Sui Juris-Getting The Truth In The Record

By:  David-William  |  TLB Staff Writer



What you do and/or not do is pivotal in Temples of B.A.R./Ba’al, the Admiralty Law Merchant Courts.  First, try to stay out of there, but sometimes, the criminals kidnap people.  The information contained herein is of critical importance for all living men.


bar·ra·tryˈ barətrē/Submit noun 1.  archaic  fraud or gross negligence of a ship’s master or crew at the expense of its owners or users.    2.  LAW vexatious litigation or incitement to it.  a legal term with several meanings.  In common law, barratry is the offense committed by people who are “overly officious in instigating or encouraging prosecution of groundless litigation” or who bring “repeated or persistent acts of litigation” for the purposes of profit or harassment. It is a crime in some jurisdictions.  If litigation is for the purpose of silencing critics, it is known as a strategic lawsuit against public participation (SLAPP). Jurisdictions that otherwise have no barratry laws may have SLAPP laws.

Several jurisdictions in the United States have declared barratry (in the sense of a frivolous or harassing litigant) to be a crime as part of their tort reform efforts. For example, in the U.S. states of California, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington, barratry is a misdemeanor. In Texas, however, barratry is a misdemeanor on the first conviction, but a felony on subsequent convictions.


In parallel to other descriptions of the VESSEL in the water/DEAD, the Court is the beast, the synagogue of Satan, the temple of Baal, enforcing Babylonian Talmudic Law.  The gate or bar is the veil.  The bench is the alter.  The Black Robed Devil, judge, administrative magistrate/Administrator, is the high priest, vicarious dei.  The Attorney/Attorner/Broker, from attorn, to twist or turn, is the mediator, vicarius filly dei.  The Attorney’s job is to move one into Roman ‘Civil Law’ Jurisdiction and then into Code and Rule Pleadings.   Remember he is by definition, a devil, too.  The bailiffs, clerks, and stenographers are the high priest servants. If one enters through the veil, one is there to give sacrifices.  The fine is the wave given to escape the threat of punishment offering.  The court cost is the heave, tribute or gift offering.

Again, this is in parallel with another truth, where the court is a pirate ghost ship, because the black robe deals in the DEAD, the DECEDENT.  Everything has it’s roots, and the roots of barratry and piracy go back as far as the evil freaks who invented them.  One must come to grip with the grim, harsh, reality of facts, truths, and beauty.  The Zionists, their money changers, their Lawyers, and their goons with guns are out to get you and yours.  All they need you to do is consent, and that’s easier than most might wish to think.

You better know who you are, or else!  Should you enter voluntarily (traverse or subrogate), then just give your sacrifices and be a good slave and stop wasting the Court’s time.  If you hire an attorney then you have volunteered, as sheep lead to slaughter and you will get what you deserve.  You might not have known!  You might have been tricked!  But these B.A.R. Association jackasses with deceive you right into jail, to line their pockets from your ESTATE TRUST, even though you never committed a crime.  You see?  The guys in the black robes are not to be respected.  They’re in that position and were put there because they’re the biggest of the big crooks.  There’s a reason why they want to appoint a B.A.R. Attorney to the “accused.”

Once one hires an Attorney, and tells, testifies to the Attorney, the enemy’s spy and Officer of the Court, what has happened, the Attornor is required by law to share, via discovery/bill of particulars, ALL evidence, which he obtains from his Client, with the Pro Se Cutis.  “You have the right to remain silent, everything that you say, to any of these devils, CAN and WILL be used against YOU.”  Miranda v. Arizona, 384 US 436(1966).  You would be wise to remain silent! “Open mouth, insert foot!” It is all a game, you are a pawn; and you have been prearranged to be the looser.  Here is another good one, learn to answer a question with question.  The master asks the question and the slave or servant answers.  Engaging in a conversation with the Executor De Son Torte is engaging in controversy/contract by their tentacles of presumption.  They’re dirty, filthy crooks, and it’s easy to prove, any time!

Never APPEAR  Pro se, Pro per, or propria persona.  Never allow the Black Robed filth to proclaim that you are there Pro se, Pro per, or Pro anything.  Always, ALWAYS, take EXCEPTION. One does not “OBJECT” to the Judge’s utterances, one takes “EXCEPTION.” To appear Pro Se or Pro anything is to accept a temporary appoint to the B.A.R.  Attorneys are Esquires.  Esquires are apprentice Knights or Squires, the lowest form of nobility, who are practicing to become Squires and you pay for their practice.

