Some SUNY New Paltz students resist mumps vaccination despite growing outbreak

Preface by Christopher Wyatt | TLB staff writer/documentary producer

WOW!!! This news story is not what it seems because the media is making it sound as if these students refusing vaccination are “under vaccinated” or not vaccinated at all. Most of these students have had the recommended two doses of the MMR vaccine. In the last several years there have been annual outbreaks of the mumps across college and university campuses. The mumps component of the MMR has been called into question regarding effectiveness and now it seems they are gearing up to mandate a third dose of the MMR.

 For those who don’t know, mumps like measles and the other childhood illnesses such as  chickenpox and rubella are self limiting illnesses. This means that with proper nutrition and rest these illnesses strengthen the immune system and go away on their own leaving a person with lifelong immunity. Studies have shown that mumps lowers the risk of ovarian cancer in women, yet they are still pushing a vaccine for a mostly trivial but important illness. This is much like chickenpox being shown to prevent brain cancer but there is still a push to have all kids in America vaccinated for a minor but important illness. None of it makes sense until you give it some deep thought then it becomes clear that none of this is about health and it is all about control. A sick, malnourished, uneducated population is much easier to control than one that is educated and in spiritual and physical health. All of the childhood illnesses are building blocks of the immune system and they are required for health. Natural hates a vacuum and is designed to fight back when we try to control it. This is what is happening with outbreaks of childhood illnesses such as mumps, nature is trying to correct itself. Rather than running out and getting a third, fourth, or even a fifth dose of a vaccine that has been shown not to work maybe a better way would be to seek out the childhood illnesses, have them, and become immune for life! NATURE KNOWS BEST!!! (CW)


Some SUNY New Paltz students resist mumps vaccination despite growing outbreak

A breakout of mumps at SUNY New Paltz has brought the state, Ulster County and the New Paltz Rescue to the college for a vaccination clinic, but some students are resisting the opportunity.

Sixty-three cases of mumps at the college have been confirmed or classified as probable since October.

Tuesday was the first of two days of voluntary vaccinations offered at a campus clinic.

As many as 1,000 students signed up for the shots, but Megan Bender, a SUNY New Paltz junior who plans to get vaccinated, said many of her fellow students are staying away.

“The consensus among my classmates is that they are going on winter break soon and won’t be near the outbreak on campus,” Bender said.

Student Nicolette Sblano is among those not getting the shot.

“I’m comfortable that the two series of vaccinations I received when I was younger will prevent me from getting the mumps,” Sblano said. She also said she takes the recommended preventive measures, including washing her hands and staying away from people who are sick.

State Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker said there is increasing evidence that a third dose of the mumps/measles/rubella vaccine, commonly called MMR, would help raise immunity among the students who have not yet been exposed, and help prevent the further spread of mumps on the campus.

Mumps is usually a mild disease in children, but adults can have more serious complications, including deafness and encephalitis; inflammation of the testes, ovaries and breasts; and spontaneous fetal death in pregnant women. It is a viral illness that is transmitted by direct contact with respiratory droplets or saliva from an infected person.

Mumps typically causes painful, swollen salivary glands that show up as puffy cheeks and a swollen jaw. Other symptoms include fever, headache, tiredness and loss of appetite. There is no treatment, and symptoms usually resolve themselves in a few weeks.

The mumps problem at SUNY New Paltz began in late October with eight cases and, because it affected members of the college’s intercollegiate swim team, the campus pool was shut down for two days and swim meets for the remainder of the semester were canceled.



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