventilator, he told her it was very grim, so of course she stayed adamant and said NO to a Ventilator. He purposely upset her to the point that she thought she was going to die. My daughter told me the Sputum Culture Cup was empty and just sitting on her table that was never in het reach and later on it was in the trash barrel. They outright murdered my mom right in front of me and my family by continuously injecting her with lethal doses of Morphine and Ativan every 15-30 minutes, to the point of rendering her unconscious and comatosed. 🤬. My heart is shattered, I cry all day and have never been right since. Unfortunately I am not alone. I joined a group called Protocolkills and there are hundreds of sadistic hospitals allowing protocols to kill patients! I researched long and hard about peer-reviewed clinical studies prior to this nightmare and they were shocking and horrendous. How the hell is Fauci’s remdesivir protocol, along with the hospital protocols, still in full effect as of today, August 2022, after having knowledge that in the 2018 Ebola Study using Remdesivir killed all 55% of patients that received it? And it doesn’t stop there. Gilead Sciences Research Doctors lied and fudged the #’s on Remesivir in the clinical studies funded by the NIAID, NIH and Department of Justice and knowingly is still continuing to administer this lethal and toxic drug to innocent victims. Where is the MSM on this data?? Doctors, Some Nurses along with all hospital administrators violated all 10 Nuremberg Codes and should be tried and hung for Crimes Against Humanity. I personally am going to make it my mission in life to take these Mother-F’ers out and hold them accountable!! 🤬I hope the ones that know, all go down! To hell that is.

  2. To be factual, Unichem Queen Street Pharmacy web information says they do Covid shots for 12 & older.
    The father says his son is 7.
    Some Unichems have web information that stipulates walk in Covid shots are for 12 & older… but will do the 5 to 11 age group “by appointment only.”

  3. Definitely a New Zealand girl – answers “Unichem Queen Street pharmacy, [unintelligible] speaking.”

    I’ve phoned both Unichem Queen Street pharmacies in central Auckland to ask if they are the pharmacy in the video – one said they don’t do the shots at all, the other got flustered with my polite enquiry, went and got someone else to the phone who said, “No comment, no comment at all, we’re busy,” then hung up. They do offer the shots.

    Queen Street is the main street in Auckland’s CBD & Unichem has 250 pharmacies around NZ.

  4. Hope that goes viral, all those who purposely did not give the truth of the consequences of these jabs are guilty by association and should be jailed. If their job is more important than the lives of others, especially children, jail is where they belong. How proud their families will be of them when the truth gets out. There seems to be a lot of this and it is about time all those in the medical, pharma industries, governments, etc face their own darkness.

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