The United States Supreme Court gave full immunity to Judges, Attorneys, Court Reporters, Stenographers, Law Enforcement Officers and Expert Witnesses, such as Pseudo-Psycho-professionals to testify for the STATE against both civil and criminal prosecution for perjury.  The “Licensed Professional” receives by such license, an indulgence, permission/consent by you, to BEAR FALSE WITNESS against YOU.

Please see the case here:
Briscoe v. LaHue, 460 US 325; 75 L Ed 2d 96, 103 S Ct 1108.

REMEMBER!  They deal in FICTIONs, DEAD entities, CORPORATIONS, so if you claim to be the DECEDENT/U.S. citizen, you’re consenting to allow them to enslave you.  Do not make the mistake of believing that’s unconscionable to them just because it is to you.  They are the enemy captors, the foreign, Crown Temple B.A.R. and they’re jerks.  Follow?  They’re Satanic!  You can tell yourself anything you wish to delude from the truth, at your own peril.

Christians can not take an oath, Talmudic or Luciferian in origin, or sign an affidavit in their form. (Matthew 5:34-37; James 5:12)  There is a way of escape through, 28 USC 1746 (1). Christians cannot or should not enter at the gates of Baal, nor into contracts with devils, e.g.– signing into the iron bar hotel, posting bail, the hiring of an Attorney or plea bargaining. Christians can give or sign “asseverations” or “declarations of truth” in the form of Affidavits, 28 USC 1746 (1).  If at all possible, Christians must stand firm in “commons” and not go in past the BAR, to board the VESSEL.  It is best to do everything in writing outside the sanctuary of the Temples of Baal.  Entering Security Agreement with one “VESSEL” or “Transmitting Utilities”, Recording a UCC-1 Form with Addendum and Recording Twenty-one Silver Dollar Surety Bond beforehand for starters, followed by “Acceptance for Value” and then “Return for Cause under lawful Protest without Recourse”, Abatement, and Petition for Bill of Particulars or More Definitive Statement are all good steps to secure one’s freedom prior to Arraignment.  When to Swear and When to Declare: Affidavit or Declaration?  28 USC 1746

In litigation, even in the electronic age, the extra hours or even days it can take to have an affidavit notarized and returned can mean a world of difference. In federal court, the availability of declarations under 28 U.S.C. § 1746 alleviates the logistical problems associated with affidavits, because declarations need not be notarized. 28 U.S.C. § 1746

(“Unsworn Declarations Under Penalty of Perjury”) provides as follows:

Wherever, under any law of the United States or under any rule, regulation, order, or requirement made pursuant to law, any matter is required or permitted to be supported, evidenced, established, or proved by the sworn declaration, verification, certificate, statement, oath, or affidavit, in writing of the person making the same (other than a deposition, or an oath of office, or an oath required to be taken before a specified official other than a notary public), such matter may, with like force and effect, be supported, evidenced, established, or proved by the unsworn declaration, certificate, verification, or statement, in writing of such person which is subscribed by him, as true under penalty of perjury, and dated, in substantially the following form:

(1) If executed without the United States: “I declare (or certify, verify, or state) under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of America that the foregoing is true and correct. Executed on (date). (Signature)”.

(2) If executed within the United States, its territories, possessions, or commonwealths: “I declare (or certify, verify, or state) under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct. Executed on (date). (Signature)”.
Thus an unsworn declaration (which also can be referred to as a certificate, verification or statement) is of the same force and effect as a sworn affidavit in federal court. And for purposes of summary judgment motions in federal court, Fed. R. Civ. P. 56 specifically includes declarations as competent evidence to support and oppose such motions. See, Fed. R. Civ. P. 56(c)(4). While the prerequisites for affidavits and declarations under Federal Rule 56(c)(4) are otherwise the same, the efficiencies associated with declarations cannot be understated.
The ultimate answer to the question of “when to sear and when to declare” will depend on your jurisdiction. You may have the benefit of practicing in a state that permits declarations, just as federal courts do. But in Ohio and other states that do not permit unsworn declarations, the answer in clear: your witness should swear in state court, but your witness is free to declare in federal court (and avoid scouring the office and/or local bank branches for a notary public).

Though, a better way of escape is by recording Surety Bond in Twenty-one silver Dollars and filling UCC 1, based on Private Security Agreement; thereby, securing your “transmitting utility.”  It is all a matter of “Through The Looking Glass”. Pawn Queen eight, Check Mate!


