Study: Severe Breakthrough Varicella Occurring From Chickenpox Vaccination

Preface by TLB Staff Writer: Christopher Wyatt

The following article makes me feel ill because it is exactly what I have been saying for years that people who have had the chickenpox vaccines get a worse case than those who don’t. This vaccine should have been banned the minute they found a link between lower rates of brain cancer and a history of having had the chickenpox.

Prior to 1996 the chickenpox vaccine was not mandated and it was only mandated because so few parents showed an interest in the newly created vaccine. Now they are showing proof that this vaccine has other dangers besides robbing people of natural immunity.

As far as I am concerned severe chickenpox after the vaccine is a vaccine injury! If you look at the article THE CHICKENPOX VACCINE IS NOT COVERED UNDER THE VACCINE INJURY COMPENSATION PROGRAM! YES! YOU READ THIS CORRECTLY! IT IS NOT COVERED! This is why we can not stop until the vaccine lie ends!

Mumps, measles, chickenpox, and rubella all have proven health benefits! The CDC and the pharmacutical industry have known this for years and yet they still push the vaccines! The minor illnesses that would have prevented cancer and autoimmune diseases are now being reverse engineered to treat the illnesses that they could have prevented! I can’t think of anything more cruel or unusual than this!

Big pharma and the CDC are true monsters preying upon the fears of parents that something bad will happen to their child without the vaccine! Over and over it is being proven that the childhood vaccines are the big bad, not the childhood illnesses! Damn these people for the mass poisoning of children!

I urge all parents to stop vaccinating and to seek out natural immunity to the childhood illnesses. Even if your child has had the chickenpox vaccine please consider a strong exposure to the natural illness as it will offer them real immunity and strengthen their immune system.

For the record, I am 43 years old and have never had chickenpox and I don’t fear it I actually would welcome an exposure! Why do I say this? It is because I really don’t want to risk it at a much older age and if I ever have children (I hope to one day) it will probably be something that happens.

The other reason is I am a documentary film producer working on SPOTTING THE TRUTH a documentary that deals with vaccine injury and explores in depth the concept of natural immunity. Me contracting at least two of the childhood illnesses is critical to the project. If anyone is willing to help I urge them to contact me [email protected]

Natural immunity is the only true immunity! I am begging families to actively seek out the childhood illnesses, have them, and become immune! (CW)


Study: Severe Breakthrough Varicella Occurring From Chickenpox Vaccination

By: Jefferey Jaxen

A recent review published in the journal Expert Review of Vaccines titled, “Severe varicella in persons vaccinated withvaricella vaccine (breakthrough varicella): a systematic literature review” [i] examined 34 articles published between 1974-2016 in order to better understand the range of severe complications of varicella among vaccinated persons.

Until now, no systematic review has been performed nor has an attempt been made to research the range of severe complications of varicella among vaccinated persons to evaluate the US varicella vaccination program. The United States was the first country to recommend a routine one-dose varicella vaccine program in 1996, then updated its recommendations to a routine two-dose program in 2006 [ii]

Within the systematic review, the authors identified 21 articles describing breakthrough varicella with disseminated varicella-zoster virus (VZV) infection with other organ involvement in addition to skin, 9 articles describing hospitalized breakthrough varicella without mention of other organ involvement in addition to skin, and 4 articles describing both. In total, the authors identified 52– 60 unique breakthrough varicella cases with disseminated VZV infection with other organ involvement in addition to skin reported with the following complications, not mutually exclusive: pneumonia (n = 8–9 cases), neurologic (n = 18–24 cases), hematologic (n = 10–11 cases), ocular (n = 5 cases), renal (n = 2 cases), hepatic (n = 3 cases), secondary infection with bacteremia or sepsis (n = 8 cases), and other complication (n = 4 cases). There were also 6 cases of fatal breakthrough varicella found.

The researchers spotlighted a number of key issues from their findings. First, the authors conclude that severe varicella in vaccinated persons (breakthrough varicella) involving disseminated VZV infection with other organ involvement in addition to skin, other hospitalizations, or death can occur but they appear to be uncommon. Next, the authors state that complications involving disseminated VZV infection with other organ involvement in addition to skin in persons with breakthrough varicella are similar to those seen in varicella among unvaccinated persons. Third, the authors found that the majority of hospitalized breakthrough varicella cases without mention of other organ involvement in addition to skin were reported among one-dose vaccine recipients. In their abstract, the authors state the following as their “expert commentary” conclusion:

“With >31 million doses distributed annually worldwide since 2007, severe breakthrough varicella can occur but they appear to be uncommon.”

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommended varicella vaccines are not covered under the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. The 2006 book titled, “The Chickenpox Vaccine: A new epidemic of disease and corruption” by Mark Orrin and Dr. Gary S. Goldman tells of the all-to-common issue in vaccine research including the omission of data, misled health officials, censoring results showing the varicella vaccine’s deleterious outcomes and other questionable events.


[i] Jessica Leung, Karen R. Broder & Mona Marin (2017) Severe varicella in persons vaccinated with varicella vaccine (breakthrough varicella): a systematic literature review, Expert Review of Vaccines, 16:4, 391-400, doi: 10.1080/14760584.2017.1294069.

[ii] Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Varicella. In: Epidemiology and Prevention of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases, 13thed. 2015. Accessed 2/4/2016.


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