Pandemics As A Catalyst For A New World Order

November 27, 2023 0

Pandemics as a Catalyst for a New World Order By: Robert Malone Each nation in the world has its own culture, governance structures, traditions, property, borders, and peoples. We must preserve the diversity and sovereignty […]


Population Control: The Receipts

July 29, 2023 0

Population Control: The Receipts By: Robert Malone •••• Personally, I have been reluctant to wander down the rabbit hole relating to various “depopulation agenda” theories involving the COVID crisis. However, the odd concordance between a […]


The WHO Is A Real & Present Danger

July 11, 2023 0

The WHO Is a Real and Present Danger By: David Bell •••• Our governments intend to transfer decisions over our health, families, and societal freedoms to the Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO), […]


Natural Immunity As Good As Or Better Than C-19 JAB

February 19, 2023 0

Natural Immunity As Good As Or Better Than COVID-19 Vaccination New Study from The Lancet Post by Tyler Durden | Written by Zachary Stieber via The Epoch Times Post-infection immunity is similar or even superior […]


Bill Gates Makes 10X Investment On mRNA Jabs

February 11, 2023 1

Story at-a-glance In 2019, Bill Gates invested $55 million in BioNtech, which developed the COVID-19 shot for Pfizer; it’s now worth $550 million Gates sold some of the stock at the end of 2022, when […]


Neil Ferguson: The Ghost in the Machine

July 24, 2022 1

Neil Ferguson: The Ghost in the Machine The Pandemic Predictor Why do governments salute when he predicts a pandemic and tells them to lock down their countries? Does anyone care about his past? Why does […]

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