“Sui Juris

[At law: Latin – su i u ris : “of one’s own right”] 1. One who has all the rights to which a freemen is entitled; one who is not under the power of another, as a slave, a minor, and the like. 2. To make a valid contract, a person must, in general, be sui juris. Every one of full age is presumed to be sui juris. — Bouviers Law Dictionary”


“Pro Se

means you are representing your’strawman’ corporation. They want to give you that title, but I am NOT a slave, as I want the powers I am entitled to by law and by right.”  Basically, if one re-presents their STRAWMAN/PERSON, then they’re expected to follow B.A.R. procedure.”  


“Special Guest De Benne Esse:

De bene esse is a Latin term that means “of well being.”  In a legal context, it refers to things done conditionally; allowed to stand for the time being; done in anticipation of future need. For example, an appearance de bene esse is a special appearance allowing a person to fulfill their obligation to appear without submitting to the court’s jurisdiction unless there is a final determination that the right to object to jurisdiction has been waived.

De bene esse depositions are often used in cases where the person sought to be examined may not be available in the future, such as being ill or away from the court’s jurisdiction. Such depositions consist of a video taped examination of a witness, or a party, in order to to preserve the sworn testimony for use at a later time.”


An Attorney, court Actor/jester occupies a dual position which imposes dual obligations.  His first duty is to the courts, the creep in the black robe of Saturn/Satan, who is going to put you in the brig or pirate/extort from you as much as he can possibly take.  The “public”/”STATE OF…” not the client/INCOMPETENT IMBECILE/WARD OF THE STATE/U.S. citizen, and wherever the duties to his client conflict with those he owes as an officer of the court in the administration of justice, they go with the Priest, not you.

“7 CJS § 4. “Clients are also called ‘wards of the courts’ in regard to their relationship with their attorneys.” – 7 CJS § 2. “Wards of court. Infants and persons of unsound mind. Davis’ Committee v. Loney, 290 Ky. 644, 162 S.W. 2d 189, 190.” – Black’s Law Dictionary, 6th Ed.”


Where is a copy of the state attorney’s and the judge’s license?  DEMAND A COPY TO BE ENTERED ON RECORD.  Neither of them will be able to produce a copy.  They are corporate fictions, artificial entities.  Also, secure a certified copy of the judges oath of office and place a copy, thereof, into court record.  Judges, even in their underworld are supposed to have a Surety Bond posted, however, most today, have not posted a Surety Bond and some have not even bothered to record a oath.

“No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other.” – Matt. 6:24 Present (not RE-present) yourself a living, holy and acceptable sacrifice unto Yah, The Creator” – Romans 12:1; note the presentment is to Creator and not some Black Robed Devil. “Father forgive them not, since they know what they do.” – Luke 23:34. “For there is one mediator between the Creator and men, the man, Jahshua Messiah.” – I Tim. 2:5 “We write unto you, that you abstain from pollutions of idols.” – Acts 15:20 “Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.” – Rev. 18:4 “Little children, keep yourselves from idols [false deities, demons]. Amen.” – I John 5:21 “Choose you this day whom you will serve.” – Joshua 24:15 “If you confess me, Yahshua, before men, I will confess you before Yah, the Father.” – Matthew 10:32

There is the Word, His Word.  His Words are the Law.  The undoing of God’s Law is the undoing of the Word, therefore, their “Legal-ese” is BLACK MAGIC, by the MAGIstrate, in the underworld, the DEAD.  The history of these evil buffoons is as described.  It goes back to the Talmud.  The NAME, the DECEDENT, resides in Satan darkness, and you are the goyim, Golim.  The Executor De Son Torte meddles in the ESTATE of the DEAD man’s TRUST.



“The privilege against self-incrimination is neither accorded to the passive resistant, nor the person who is ignorant of his rights, nor to one indifferent thereto. It is a fighting clause. Its benefits can be retained only by sustained combat.”

It cannot be retained by attorney or solicitor.It is valid only when insisted upon by a belligerent claimant in person.” “The one who is persuaded by honeyed words or moral persuasion to testify or produce documents rather than make a last ditch stand, simply loses the protection. Once he testifies to part to the charges, he has waived his right and must on cross examination or otherwise, testify as to the whole transaction.

He must refuse to answer or produce, and test the matter in contempt proceedings, or by habeas corpus.” — United States v. Johnson, 76 F. Supp. 538, 540 (District Court, M.D. PA. 1947)


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