Striking similarities between vaccines and GMOs: both are untested and destroy life


Friday, February 13, 2015 by: Ethan A. Huff

NaturalNews) Two of the most aggressively promoted “game changers” for health and nutrition — vaccines and GMOs — just so happen to be two of the most destructive elements in modern society. Neither have been thoroughly safety tested, and both have been shown in independent research to cause many of the problems which they are claimed to mitigate.

The similarities between these two agents of destruction are striking, yet the general public has been manipulated into believing that both were created for our good. How did this come to be? It all seems to stem from the widely held misbelief that man is smarter than nature — that nature is somehow broken and in need of fixing through alterations and reengineering.

“Humans suffer from hubris — we think we know better than nature, can fix it, manipulate it, and master it,” wrote Dr. Kelly Brogan, M.D., for GreenMedInfo about this terrible phenomenon, which has led to all sorts of abominable inventions that are actively destroying life.

In the case of both GMOs and vaccines, the foundational principle behind their respective creations is that natural organisms and inbred human immunity are somehow flawed. If it weren’t for modern science, food wouldn’t grow and humans would be dying of all sorts of preventable diseases, or so goes the myth.

This is utter nonsense, of course, but many people believe it. And the reason why a lie of this magnitude has so easily deceived so many people appears to be rooted in an epidemic of collective human pride. It is humbling to acknowledge that nature might just have all the answers we need, even if they can’t be fully explained or replicated.

For some, this is too big of a pill to swallow. They would rather dissect, exploit and capitalize on what nature has to offer by recreating inferior imitations of it which, God’s joke on the world, are almost always destructive. And yet, it is becoming abundantly clear that man’s futile attempts to improve upon nature are almost all failing.

“The complexity of botanical systems, the relationship to pests, soil, and the elements sustains optimal diversity and reproduction,” added Dr. Brogan. “It was only when we began to industrialize the process, hijack growth with an eye toward yield, and allow chemical companies to attempt to regulate variables of perceived adversity that we ended up in the mess that GMO crops are in today.”

Transhumanism is human pride and arrogance disguised as “science”

The same is true of pharmaceuticals and vaccines, both of which wage war against the body and its natural systems of immunity. By fighting the realm of infectious disease in the simplistic way that we currently understand how diseases work, the drug and vaccine industries have procured products that destroy the gut microbiome, damage innate immunity and altogether disrupt the normal and healthy function of organisms.

“We are at war with infectious disease, and as a consequence, our fear and malice toward bacteria and viruses have [led] us to compromise and alter our immune systems with pathogens entering our bodies through our muscles, accompanied by toxic additives that cripple our natural immune function and cause chronic inflammation,” explained Dr. Brogan.

GreenMedInfo‘s Sayer Ji describes this quest by some humans to improve upon their own humanity in such drastic ways as a form of transhumanism — the concept that nature failed and it’s time for humans to step in and fix everything. The sad truth is that, if left to run its course, such interventions will destroy humanity, and likely the planet in the process.

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