Accepting Islamic Terror As The New Normal?

June 5, 2017 0

Accept Islamic Terror As The New Normal? TYLER DURDEN Written by Nonie Darwish for The Gatestone Institute “The use of terror under this doctrine [Targhib wal tarhib, “luring and terrorizing”] is a legitimate sharia obligation.” […]


Germany: Wave of Muslim Honour Killings

June 3, 2017 0

Germany: Wave of Muslim Honor Killings SOEREN KERN The court heard how Amer K. stabbed the mother of his three children in the chest and neck more than twenty times with a large kitchen knife, […]


Zionism vs Islam: Which is More Dangerous?

March 15, 2017 1

Zionism vs Islam – Which is More Dangerous? MAKIA FREEMAN Zionism is a massively important piece of the puzzle when it comes to understanding the forces that shape the world today. It is a fundamental […]


EU Declares USA is new Enemy

January 31, 2017 0

EU Declares USA is new Enemy by Martin Armstrong The European Union’s chief BREXIT negotiator, Guy Verhofstadt, told Reuters that Donald Trump is part of a three-pronged attempt to undermine the European Union. His comments reflect just […]

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The Citizens Forum: Talking With Islam (2)

February 3, 2016 0

See active show link below intro article The  Citizens Forum: Talking With Islam (2) Presented by Steve Cook, the Editor of The Liberty Beacon UK, with guest, Said Gutin. Steve says: Each week, on the Citizens Forum […]

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