Videos That Every Non Vaxer Should See!

June 13, 2016 3

Posted by Christopher Wyatt | TLB staff writer/documentary producer  The following videos explain what is going on with vaccines, natural immunity,  and with vaccine injury. I am almost without words because more and more you […]


GMO Vaccines creating “Herd Contagion”

March 12, 2015 0

This article begins with a discussion of herd immunity which is a concept that is endangering the public.  The article then shows that GMO vaccines when paired with “herd immunity” are now creating a much […]


Debunking Herd Immunity

September 15, 2014 1

By TLB Contributor: Lori Greetings from chilly Iowa, Its not even mid September & we are under a frost advisory for tonight.  This is something we don’t usually see until the end of October or […]

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