So much for ‘refuge.’ Caravan army turns up its nose at Mexico’s generous offer of asylum [Video]

So much for ‘refuge.’ Caravan army turns up its nose at Mexico’s generous offer of asylum

By Monica Showalter

If there’s anything that points to the political nature of the thousands-strong migrant caravan heading north to the U.S., it’s the migrants’ rejection of Mexico’s generous offer of political asylum, along with jobs, medical care, and big benefit packages.  According to this Associated Press report, they’d rather confront Trump.

Migrants traveling in a caravan through southern Mexico have rejected a proposal by President Enrique Pena Nieto that they apply for refugee status in the country and obtain benefits.

Coordinators of the caravan read out the president’s plan called “You are at home.”  Migrants shouted “Gracias!” but “No, we’re heading north!”

Activist Irineo Mujica of the Pueblo sin Fronteras group is supporting the migrants in the caravan.  He told the group that 80 percent of those who apply for protective status would be rejected and deported.

NBC reports:

Sitting at the edge of the edge of the town square, 58-year-old Oscar Sosa of San Pedro Sula, Honduras concurred.

“Our goal is not to remain in Mexico,” Sosa said.  “Our goal is to make it to the (U.S).  We want passage, that’s all.”

There are significantly mixed reports about that, suggesting that the Mexican government isn’t on all one page as to what its people intend to do.

William LaJeunesse of Fox News reports that Mexican cops were commandeering trucks and buses to load the migrants up for travel north, while NBC News reports that Mexicans were picking off the smaller groups that have spun off from the original caravan mass and declaring them illegal.  The smaller groups, by the way, have reportedly spun off because of the presence of so many criminals and gang members in the ranks of the larger group, with LaJeunesse reporting that the invading army has fallen from 7,000 to 4,000.  The pickoffs, however, seem to be followed by calls from the far-left caravan-organizers to stay with the larger group, which just happens to support their original political aim of using of the caravan of large numbers to confront Trump and render the U.S. border meaningless.

Either way, the Mexican government is not helping in the transport regard, but that looks more like weakness, and not wanting this to be a problem with the U.S. or themselves, more than anything else.

The migrants, after all, have left a lot of trash, and many are stealing from shops to survive the journey.  Here is a recent tweet about the trash:

What’s indisputable here is that weak as it is, and as concerned about its own security as it is, Mexico has issued a very, very generous offer to the migrants that they’ve turned up their noses at.

This tells us one thing: that the migrant caravan doesn’t comprise the sweet little daisies seeking asylum from violence that the press, the NGOs, and the Catholic Church are portraying, but a group of hardcore pick-and-choose activists who will settle for nothing less than U.S. benefit packages, borders and U.S. rule of law be damned.  They want what they want, they want it for free, and they want it on their own terms.  They’re political activists hell-bent on teaching Trump a lesson and helping themselves to the U.S. taxpayer-paid goodies, not people fleeing violence and grateful for whatever they can get, the way real refugees, such as the fleeing Venezuelans, are.  These mostly military-aged young men, often with criminal records, have a message to send, and they’re happy to act as pawns for their NGO masters.

If that’s not reason enough to halt them at the border, whether by troops or a wall, what is?  These caravaners aren’t who they say they are.


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