“Good” Foreign Policy, Bad Constitutionality?

June 26, 2019 0

“Good” Foreign Policy, Bad Constitutionality? Contributed to TLB by: KrisAnne Hall, JD What is the limit – Constitutionally speaking – to Congressional funding both domestic & foreign. Can potentially good foreign policy be very bad […]


Why the United States of America is Broke

February 16, 2013 6

Explaining why America is broke is rather simple. All we have to do is look at two separate and distinct problem areas: public unions and defense spending, then generalize the problem. Let’s start with a […]


Barack Obama: ‘We Don’t Have a Spending Problem’

January 7, 2013 0

The media portrayal of the fiscal cliff standoff (and the debt-ceiling talks from which it sprang) generally portrayed President Barack Obama and the Democrats as pragmatists attempting to negotiate with intransigent Republican ideologues. But as […]


Pentagon Spending on Drugs Soars

December 31, 2012 0

(AUSTIN AMERICAN-STATESMAN) Last year, the Pentagon spent more on pills, injections and vaccines than it did on Black Hawk helicopters, Abrams tanks, Hercules C-130 cargo planes and Patriot missiles — combined. Some of the prescription […]