The Final Countdown To CBDC

January 5, 2024 0

The Final Countdown to CBDC By: Aaron Day Though a work of fiction, this story draws inspiration from surveillance technologies that pervade our world today. If left unchecked, the scenario painted within this first chapter […]


The True Threat Of Debt Default

May 31, 2023 0

The True Threat of Debt Default By: Whitson G. Waldo, III The specter of a faux default and raising the debt ceiling is a favorite Uniparty game. Such a default is a pretense because soon […]


LEARN 2 UNLEARN (Ep128): Honoring Our True Heroes

May 17, 2023 0

LEARN 2 UNLEARN (Ep128): Honoring Our True Heroes Shows Broadcast Live On: ShakeAndWake Radio ~ Episode XLIII LISTEN TO ARCHIVED SHOW BELOW INTRO ARTICLE ••••  Your Host: Luca Majno Welcome Back to LEARN 2 UNLEARN! […]


Manufactured Dystopia – Globalists Keep Hacking Humans

December 2, 2022 0

Story at-a-glance Digital identity, digital twins, programmable central bank digital currency, a social credit system, human augmentation and the Internet of Bodies (IoB). These are all part of the dystopian future being rolled out by […]

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