Soros gives another £400k to anti-Brexit campaign

Soros gives another £400k to anti-Brexit group


The billionaire pro-open borders George Soros has given another £400,000 to a group committed to trying to overturn the referendum result, according to BuzzFeed.

Earlier this year, it emerged that the billionaire had donated £400,000 to the anti-Brexit group ‘Best for Britain’- a donation which was upped to £500k after he received backlash in the media.

Best for Britain openly admit they want to run a ‘guerrilla campaign’ to pressure MPs into stopping Brexit.

Now Soros has thrown even more money into the Remoaner campaign to try and thwart the will of the people.

A spokesman for the Soros group: “The Open Society Foundations believe that British citizens have a right to know whether the UK’s democratic process was undermined during the referendum vote. We are therefore backing Best for Britain’s call for an investigation into the matter and donating a further £400,000 to their campaign for a meaningful vote on the final Brexit proposal.”

Desperate stuff from those who have a total lack of respect for British democracy.


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